What must you do with files with extension  .001 ?

Those files are pieces from a larger file that has been split. First, you need to dowload all parts and then join its with hjsplit or FSJ .

HJ SPLIT : http://hjsplit.en.softonic.com/

FSJ : http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~hoangle/filesj/

How to use hjsplit :


– Click on ” Getting start” and after on ” How to join file” .

PS : when you download from MF , you need to verify the size of each files before to join.If the size is 170 MB , you need to check that the size is 170 MB after dowload.

How to use FSJ :

Click right on the file 001 and choose “join” .

Problem with Downloading from Megaupload :

The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable

If you see this message, you need to click F5 many times to refresh the page.

Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available

You just have to refresh, wait, refresh, wait.. the download link WILL appear sooner or later

You can’t play the video , no sound ….. ?

I advice you to use media player classic or KMPlayer to play the video.
Dowload  Satsuki Decoder Pack .
Satsuki Decoder Pack = Media Player Classic + codecs

Before install satsuki, you need to uninstall your old codecs.

Link didn’t work ? Link died ?

If you see a MU link or MF link died, please tell me on Pikeyenny twitter or comment HERE.

We will try to reupload as soon as we can so please wait .

The links from Mediafire and multiupload are interchangeable ?

Yes, the parts from mediafire and multiupload are the same.If you can’t download 1 part with mediafire, try with multiupload.

Updates Progress ( you want to know what show will i update ? )

Follow it on Pikeyenny twitter .

Want to do a request ?

Sorry i will not get any request cause i will just post shows and episodes i like ^^


613 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Is there another website that has Star King episodes with ENG SUBS?
    If there is, can you tell me the link. Thanks.

  2. The sound only works on Happy Together Season 3 Eps 134 (English Subtitle) Part 1 but no video. What should I do? And mediafire doesn’t download the video.

    1. Hey LeeSungMin1986, bad guy you don’t read FAQ ^^
      I dowload the part 1 and there is no problem , I can read the video .
      Probably ,the problem is your player and codecs.

  3. can i ask for the eng subs of invincible youth ep 30 31 32 pls tnx i hope you accept my request
    love your blog by the way nicely done! ^_^ 2 thumbs up to you!

  4. Hi~
    First off, I wanna say thankyou for subbing and uploading these shows!!! I appreciate all the work that you do.

    I was just wondering if you could provide softsubs for Happy Together Ep 146 and 147 to me? I downloaded the RAW videos… and was gonna put it in a DVD as a present for my Joon and Rain-obsessed friend. I was originally going to give her the DVD without subs, but i recently found that you have subs, so would it be okay for me to have the softsubs? I prefer not to download the video you uploaded because I already downloaded the RAW files… and my internet is close to being capped.

    I promise the subs are for my use only!!! However, if you don’t want to give me the softsubs that’s completely understandable 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the cool vids that you’ve put up!!!

    The new layout is pretty sick as well, just umm one thing, could you put in a search bar to make it easier to find things? if you cant dont worry

    thanks again and i look forward to the new releases!!! :D:D

  6. hi, first of all, many thanks for uploading so much cool stuff for us. MANY THANKS!**

    however, i had downloaded the Dream Team Ep 30 and the video stopped playing halfway. Can you re-upload?

    Many thanks and thanks for your hardwork! 🙂

  7. Hello! Thanks for subbing so many videos 😀

    Can i ask something?
    How do you download so many videos from megaupload?
    I thought there is a limit to the number of videos. When i reached the limit, I can’t download anymore 😦


  8. Hi Pike and all, i don’t know if you find out yet but Sunye father had pass away today (06-23-10) i feel so sad rite now,i don’t know what to do so i post it here and hop that all can join me to pray for her 😦

    1. Hello, try to dowload with mediafire or watch online on youtube.
      Because if you read the FAQ and you can’t play video .
      we can’t do anything for you.

      1. i use window media playerto open
        it wrote The FMP4 codec is required to play this file. To determine if this codec is available to download from the Web, click Web Help.

  9. hi, first of all thanks for subbing invincible youth. ^^ i really appreciate it.

    okay, i downloaded ep 30 and 31 using megaupload. the video works but there’s no sound. 😦 it says the file is only a video file. what should i do?

  10. hi.
    the link for Let’s Go Dream Team episode 31. 003. isn’t working for me. help?
    i would have commented on the twitter page, but i don’t have an account so i’ll just comment about it here… ^^;


  11. pikeyenny.. could u upload part 1 of this ep coz i think u missed the early part when Dream Team play basketball with the aerospace students.
    i hope u could upload it, if not.. nevermind.. I still love it
    thanx a lot ^^

  12. Hey, I know that your not taking any requests but can you plzzzzzzzz upload some links for MNET Scandal, really appreciate it, thanks

  13. Hi Pikeyenny & Ekotaf, I would like to ask you is it possible for you guys to upload some shows (star golden bell & dream team) from pikeyenny’s old blog onto mediafire, because here i can’t download from megaupload. Thank you so much.

    If you can’t it’s totally fine too, thank you so much for uploading these shows, it is really appreciated! (:

    1. Hey Florence, I know PikeYenny has a old blog but never saw it . Thanks to you, I can see 4 SGB episode now ^^ .I will upload it on youtube first and after on MF if I have time.

  14. Hi, Pikeyenny~ Thx for continues to upload IY! (Since most of the time, I will miss the broadcast) this is the only place where I can continue to watch this show, and sadly after the deaprture of Yuri and Sunny, soshified has stop subbing this show.

    So……I was wondering why all the video quality are kinda blurry and reddish….

  15. Thanks so much for the videos! I was wondering, could u fix dream team ep 21 part 2? when i download it, it cuts the end off =o

    1. please, can you give me the rap lyric in Sonata of Temptation
      HeeChul had changed it, so I can’t do anything:((
      just rap lyric :(((
      thanks so much:((

  16. Hiya!

    I know you don’t do requests but…I was wondering if you could perhaps check out Yoo Jae Suk’s new show “Running Man” and see if you like it???

    As you can tell, I’m a big fan of his and would love to find the show subs….

    Thanks in advance!

  17. thanks for the subbed vids i really enjoy this shows!!!!!! i wish u will also sub strong heart coz no ones subbing it its only up to ep 11 T_T but still thankssss for this very muchh pikeyenny JJanng!!!!!!

  18. hai,,^^
    first of all thank u soooo muuchh for your hardwork to subbed the videos and i reaallly enjoy it…
    would you mind to sub 090321 SGB (SuJu:SW,HG,LT,YS n U Kiss: Xander n DongHo)???? i got the link on youtube but no sub…..
    my hope is only you……


  19. Hello.
    I d/l Invincible Youth ep 32 with mediafile, i downloaded 4 file but couldnt watch it. I read your FAQ but i still dont get it. Sorry, can you help me explain how to download the split thingy? Most of the HJsplit, i have to pay for. I dont know which on is free.

