[English Subtitle] Hello Counselor – with INFINITE(SungKyu & L); NS Yoon-G; Yewon(Jewelry)

I’m back to bring you guy a funny talk show with INFINITE(SungKyu & L); NS Yoon-G; Yewon(Jewelry)

You can both download or watch online through this link :  https://docs.google.com/open?id=0By4Q0agkdacOYTJIQlVwTng3Y1k

I  can’t keep this video long on my host, so download or watch it as soon as you can

Enjoy it now kkkk




[PikeYenny’s Blog Is Back] Resurrection of the Royal Family – Installation of the Idol Crown Prince

I’m back ^^ are you happy ? hahaha. i’m back, how about you guys ?


Guest: 2pm (Wooyoung, Taecyeon) Beast (Kikwang, Yoseob) 2am (Jinwoon, Changmin) Infinite (Woohyun) Kara (Gyuri, Hara) Sistar (Bora, Soyou) 4minute (Hyuna) A pink (Eunji) Secret (Hyosung)

5 Parts youtube at all