Hello guys, this is my new blog ^^ for 2010 haha

i will post all my files i recorded from TV channel and upload it in here … have both Kpop and Cpop

Come from : Vietnam

I have so many idols but now i spend all my love for Park Ye Eun @ Wonder Girls

can’t stop loving her because she is too funny, cute, beautyful and especially she has talent : can sing, can write songs, can play piano ….

i love her so much, that is why i choose my ID nick name is : PikeYenny ( yenny is her english name haha )

With my blog : i will use MU to download more than MF .. and will not upload youtube > <

MF die so early and can’t upload big files, and youtube always delete acc so i hate it too

MU is the best way haha


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      1. Hey i’m just wondering but did you stop uploading oh my school episodes? I hope to see more uploads of OMS ;D

      1. heyyyy! i love your wordpress for having the availability of many KPOP things, but could i make a request of a show? i really want you to sub (in english) 100 points out of 100 (previously known as oh my school!) episode 1 and 2. the one you have in your wordpress is the pilot episode. i badly want t watch as episode 1 has eunhyuk (suju) and episode 2 has yuri (snsd). please!!!! 😀

    1. heyy .. just found about your site .. and i was wondering what to you subb most on .. like on who .. i guess … if this msg makes sense please reply back! thank you for your hard work!!!

  1. omg thank u sooo much for having this blog!! yay u upload all the kbs world shows!! wooo thanks alot!! what is your old blog? ha im looking for 2009 kbs world shows

    btw i love ye eun too 😀

  2. thanks for all the afterschool eng subbed vids! just wondering do you sub all of these yourself? hope you sub star king too 😀
    ohh from vietnam? you must be vietnamese 😀

      1. are u malay?i love invincible youth…can u upload invincible youth high quality video?thank you..

  3. Hello !

    I make MV and PV’s karaoke and recently I decided to make a french fansub’s team. I don’t speak Korean but I want to translate Korean videos.

    I like your job and I would like to know if it’s possible to use your English sub.

    You can see my karaoke here : http://www.yukonah-no-uta.com (we make a live journal in english)

    Of course, I’ll crédit you !

    Thanks for all


    Yuki (KIdolFansub@gmail.com)

      1. hey!!! its me from youtube,,, just wanted to ask if it is possible for you to send me copy of the eng.translation of wondergirls at fam outing..i saw that your account had been suspended and i really want to continue subbing it…if you can help me with it that will be great!!
        thanks a lot!!!

  4. hey pikeyenny,, i really like your blog, i like korean stuff, and its so hard to find korean variety show with english sub, its good that you have it recorded with english sub ,,

    keep up the good work,,
    i always look forward for the next video to be uploaded


  5. Thanks a lot for the uploads!

    I was wondering though if it was alright for me to upload your SGB episodes onto youtube? ^.^

      1. Ok, thanks a lot! xD

        Yeah I know! :[ They always delete them! Which is why I’m reuploading as much SGB episodes as I can so other people can watch it too. xD

  6. hey pikeyenny!
    thanks so much for all your english subbed videos 😀
    no one ever subs the show i wants except you ^^~

    keep up the great work!
    i also hop eyou sub star king eps 😛

    ps, you could download high quality videos form here for all your subbing projects 😀

    cant wait for more of your videos
    & a suggestion for a project, hope you consider it 😀

    Win Win ft 2pm – http://cashewmaniakpop.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/100216-win-win/

  7. Hey there,

    Just want to thank you for all the uploads on the After School episodes that were shown in KBS world.

    Really appreciate your hard work! =D

  8. Hi Pikeyenny

    I’m PLAYBOYZ from Thailand
    I am very thankful to your record and eng sub video
    THanks For Your Hard-work : )

    and one more thing I wanna ask you
    if there’s any possible I could take out
    your After School Eng Sub video as a source
    to make Thai Sub Video
    I am the Subtitle Maker from Thai After School Fanclub Forum
    right here http://afterschoolthailand.ipbfree.com

    Yeah, If you don’t want to that’s ok
    ^ ^”

    anyway Thanks You again : )

  9. hello there.. i wanna thanks a lot for all the sub vids.. u r awesome..
    nyway can u make it more specific? i mean like a directory or something, so that if i wanna download SGB vids i can see all the links for the download and no need to always click on older post to see the links.. u know, arrange it by it’s ep.. i know it’s kinda hard, but if u can do that, i really appreciate it..

    why dont u create a forum of korean variety shows and then give the download links.. ppl can talk bout the shows and comments.. it will be fun.. i always searching for it but no one has done it.. keke..

    nyway, thanks.. have a nice day!!

  10. hy , i love your blog i acces it everyday and every day i find something new and that’s awesome…i realise that you are probably very busy but maybe you could think about star king or dambi(beast fan)..im asking because nobody else subbs them and i like the shows…and please dont stop subbing star golden bell..it sucks not knowing korean 😦


  11. are you subbing the 100130 SGB ? there are onew, key, and jonghyun from SHINee and few super junior members. thank you. you are awesome ^^

  12. do you subbing the SGB with onew, key, and jonghyun of SHINee and few SUPER JUNIOR member? thank you. btw, you are daebaaak ^^

  13. thank you so much! finding download links is sometimes the hardest thing… so i really appreciate it ^_^

    do you have any plans to share “chitchat with beautiful ladies” ? [aka misuda] love that show, cant find it anywhere now…..

    thanks though!!!!