  20. hay sori foe disturbing u butits about MF, i juz wanna noe how to verify the size of each files before join it…its getting complicated in there…please help me out of diz..;’)

    1. hey, after dowload you need to verify that it’s the same size because sometimes MF finish the dowload before the end.
      As example if the size is 170 MB , you need to check that the size is 170 MB after dowload.

  21. hurm i’ve check it n its still in sme size, da prob iz i cnt join a file so the 002 file cnt b played..;(

  22. Umm, please do me a favour and can you sub Playgirlz Sch , after school’s variety show as well no one else have subbed it. thanks in advance

  23. hi. first, thank you for subbing all the files ^^
    i have one problem though. I want to download Happy Together Season 3 Ep 143 (Cinderella Sister) English Subtitle Part 1, but for some reason, I cant open the megaupload site.
    I already posted this message but someone said I need to read the FAQ, but it still doesnt help me.

    Ok, here is the problem. I am currently in China, and here, there are several websites that I cannot access, one of them is mediafire. Everytime I tried opening one of the blocked sites, this message appears “The Connection was reset”
    but Megaupload is Ok, I can access them.

    I already downloaded Happy Together Season 3 Ep 142 Part 1&2, and Happy Together Season 3 Ep 143 Part 2 using the megaupload site. and they work just fine.
    but for some reason, only the megaupload site for Happy Together Season 3 Ep 143 (Cinderella Sister) English Subtitle Part 1 is having the problem. I cant access the site.

    I’m just wondering if some1 can help me. I’m really grateful that someone already reuploaded the file to mediafire, but since mediafire is blocked here, no chance for me.
    and megaupload for this particular file also doesnt work, I dont know why.

    Is it possible if some1 reupload that file to rapidshare maybe? or maybe any other option?

    thank you so much

  24. EkoTaf, thank you for uploading different megaupload link for me ^^
    this one works here…
    thank you for helping me ^^

  25. Could you upload 100624 Happy Together eng sub and Happy Together (2010-07-22)
    im really hoping u can upload happy together also.

  26. nice blog ^^ thx for sharing ~

    well, i just wanna ask you something..
    you just upload variety from KBS ?

    because i want to watch strong hearts & family outing s.2 >_<
    do you know where i can find it in eng subbed ??

    answer please~ thx

  27. Was wondering if you watched the show called Heroes(New Korean Variety Show.)

    If so,was wondering if you could sub it ?
    Please reply. or if there’s any sites that has english subs for this show,please let me know.

    Thank you.

    1. Yeap i was wondering about the heroes show as well since it is like one of the hottest shows ever, since it has in young and gahee and narsha! please do sub it,

    2. First of all. Thank You Pikeyenny team for all the subs. You don’t know how happy I am to have found your site. Watching the subs gives me plenty of Joy. If I could and knew how to sub I would kindly help…

      Is there any way or think that you will sub Heroes (Girls) or Running Man in the near future? I know that youtube posted episode 1, but I can’t find anything after for Heroes.. Also, would you be subbing WGM season 2 with Adams Couple, GoGuma Couple and the new couple 2f(x)?

      If you can please reply I would truely appreciate it.

      Thanks again for all the hard work

  28. Hello pikeyenny. it was a coincidence to get into your wordpress as i was searching for Happy Together Season 3 for English subtitles. You know, it’s hard to find variety shows together with English subtitle. I’m glad that I found your site. Thank you for that. 

    But I want to ask you, can you make lists for Korean game shows ( like for example, Happy together, 2Days 1Night, Dream Team, etc..) and you put it on your homepage site. I think it would be much easier for us to search and downloaded it. 

      1. so, all those variety shows on the name tag are only available here? oh, i see :))
        btw, are you the owner site? if yes, i wanna make a request. hehe. if you could have links for Heroes and Running Man with english subtitle. Both are the latest variety shows. so sites got the links but sadly, no english subtitle.

    1. Hey, only show on left are available on the blog. The owner is PikeYenny, I am her partner .Sorry, I don’t have link for Running man or Heroes.

      1. oh okay, nevermind then. i’ll just need to wait for someone to translate those shows. Thanks EkoTaf for replying my comments.

        Have a nice day! 😀

  29. thanks for subbing all these shows. im sorry to ask , i was wondering how come you dont sub wondergirls things. im really looking forward to mtv season 4. is it possible to sub it. thanks !

  30. can i ask.. erm.
    for Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 – Minho(SHINee) + Lee Jun(MBLAQ) + Eunhyeok(Super Junior) [English Subtitle]…
    there’s link that ekotaf upload rite? i’ve finish upload all… but then.. what should i do after that? what should i do bcoz its not .001 extension file.
    ?????????help me pliss!

  31. wanna ask u….how to join file?ive read ur instrucyion but still dunno how…:(
    i try to join file roundtable plus afterschool…but i dunno how…
    can u tell the exact way one by one cause im really dunno bout this thing…im so sorry:( n tq 4 helping me out:)

    1. omg!!! my mistake!!!!
      sooooo sorry….actually i didnt click here button…
      so sorry..ill try it by myself…
      sorry2:) n tq 4 uploading so many shows!!!
      u r the best!!!:) muah3:)

  32. thanks so much for subbing, i really appreciate your hard work and dedication to releasing these for all us fans.
    i know all ur videos are hard subbed, but is there possible releases of soft subs because although u give us the full length video which can be quiet large, u probably reduce the quality of the video to make it smaller… but by releasing soft subs u can just use the original video file and just place the subs over it separately so that the video and text arent pixelated

  33. Could u continue upload happy together?plzzz
    or some one can give me website for english sub happy together for streaming or download.

  34. first of all i would like to thank you for all your hard work *THANK YOU*
    and secondly can you please sub episodes of star king , i am going insane trying to find them.

    Thanks in advance

  35. hi , do you happen to noe where i can watch star king with subs ?
    thanks alot , i really love the videos you’ve posted =D

  36. Hi. This isn’t answered in your faq but I have a MU link to the raw ep of DT that Taemin is on. Would you be interested in subbing it? Feel free to email me or reply to this comment and let me know. Thanks.

  37. Hello.
    Thanks for the providing these vids 🙂
    So the only vids that are posted are KBS?
    Do you know a site where I can watch the new show called, Bouquet?

  38. hi,
    can i request you to upload english subbed happy together where park miseon’s husband are one the guests because i missed the episode on kbs..i only managed to watch the last 15 minutes

  39. hi, can you sub After School’s reality show from ep 3 onwards please? anyway, thank you for the videos here. really appreciate your hard work! :]

  40. hi i dont know if anyone ask this before but do u know any sites that uploads kbsworld’s qualification of men eng sub???? online streaming or downloads???
    or if u can upload it?????


  41. thank u EkoTaf. I appreciate it… and thank u pikeyenny for making this possible. If it were not for u I would know anything about invincible youth

  42. I just wondering.. can u sub Strong Heart?
    because the SHsubs doesn’t sub from ep 14…
    they only have 1-13 except 12

    So I wondering.. if u can sub Strong Heart.. it’s funny..

  43. Hi Pikeyenny! Could you please tell me where I could possibly watch Star King subs ? And love this site ! hehe

  44. how do i watch online?? there are no videos on the channels you listed in Watch Online~ please help? i cant download.. im not allowed to :\ please upload to like dailymotion or something if Youtube cant work.. or make them unlisted!

  45. can u pls subs Strong heart because SH subs is no longer active
    pls i would appreciate if u do tat
    thanks for the sub!!!!

  46. Hi 🙂
    It’s not a request just a question.. would you upload the ep of Happy Together with Eru, Brian, Changmin & Seo InGook (that aired on the 26/08), when it’ll be possible? I don’t know if you like the guests, but I’d really love to watch it with subs T-T lol..

  47. i’ve download iy for all part for an episode. im joining them. but it happen that the file it join only part 1. i check with hjsplit, and probably my file are corrupt.but im downloading part 1:400mb, part 2:400mb and part 3:268mb. i’d check the file size and its still the same size, so im assuming that its completely downloaded.another advice from hjsplit is that i need to Checksum my file. the 400mb:part 1 become 7…something. and then i check part 2 which is also 400mb, but the number is 4….something. then i check part 3 consist 268mb, and the number appear is 5…..something. then im assuming that my part 2 are corrupt eventhough it is 400mb fully downloaded. so now im downloading it again and hope it is working(currently still downloading). if u know what had ahppen to me, and know how to solve it, please tell me. and 1 more problem..when im finish my part 2 of episode 1, i tried to open it with vlc, without joining it.im just trying actually. so now, everytime im downloading every part two for other episode, its default setting become vlc, but the file type still 002, part file.does because of iom trying to open it make the file corrupt? or is it ok if im downloading it again? plis help me. im ready for any advice.. tq. 🙂 hope to hear from u soon..

    1. Hey, if you use jdowloader is a good thing . this software can merge and unrar automatically the parts and you can resume the download.

      Click on addons, you need to see HJsplit and JD unrar .if not, click on addon manager and add Hjsplitand jd unrar .

      You can’t play xxxx.001. All need to be on the same folder.

      You need to dowload ALL parts and let jdowloader merge(join) by himself.

      Which ep you can’t join ?

  48. Sorry, could you please re-upload part 5 of IY ep 41 for Mediafire, cuz I’ve tried over and over but always failed. Thanks before!

  49. the mediafire link for Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 42 [English Subtitle] part 3 doesn’t seem to work.. I’ve been trying to download but it notices: “No servers are currently available with the requested data on them.” would you mind checking it? thank you very much! ❤

      1. hi, today I opened the link and now it says
        “Invalid or Deleted File
        The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or Mediafire.”
        would you mind reuploading this part? really really THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help, I really appreciate it 😀

  50. Thx for subbing.. I especially like invincible youth and let’s go dream team..
    But i got trouble with the link let’s go dream team eps 42.. 😦
    Please reupload part 3 because i couldn’t download it..
    I have tried it so many times..

  51. chingu… pikeyenny is there a Star Golden Bell ep. 13???? 🙂 😉 and where could I watch other episodes of Star Golden Bell Challenge???

  52. great work with the uploading… appreciate them 🙂
    by any chance, u know where i can d/l the series ” we got married” season 2??

  53. hi, pikeyenny! some vid recently was bad at sound, they have some noise like when you tuning radio to find a channel. Is there any problem with your record software?

    sry for my pro english skill >.<

  54. I was wondering how come the quality is so bad sometimes? The video quality is acceptable but sometimes there is so much static in the sound quality that it makes my ears hurt. I appreciate all your work but is it possible to fix this?

  55. Hi i was just wondering but I wanted to download golden bell but I wanted to watch from older eps like ep 150 how do I get it?

  56. sorry to bother but i think mediafire link for Happy Together Season 3 Ep 158 is broken..
    i cant open it, would you help me?

  57. Hey pikeyenny. thanks alot for the videos. mnet made in wonder girls is awesome!! hahahha.

    just a random question to test my luck, will you sub heroes?

  58. I’m not sure if i should post this here, since it’s meant for download problems… but the YT videos for Invincible Youth Ep 41 (MBLAQ as guests) are all blocked now…
    Just wondering if you could re-upload?

      1. hello! i have downloaded all 4 parts of SGB ep 14, joined it with HJ split, but i can play the video at all.. i’ve downloaded videos from here before & never had such a problem (although this is my first time downloading through multiupload links..). do you know what the problem may be? thanks alot!! 🙂

      2. Hey, try to check the size of all parts .The first part is 200 MB so look your first part. Perhaps 1 file is corrupt? Problem with codecs ?

  59. hi, yes i’ve checked the size of all the parts, all 200mb, & the last part is 271mb. after joining, the avi file is 600mb.. hm i’m not very sure how to know if the problem is with the codecs?

    1. Hi, all part is 200 MB et the last file is 131MB and when you join the file you have an avi with 731MB !!!The avi can’t be 600 MB . Try to download again with Mediafire link.

      1. alright thanks for ur help! 🙂 will def try MF. i took almost a whole day to download from MU! that site doesnt like me very much.. thanks for uploading! 🙂

  60. hello!im a non-korean WonKa fan and just wanna say thank you!thank you for giving us the opportunity to understand our idols!been looking for IY, and SGB with subbed like forever!!pls be healthy!

  61. Hi I really love invincible youth but I have never seen the 1st five episodes. I looked on your old site and the downloads didn’t work most likely because they are old I was just wondering if you have links for download or online streaming so I could watch them If so I’d appreciate it thanks

  62. help me plizz….i have download SGB ep14 from dailymotion,but when a play it with quicktime player,it say “error-2002: a bad public movie atom was found in the movie”
    how can i fix it????help me…

    sorry for my bad english…:)

      1. i had downloaded another video from dailymotion n i can watch it with quicktime player….but SGB doesn’t work…just confused why it doesn’t work….:)

      2. I don’t know too, try to download from Mu or MF ! all videos download from MF or MU work . Use the right player and codecs!

  63. you didn’t sub SGB anymore? Right now this is the only source I have to watch the show. Can you give me other link that I can watch it anyway. Really appreciate your help.
    -from Malaysia

  64. hi there, i was wondering i could post my problems here. and i welcome all to reply my question if u know how to fix it.

    ok heres the problem, i download invincible youth and some other vids, joined them sucuessfully, and no problem playing them. but biggest problem is that i cant hear any sounds. is the vid problem or i dun hav the sound system or? pls address this problem thanks.

    reply to my mail asap thanks.

    i mite check back this page but i dunno which one of u actually reply to my question as there are so many people posting here, therefore to avoid any confusion , i guess replying it to my mail is the best.

      1. sry for not reading but since ur here, can u brief me more on codecs or players? what do i have to do?

      2. i think nvm alr, i hav found a player that is able to play it with sounds. thanks for addressing anyway 😀 cheers

  65. hello there….
    what happen to this website….
    i’ve been following this website since long ago….
    it looks like not active anymore…
    do u make another web same like this?
    where am i gonna watch iy besides here….

  66. i already downloaded all parts of the file, but why does the videos only stop halfway through. IY 40 ends at 45min and IY 41 ends at 17 minutes! am i missing a part something or it’s just me?

  67. hey Ekotaf, i wanna ask is it possible to link IY ep36 part 1 and 2 together into 1 full vid?
    cuz this episode has 2 parts as the earlier version had a problem.

  68. hi ekotaf, do you have invisible youth ep41 till 43 in youtube? im having prob with mediafire, and downloaded file from dailymotion cant be played..or having other suggestion?

  69. yeah..what happened to the next ep of IY?:( i can still wait like the others.. thank you pike and EkoTaf for everything..

  70. huhuhuhuhu… I’m so sad there’s no more Star Golden Bell Challenge in Eng Sub… I’m watching them on other site but I can’t understand… and it’s not on KBS WORLD also… sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad… 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 How about Dream Team??? is it on eng sub???? and is it still in KBS WORLD??? 😦 I really hope that it’s still there… 😐 😦

  71. heeys, i dont know if you know this already but there is this site called kpopella.com
    it has the latest star king, everything ! but none of them are subbed but that is where you come in. if you can please subb those videos 😀

  72. Hi, I know that you said that you’re not taking requests but can you maybe sub the recent SGB episode with SHINee’s TaeMin and Onew?
    And also YaHaengSung episode with all the SHINee members.
    Thanks and sorry for bothering.

      1. I downloaded part ep 14 part 2 on megaupload… after the download I tried to watch it but it didnt work

  73. heyy! soo umm. i’m new to your site and all, so i just want to know how i can play the dream team videos. i can see your links and all that but when i put my mouse over it. it’s usually supposed to turn into a finger right? but it doesn’t. so i can’t click it. O.o please help? 😛 thankks for your hard work!<3

  74. heyy! soo umm. i’m new to your site and all, so i just want to know how i can play the dream team videos. i can see your links and all that but when i put my mouse over it. it’s usually supposed to turn into a finger right? but it doesn’t. so i can’t click it. O.o please help? 😛 thankks for your hard work! ❤
    sorry i had to post twice. i forgot to press the notify button and subscribe. -___-

  75. is there any way for u to upload dream team show other than youtube cause both line in watch online seem not to be uploading any of the show.. n this website is my only hope to watch dream team…

  76. Seriously… I don’t care you are a Guy or Girl, or even Tranny !

    I just love you so much for uploading all the vids ! MUACK !

  77. Hi thanks sooo much for subbing dream team

    but i was wondering theres no ep1- 14 of it.. 😦 is it because you dont have the raw file or something?

    and Thanks again for all the hard work 😀

    1. Pikeynney record all videos on tv channel.
      if you read the FAQ and after you can’t read the videos ,we can’t help you…

  78. Hi, is it possible if you could help sub Shin PD? The episode with Beast as well as UKiss on it.

    Beast – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1FWvw3F25I&feature=related
    Ukiss – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7n3ov_0X2k&p=1CEF204443EE87B0&playnext=1&index=10

    And if possible SGB the one with FT & Beast on it?

    My korean is really lousy and i was hoping if you could help sub these shows cause i’ve been searching for the subs and you’re the best person with the subs.


    thank you! =]

  79. Would you mind uploading the previous episodes of “Qualifications of men” on megaupload and/or dailymotion please, it seems YT took them down.

    1. Hey, wich episode ? No reupload on Yt for me . You can ask to Pikeyenny but I think she won’t reupload it too. For megaupload , are you sure they are down ?

  80. i’m so sorry to disppointed u because i’m vietnamese i don’t understand korean. sorry so much because i can’t help u. i’m so sorry

  81. Thanks for the videos! You’re the best! 😀
    Btw, I was wondering do you sub Strong Heart vids too? Or do you know of other websites that have subbed Strong Heart vids? 😀

    1. viikii.com
      then you type strong heart into the search box. you’ll be able to find a channel that subs strong heart vids. hope this helps ^^

    1. Hi, I don’t have this part on my hard disk so you can deleted the other that you download. I will reupload new part on mediafire when I have time.

      1. hi.i tried to download part 2 of 001 yesterday but the file already been removed.
        i tried to download via MU instead of MF but it only took 1 second and it is sized of 16.7KB.I downloaded the codec just in case smthg wrong wit my laptop but nothing changed.

        do help me pls!T_T

  82. Hello. Just a question out of relevance.
    Do you happen to know any site where I can watch subbed Play Girlz with After School?

    Thanks so much for all the effort and keep up the good work!

  83. Hey Pikeyenny and EkoTaf, can you guys PLEASE sub ep 51 of Invincible Youth first? You can come back and do ep 49 and 50 later, everyone wants to see ep 51 because of Sunny!!! I bet your comments for this episode will explode to a new record!!!

  84. Hi, first of all, I wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you guys did.
    I really like the KBSW variety programs that you uploaded.

    Especially QOM ❤

    This is my question.
    I was wondering do you have QOM's episodes apart from the choir's one?
    The ones in between the choir's episodes.
    If you don't have, it's ok…you still ROCK!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work<3<4<3

  85. hi there, i wanted to download IY ep5 but part 10 doesn’t seem to work i don’t know is it just me… i hav been tryin alot of times now T.T…. thanks

      1. thanks for the help, i did wt u asked but it still didn’t work ><"" i'll use MU instead then… thanks again ^^

  86. hi!!!!! i’m having a hard time on downloading the file…can i ask if you know a site where can i watch it online…i really want to watch Let’s Go Dream Team season 2 dream girls with SNSD Tiffany Sunny and Hyoyeon…THANKS in advance!!

  87. i was gonna ask if it would be better to write under the shows names who appears in it? since i don’t no which ones i should download

  88. you know for the wmv files, if i download from mediafire it will be “filename…wmv.002” what does it mean? cos if it is the part, i would have no problem opening it right? but whenever i want to open the file to watch it, they would say “this program does not support extension .002” what should i do?

  89. excuse me…but are you gonna upload the episodes of Qualification of Mans new mission…cause the mission is quite fun…

  90. Hi Pikeyenny or Ekotaf or anyone who have authorize to answer my question/suggestion 🙂
    Actually I want to tell you through email, but I can’t find your email address

    I’m a big fan of you, you are willing to share many great videos with us.
    It’s very kind of you, but some of the people not as kind as you 😦 I can understand why you decided to stop uploading a show

    Number of comments describes number of interests. But if you only got a little amount of comments that doesn’t mean not many people interest in the show. Many people accesses your blog, many people are waiting for your updates. Why I can say many people because I saw many (about 10+) popular blog/international forum/even conversation in the twitter mentions your blog. But sadly, they just visit your blog then take the download/youtube links. They forgot express their gratitude through comment, they didn’t realize how hard your jobs (record, encode, convert, and upload).

    I now you do this voluntarily without getting paid, a simple “thank you” can makes you feel what you do is really worthy. But some people are not smart enough they doesn’t know how to post a comment 😉 from my experience in other forum, number of comments will be increased if the links will be visible after the guest/member post a comment. You can’t do that in a blog, so why don’t you make a forum?? It’s free and it’ll be more easier to organize.

    After all, this is just a suggestion. I’ll be glad if you like it and I won’t hate you if you don’t 😛 and I’m looking forward to your reply .


    1. HI Cath.huang . Thank you for this nice comment 🙂
      I delete your email on your comment (you can be spam)
      Pikeyenny don’t often read here but i pass your comment to Pikeyenny ;
      you can contact her on her twitter :http://twitter.com/PikeYenny
      I see your nickname.You are vietnamese ?

      1. oops, my bad. thank you for your help, Ekotaf 🙂
        I’ll try to contact her through twitter. No, I’m not vietnamese, I’m from Indonesia

        Thank you for reply my comment..


  91. Hi! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful videos
    I recently started to blog the videos I have watched so I am curious if I can direct link/embed to the videos? If not is fine, then I will direct link to this blog.

    hope to hear from you soon

  92. please continue work on start golden bell. i comment everytime i watch it. but sometime i got struggle with the comment box. i mean sometime when i write a comment then i post it, it comes up blank and it doesn’t accept my comment. this one happen since u updated the new theme. i don’t know it because of my computer or your new program. i know this is free website but can u fix it. i will comment as much as i can, whenever i watch everything in this website i will comment right the way. i’m sorry that someone watched your works and didn’t leave the comment. i will do everything to support u. i love u so much please leep it up. you are change my boring days. this is my source of pleasure. thank you for all your works. you are the best.

  93. hey thanks for the great uploads of IY!! I love the show!! I was also curious if you knew any places I could download or watch eng subbed epi’s of heroes? I tried snjeung but was unable to get full ep to watch.

  94. HI! I downloaded satsuki decoder pack but I’m still unable to play certain video, example I am only able to play part 1 but part 2 is says “cannot render the file”.

    please help me 🙂 thanks alot

    1. Hi, the part are 001 002 003 ? you need to join them.if after read the FAq , you can’t read the vids . sorry but I can’t help you . All you need is in the FAQ.

  95. Hello

    I want to know… Are you ok if I use you’re dream team’s files for cut my favorite part, upload it on youtube or dailymotion and post it on my lj, just for show them to my friend? I can delete it after they watch it and, of course, credit you and you’re blog. I just discovered this show and I really want to show it to my friend^^

    And I have onother request… I read you don’t take request for show, I understand it… but I’m a Rain’s fan, and I can’t find the dream team where he is. Do you know where I can find them? He seems so hot in it <3<3<3

    Big thanks for all you're upload *__*

      1. Thanks^^

        All my post are “friend only”, but it’s not a reason for not credit you, and I put you’re blog’s name when I upload the cut on sreaming site^^

        Rain T_T One day, I find him!

  96. can u upload Playgirlz School..
    after school program maybe..
    my friend said that tv shows is the best..=,=..
    just cannot find it at google with subtittle..~
    only here my hope to watch this…
    if can uppload it..tq~~!

  97. hello… are you gonna upload oh! my school? since star golden bell will be no more soon.. just asking.. oh! my school seem looks like an interesting show.. hope can see it here.. fighting!!!!….

  98. i think pikeyenny have already upload happy together ep 105 with park kyung lim,jangnara,lee so young..but now i cant find them in youtube..do you know where can i found that episode??and thank you so much for subbing happy together :))

  99. hi there Ekotaf, i tried downloading ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 – Dream Girls (English Subtitle)’ with MF but it says Invalid or Deleted File….. so now i am usin MU, i am just lettin u know thats all… ^^

  100. why does the dload link for Dream Team ep3 part 3 for MF does not work for me?i even ask my friend to try but the dload link still not appear.i cant dload MU due to my internet connection.can u reupload the link?

  101. I have been trying to find Invincible Youth ep 2 and 3 in the old blog, but I can’t find it. Can anyone pls tell me how to find it or perharps post the link here for me? Thanks.

  102. Hi PikeYenny.
    A big thanks for subbing many dramas/variety shows that haven’t been subbed.
    But just a question, why is that the videos are in LQ? :/
    tbh, it’s kinda annoying, but I still watch it in the end.
    Just curious thats all 6_6

  103. hey pikeyenny

    thanks for all the wonderful uploads on Invincible youths, i am really enjoying myself and i really appreciate your efforts.

    however, there is a slight issue with the megaupload for part 4 of Ep 13, when i clicked regular download the timer gets rested to 45 seconds. i tried downloading the 5th part of mediafire, they just tell me they are processing download and i’ve pressed refresh a thousand times. do help me check?

    i’ve downloaded till ep 50 and i am feeling really frustrated not having Ep 13 in my collection. thank you for everything once again!


    1. hey, i try to download the part 4 , it’s worked for me .
      Try to clear out temporary files and delete cookies .
      Try to use software as jdownloader or internet download manager.

  104. Hey, i wanna ask, is it possible that if after joining all the files, i can transfer it to my PSP and watch? Will there be any problem with the sounds or videos? Cause i can’t really use the computer that much.

      1. Okay, it can be watched. But now i’m having problems downloading on MU because they have a download limit. And i tried downloading on MF, after trying to join with the hjsplit thing, it only managed to do wmv.001. and there are so many parts. Do you mind explaining in detail how to do this? THANKS A LOT.

  105. hi pikeyenny, ekotaf. Thank you for your hard work. But do you know how to make dailymotion streaming a lil bit faster? Sometimes it evens stop in the middle.
    keep your good job ya 🙂

  106. Thanks for all the subs!!!!
    but i have on question about the LEt Go shows.. i download them from Mega upload.. but the file extensions are not .001…
    its giving ma a file name of LET&… then on the bottom it says
    which is:application/octet-stream
    from: Http//:www.33.megaupload.com
    any idea?
    what does this mean?

  107. Hello, Thanks a lot for your hard work. It’s so nice of you to upload it. Er, Can I ask for permission to put some of the streaming links on a Yoo Jaesuk’s Fanpage?
    Thankyou 😀

  108. Sorry, i just want to ask : Will you guys countinuing uploading Choi kang Eoul omma:(
    I really love this drama, please you guys are my only hope:(
    부탁합니다 ㅠㅠ

  109. hey pikeyenny!! thanks so much for sharing the shows with us!! i was wondering if you knew where i could find 100 points out of 100 subbed? =P i dont mind just watching on YT thanks!! 😀 xxx

  110. hi .. i just wanted to know ..
    i already downloaded a video through megaupload ..
    but whenever i’m about to play it ..
    it can’t be played ..
    there’s something popping up whenever i’m about to play the video ..
    sorry i’m not really that good when it comes to comps.
    can you please help me what to do ..
    i really wanted to download all parts of dream team ..
    thank you so much ^^

      1. i already figured out about that .. thanks anyway ..

        another thing i wish to ask ..
        i tried to download from megaupload but i already exceeded the limit ..
        how can i download without limit ?

        thank you very much ^^

  111. Could you please sub oh my school or 100 points out of 100 when you have time?
    Thanks TONS
    keep up the good work 🙂
    Much appreciated

  112. hello, may i ask if you are going to upload the pianist with subs?
    cos i really want to watch it with subs! hope you will upload them!

  113. Moving and powerful! Youve certainly got a way of reaching folks that I havent seen very often. If most people wrote about this subject with the eloquence that you just did, Im sure folks would do much more than just read, theyd act. Great stuff here. Please keep it up.

  114. hi there!!!!
    just wanna say thank you to the uploaders for all the hard work!! =)
    the vids u posted are like my exam destressors xD
    I was just wondering, will u continue one uploading “oh my school” episodes? i believe it’s now called “100 points out of 100”? if yes, thank a lot! if no, then that’s okay since m pretty sure u guys have a lot to upload already =D
    hwaiting alwaysss!! =D

  115. Could you please eng sub Shin Jung Hwan PD’s Variety World Guest.Secret&Koyote

    if you have a time.

    And Thank you for every video sub

  116. Hey there! I know that you mentioned that you aren’t taking any requests, but I’m kinda hoping you would this time round. If you have the time, could you perhaps watch “101218 oh! My school!/ 100 points out of 100” and decide if you would wanna sub it? Please?? If you don’t then it’s alright. But thanks anyway! I really appreciate that you took the time to sub videos for us =)

  117. Hi EkoTaf,

    I hope you can help me. Do you guys still have Ep 13 of DT, the ep where they went to Vancouver? From what I saw from ChubalTeam it’s the 4th ep of the Vancouver series but they don’t seem to have it. Any idea where I can watch this ep? I know it’s pretty old so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thank you!

  118. hey guys! first of, thank you for the efforts of subbing and uploading the shows. it’s very much appreciated!! 😀 i was wondering if i can share the videos on our blog, K-Idols (www.keksprinzessin.wordpress.com)? I’ll surely credit y’all properly. If i can’t share the video then can i at least share the link to your website? 🙂 thank you!

  119. Hello, I was wondering if you knew any sites or if you’re willing to sub Star King episode 189-190, it’s the episode with 2PM in it. If you do, I really hope you can link me to a site or sub it yourself, I’d really appreciate it, thanks!:)

  120. hey i totally love you guys for uploading the shows
    thnx so much
    i was just wondering if u will be uploading dream high?

  121. hi :DD I’m wondering if you have episodes of I’VE GOT AN UNCLE episode with Jaebum and chansung in it? some people said you uploaded it but i can’t find it 😦 thank you so mucchhh :DD

  122. hey, i downloaded invincible youth ep 1, all the parts. But i am only able to watch part 1 with media classic player. I am not able to watch the other parts._. I have also downloaded the satusuki decoder thing. But just cannot watch. Can help?;(

  123. Hello ! Can i ask you please to write all the names of the guest and Goo Hara for Invincible Youth ?!! Because i need to kown ! Can you please update this information , please ?!! Thanks in advance !

      1. wait hold on…qualifications of men wasn’t cancelled….I just watched it today just now…5pm!!!!

      2. really? cause i looked on the guide at 5pm and another show has been playing over it for the past few weeks, due to seungmins drug scandal

  124. hey! thanks for providing all these subs 🙂
    just wondering, on the dailymotion channels, what’s the difference between “school”, “ring ring”, “ecole”, “etude” etc?
    are they all SGB ?
    thanks !

    1. cause of her lack of skill working in the farm. she usually is the slowest worker that complains the most haha ^^, but juyeon is still great

  125. Thank you SOOO SOOO much for the subbed videos 🙂 I’d like to know where i can find the latest episodes for Oh My School (100 points out of 100) because on this site it only has up to ep 4 and ep 7 has already come out, Thank you ^^

  126. I’d like to ask if you’re still working on Star Golden Bell? I only noticed quite some time ago that you are not uploading it. I really like that show though some episodes are a little boring maybe because I do not know most of the guests.

    Still thank you for your hardwork!!

  127. hi, i would like to ask. why isit when i watch invincible youth from ep 55 – 57. around 50minutes of the show, it would hang (but the volume is there) then after that for about 1-2min its back?

  128. hi, i got a request to you. if you can, can you upload every each episode of jungle fish 2 which will be on air soon. if my request is not too much, i hope you can upload it here. TQ

  129. will you be subbing oh my school’s christmas special?
    thanks for your hard work. this is the only place where i can watch it subbed 😀

  130. Hey! I don’t know if others have asked before, but do you accept requests to sub stuff? I just wanted to know if you would kindly also sub Actress Butler. Thank you! 🙂

  131. hello,may i ask if u can re-upload or give me the download link of dream team ep.49 cause i cant play it on youtube and all the links are empty….i really wanna watch that episode so bad :(..thanks!

  132. Dear Pikeyenny,

    I feel really very thankful to you and for those helping you to upload these videos. You made us fans really very happy. However, if you’re open for comments, I would just like to say something about your new layout. As your follower, I think that your previos layout is much more effective than this one. The one having shows category on the side. Well, that’s only from my point of view. But still, you’re a very great person and whatever you do with your page, that’s yours.

    Thank you fighting!!!

  133. Hey, please record dream high and upload it! Its a fantastic show with quite a few kpop Aritist acting in it! Watch it and you will love it. Many thanks if you were to start uploading it.

  134. Hi Pike! I’ve been a follower of your blog for quite some time now. Right now, I’m a moderator for the international Secret fan club but the forum is quite dead. In an attempt to increase the popularity of Secret, we were wondering if it was okay if we temporarily used your subbed videos to increase our fan base until we establish our own subbing team. Of course, if you allowed us to use your videos, we would give you credit. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  135. hi there!

    I still can’t download the episode 49. I already did the method you mentioned on the FAQ but it didn’t work. What else to do? Please help me!!!


      1. all download links for Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 49 are not available and the youtube links are deleted as well. can u re-upload them again PLEASE!^^

      2. I’m sorry etokaf! I meant Dream Team Episode 49. I already did what’s written in the FAQ, but it didn’twork on the MU file. The message still says “Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available”.

        Thank you!

  136. i see that you’ve been uploading some kbs dramas… can you please upload president too? i couldnt find it anywhere else. thanks you ^^

  137. How come this episode of SGB wasn’t subbed? 😦

    By some chance do you know any subber of MBC Bouquet?

    But still I appreciate your hard work! Thank you again!

  138. heyy guys! i just wanna say tht u guys r doin such a great job! ^^ dnt mind me asking, bt do you have dream team’s first episode? i REALLY wanna watch lee wan in it so yeah~ >.<

  139. hey! is there anyway that the latest SBS’s King of Idols could be subbed? I know you don’t accept requests… but still! 😀

  140. I’m kinda ignorant about which station shows what programs.

    Was wondering if you only provide files to KBS World programs because that is the only broadcasting station that provides subtitles?

    Do SBS and MBC not broadcast subtitles like them? If they do, could you upload some of their programs? i.e. award specials, King of Idols, Idol Athletics Championship, etc.

    And thank you for all your work in providing us subtitled shows.

  141. Hey thank you for the subs that you have been making.

    However i am curious whether you will sub the recently concluded SBS’s King of Idols. I know you don’t take in requests, but still! Thank you.

  142. Hi I was wondering if you will be uploading the Happy Together that Dal Shabet was on? It was the one after the Dream High episode so I guess that would make it episode 178? Thanks for all the other uploads!

  143. hi pikeyenny…

    i was wondering if u have any yahaengsung episodes???? it would be greatly appreciated if u could upload it… coz i cant find the show anywhere else…. *sob sob* btw, thanks….

  144. hi, i’m quite dumb and new with this things
    i really like invincible youth and i can’t seem to play ep 1-13 from my mac…
    but i can play the other episodes
    i tried downloading the software you suggested but my mac wont operate it
    could you please kindly tell me how to play it?
    or could you kindly please give a different format of file like the rest of the episodes so i can play
    thank you so much
    sorry to trouble you

  145. hi,

    I’m just wondering why ep 178-180 of happy together weren’t uploaded. Were you simply unable to upload them, and is there anywhere else we can watch them? thanks

  146. hi.. thanks for uploading kbs world shows… I hope you’ll also upload Dream High Special COncert… Would appreciate it very much… Thank you so much! pikeyenny FTW!!!!!

  147. First, thx a lot for all your hard work!

    Here’s the point of my comment:
    could you re-upload the ep 49 of Let’s Go! Dream Team ? please~
    This is the return of Minho on the show and I really would enjoy to see this episode (*o*)
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  148. im trying to find invincible youth eps with onew but i cant find it cos there is no description about the guest.i think its the eps where seulong 2am is also present in the show.can you tell me which eps is it n whether u hv the video or not.thanx in advance 🙂

  149. Sorry may I ask can I reupload your video and post it in our website? I’ll give you proper credit and give you the link to our post when it’s done so you can check it. If not, can I use your link and your stream link to make a post for readers of our website? Of course I’ll credit you properly.

    Thanks so much for your hardworking.

  150. Oh I just read some of your comments in here and in About. So I think I can do it. I’ll send you the link of our post when I finish. Thanks so much again.

  151. i just wanna say thanks for all vids that u have download
    if u doesnt probably not just me will die searching for subs
    ignore me i just random

  152. Is there any way you could start uploading Heroes? I can’t find any new updated episodes with english subs. This is only if it isn’t a hassle to you. Please and Thank You?

  153. Hi. Thanks so much for the subs!! 8D
    I have a question though. Hope you can help. When you say to install the satsuki decoder pack, I clicked the link but I only see decoder packs Am I missing something or will one of those work?
    And one more thing, can you give an example of what you mean by uninstall your other codecs first, cause I’m not too sure about that part…8/
    Sorry for the trouble. I hoe you can help. And THANKS again for providing the AWESOME videos!!

  154. i am also a fan of wonder girls but this site is for your variety show with sub…i specially like yubin..hehehe

    thanks for always uploading good videos.. for those people who dont have kbs world…..

    but i have a question…are you not going to upload the latest episode of happy together.. i really enjoy it too..hope you can upload more..or pls share some links where i can watch the latest episode with sub….

    thanks and good day!!!!!

  155. firstly, thanks for all the hard work getting all these awesome shows uploaded.

    i’m just wondering if you have any plans of uploading win win as well since kbs world is airing them too?

    thanks 🙂

  156. Pikeyenny please don’t stop subbing for OMS! i hope they put full credit when subbing in viet. i love going to your page and watching OMS.

  157. firstly i want to thank you for all of your hardwork uploading those videos……i really enjoy dream team and star golden bell….especially with shinee in it…..

    can you help me for other episodes of SGB which shinee in it? such as ep.240,…

    thank you so much…i’ll really appreciate it…. ^_^

  158. Thank you so much for uploading all of these videos! I especially appreciate Dream Team. I hope that you’ll continue to upload when you can, thanks. ❤

  159. Hi I was just wondering if you were considering of doing Heroes? As it is kind of similar to invincible youth. Oh, and thanks for all your effort. 🙂

  160. Hi, I was just wonder if you could get clearer videos for Oh! My School, like from Kpopella, before you sub them, sometimes its very blurry.

  161. I just have a quick question;
    they way you’re numbering the episodes for “Oh! My School” is it the right away? or are you numbering them 1 episode ahead? cos’ I see episodes on other sites and their the name but then I come to yours and it’s different so I get all confused, lol. sorry. >.<

  162. hey ummm, i have joined the files together, and it says in total the file is 1 hour and a few minutes, and it ends at 13 mins, where the first part ends, someone help please !

  163. hello, can you check the link of invincible youth ep.7 in mediafire [KBS WORLD] IY Ep 7 ( English Sub ).WMV.001
    I cannot download it, are the link broken? can you fix it please? thank you I really appreciate it

  164. What’s the oldest episode of star golden bell that you have subbed? Because I was going through the old ones and it said that some were updated from the old blog. Does that mean there used to be older ones? The earliest one I saw was ep 258

  165. hi…thnks 4 subbing OMS….i really2 appreciate it…btw,can i have one request….can u sub b2st idol maid for ep 11 until 13(final) please…i’m dying for that…

  166. Hi! Just wondering if you’re gonna work on KBS Immortal Song? The one with IU, Yoseob, Jonghyun, Changmin and more?

  167. I’d come to recognize with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  168. hi,
    just wanna ask if you know where can i found download link for infinity challenge gangs of Seoul episode where bigbang came as a guest artist with better eng sub..i only found streaming link at youtube…there are certain part of their conversation not understandable since they just subbed that video randomly…really appreciate

    1. Oh sorry…I think megaupload ain’t functioning well at the moment…I will try again later 😉

  169. Hi, i looked through the comments on here and i found there were links for SKsubs but the youtube accs for all that has been mentioned here has been banned by Kcompanies. Does anyone know a forum or somewhere i can download SKsubs from? I really like that show and I didnt know there was a team subbing it till now so i really want to watch it. Thanks a lot !

  170. excuse me it seems you’re not uplaoding much shows here recently.why is it??are u busy or u just don’t like the show anymore?? i always go to your website to re-watch show that i can’t watch on time.seems you’re on uploading OMS & wonder girls stuff but even that u seems not uploading often anymore. i always watch Happy Together,OMS,Entertainment Weekly basically all your video uploads before but now i don’t know where to watch it.please do reply~~

  171. Hi, are you going to make a new account now that ur latest one has been deleted? i hope so 😦 i was in the middle of watching the newest dream team when it was deleted.. 😦

  172. Hi first i want to thank you for subbing. i love dream team. but the link for mediafire dream on eps 31 and 33 is not working and i cant use megaupload cause my country banned it.can you reupload it.

    i dont have twitter account. 😉

  173. I’m sorry but please, will you upload Dream Team season 2 asian stars episode? there’s 2 episodes of them. 110619 and 110626. please please please, there’s taemin and minho there 😦
    BTW thank you for every videos you’ve been upload.

  174. hi..i have been fans for ur blog..there so many my fav show here..tq 4 ur effort..by the way, why dont u upload 2d1n?its funny now with the new member..i really hoping u could upload 2d1n..i have been search about it but havent found any site with full episode of 2d1n..if u know any site with 2d1n,i really appreciate if u could tell me..tq once again 4 ur effort..

  175. even though you don’t take requests, if you read this, maybe you might want to do episodes of this show?

    “If you were interested enough, maybe you could sub ‘Dalgona’ or ‘Night after Night’? Only if your interested in it though. :)”

    It’s just my suggestion, that you might take an interest in.

  176. i know you dont do requests but i just wanna give it a try anyways…
    if you could pls sub kim yunas kiss&cry? starting from episode 3?
    for some reason feverskating stopped subbing :/ thanks so much
    for all the hard work 😀 your site is the very first bookmark on my
    chrome ^^, much love. xo.

  177. may I ask you for subbing night star ep 14… SHINee is there.. but I can’t find the eng sub… Could you please help me… Thank you..

  178. Do you know where i can watch Quiz To Change The World? or can you sub them 😛 I’ve been trying to find full episodes of it but it just doesn’t seem to be anywhere

  179. wondering if anyone know where i can watch all infinity challenge west coast highway music festival episodes with english sub? (: muchhh appreciated

  180. I highly recommend “Muhan Girls 3” 🙂 it’s really hilarious and these ladies crazy antiques will surely make you ROFL 😀 Please consider this suggestion. We, the viewers and avid subscribers of your site would be very delightful and thankful if you upload their videos! But even if you would’nt >.< , still "Kansahamnida"! 🙂

  181. im new here. and recently i downloaded Made In Wonder Girls episode 6. i can play the video, but there is No english subbed. was it supposed to be a raw video, or is there a mistake? i thought there would be english sub for the shows. im confused. can anyone help me?

  182. Just want to say that you’re awesome at subbing all these variety shows that are just super long. Got a lot of patience subbing them so thank you so much for sharing them with us. ^^ I was just wondering, do you give out softsubs for the Invincible Youth? I love that show and I wasn’t sure if you give out softsubs or not. If not, thanks anyways. 🙂

  183. Hi,
    I actually wanted to ask for something. I know, and I understand, that you might be busy right now, but I was wondering if episode 91 of Dream Team was going to be subbed. I’m not the hasty type so this is not to push you to do it or something like that, I’m just checking.
    PS: I heard you were on vacation(?), have a good time … 🙂

  184. I know you don’t accept requests, but if you would consider subbing strong heart ep 94 where BOOM comes back from the military would be amazing! thanks!(:
    and im loving the show Secret *__*<3

  185. hai pike and ekotaf,,,

    firstly I wanna say huge thanks for giving us the videos and links, I wanna ask how to see the archive here, not long ago I can see per month but it disappear:( Can I?


  186. Heyyyy so i was just wondering if u guys r going to sub the NEW LOL Invincible Youth 2 yes it is Season 2 wooooo im so EXCITED so yea reply whenever u can THANK YOU ^_^

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  188. hi pikeyenny, how too look all your video,
    i just want to search snsd video,
    when they were at SGB..
    please answer my question.

  189. Can you please fox the dl links for Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 24 – Part 2? Both the MU link and .001 of the MF are down.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  190. I want to know if you could make a masterlist of some sorts so that I can download all of Oh My School’s episodes. 😀 I really want to have them saved on my harddrive since it gets removed from youtube all the time :/

  191. My questions goes back for the IY Season 1…. There were 2 cows right?? What happened to the first cow Hyegyo??… checked it and the first was this cow Hyegyo and the second was Pureum… what happened to the first one?? Answer would be grate .. thanks!!^^

  192. juat wanna ask you something..
    are you didn’t upload dream team ep. 105? i looked the other web and I found before DT with snsd there is DT ep. 105, and in your blog i found before DT with snsd it isn’t ep. 5 (I think it is ep. 104),, please checked that.. anyway thank you for the subbed video =D

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    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  194. Hi sorry but could u reupload invincible youth season 1 ep 36 part2 avi.004
    The file is missing.
    Greatly apprciated

  195. Hi sorry but could u reupload invincible youth season 1 ep 36 part2 avi.004
    The file is missing.
    Greatly appreciated

  196. Could you please reupload the Be My Baby promotional performances again?
    Their stages were so epic but MF is gone and so the dl links :c

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    thanks in advance !
    your hardwork is greatly appreciated as always ❤

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    Arigatou ^^
    have a nice day~~~

  201. Hello pikeyenny!
    Just want to tell you that the link for Let’s go Dream Team season 2 ep 124 and 125 is not working 🙂 I cant access the newest (126) as well
    Hopefully you can fix it 🙂

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  205. Aneyong ^^
    How are you ?
    Can i ask you thing ?
    Emm I’m girl , my name is ” Rana” , I have 17 year old .
    I want translate your acts to “arabic” .
    you will give me “softsub” and i will translate it .
    Sure ,I will write your name when i update our acts .
    shortcut my words we will be friends, and can you accept my offer ?
    if you want know more ask me in twitter : https://twitter.com/B2uty_R .
    Thank you ^^ bye .

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    Is it possible to upload the IRIS 2 cast (Lee Da Hae, Jang Hyuk, Oh Yun soo and Lee Bum Soo) interview part in KBS Entertainment weekly E1450 aired on 17 November 2012 ??? or can you point me to where I can watch it in Eng sub?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  208. Hope I am not asking for much 😀

    I just Hope you can post KBS Drama Awards 2012, thanks in advance and Happy New Year ~~

  209. Hii really love your work but is it possible to reupload files of Oh my School? Most of the files are broken I just want to finish watching it. I only need eps 17-20,22 and 24 +

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    I bookmarked it to my bookmark site list and will
    be checking back in the near future. Please check out my web site too and tell me your opinion.

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