      1. great! i hope so >.<
        true, you barely see idols in it, but i like it for the educational aspects, you get to learn about korea, other countries and even some interesting notes on the language…

        thanks for replying!!…


      2. are you able to upload chitchat with beautiful ladies??? I’ve been looking for it EVERYWHERE with no luck! Or else, do you or anyone else know where i can find it?

  14. i love your job! trully osm 🙂

    hi pikeyenny, do you will sub the dream team when all SHINee member on it? it is aired today i think in korea.
    i was watching the preview on a shinee fansite. thank you
    keep doing the great 🙂

  15. Xin chào pikeyenny ^^

    Your blog is unbelievable, there is a lot of videos here . I like korean show and stuff. Thanks you very much for all of your hard work..really appreciate that .I love SGB so thanks again.
    cyaaaaa 🙂

  16. hello i really i like ur blog its soo kool i have small request 😦 can u upload Invincible Youth in MF cuz i MU doesnt work in my country really love show but cant c it in TV cuz am at worrk plzzz:(

  17. Great blog! I love your KBS World downloads, I’m currently in a place where there is no KBS World. That is until I discovered your blog 😀 Plus, you are uploading all things related to K-POP, like SNSD, 2PM and all the hot bands. Which is EXACTLY the kind of shows that I always watch, shows related to K-POP Idols 😀

    I am so happy that I found your Blog!! Keep up the good work!!

    I hope to see more Invincible Youth, Star Golden Bell, and Etertainment Weekly 😀

    5 Stars!! Great Blog!!

  18. hello

    thanks for uploading all these shows….really appreciate it.

    i wonder do u have the chit chat beautiful ladies show (global talk show). i always missed it on KBS World.

  19. Hi,I love your blog
    i justed wanted to inform you that the first part of Let’s go dream team ep 22 has a problem,the video and sound don’t match.(if your’s works well,then i may have a problem)
    but if you have any suggestions about this problem,please help!!
    love your blog!!

  20. Hi, I just wanted to say that I really love your blog. And I also want to thank you for each and every show you are providing. I am a fan of SNSD, but unfortunately I live in the Netherlands. So I can’t understand Korean. That’s why I really like your videos regarding SNSD and other Cpop and Kpop artists, since they have subtitles in it. May I ask for your permission to upload some of your videos on my youtube account?

  21. Wow! I stumbled on your blog cause of Youtube… You’re Amazing..
    are you only one? I mean subbing is kinda hard… and you seem to subbed most of variety shows.. Now I know where to find good subbed videos… =)

    Can I make a suggestion? I think having a category in your sidebar with all the Segment / Variety Show title would make an easier directory… just suggesting.. =)

  22. eii..thanks for uploading..that was a great help..i was wondering..i’ve downloaded IYep22 from MF and i don’t know what type of file this is..but could you please suggest on what player am i going to use?.thanks again..God Bless.

  23. hi! i really love your blog since you post Dream Team download link hahaha! well eh, i’m about to ask you something. i have a trouble everytime i tried to download these episode of dream team:
    Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 – Minho(SHINee) + Lee Jun(MBLAQ) + Eunhyeok(Super Junior) [English Subtitle]
    and Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 – Lee Hong Ki + Minho (English Subtitle).
    if you don’t mind will you post those videos on MediaFire?
    thanks before. and as i said firstly, i really love your blog because you subbed Dream Team, so i still can watch the show since i am not able to watch it on KBSW. Thank you so much!

  24. Wahh are you from vietnam me 2 ;DD shit i thought you were korean or somthing …
    you live in vietnam or america?

    Question from : Sweden !! ;D

  25. hey, how come all the vids i download only play half way? I use the KMPlayer and also tried WMPlayer, and also tried joinin using hjsplit, nothing is working for me =(

    1. Hi, tried with Media player classic , dowload this pack( WPC+ codec) :

      When you read a video, do you see percentage at the right bottom ? If you see , you need to verify the size of your parts before join . If you dowload with MF, sometimes there is some problems with the size .

      if you don’t afraid with new software, tried http://jdownloader.org/home/index?s=lng_en
      It’s a very good dowloader , after finish dowload, it’s extract and join automatically the files .

      i hope this is help you 🙂

      1. can you explain how to verify the size cause i’m downloading right now and i kinda confused about verify the size of the parts

  26. hello0o^^
    I just love your blog, thank you for taking time to upload Dream team =) been looking everywhere to watch it with subs! I was wondering can i upload DT on youtube? with full credits of course^^

  27. Hye pikeyenny….
    Osm site, totally love your blog…Thanks for the kbsw videos.
    Btw, can i request a Happy together season 3 ep 141 n 142. I believe episode 141 will be aired this week. Thanks in advance ^^

  28. Hey,
    Just wanted to drop by and say MANY THANKS for all efforts… you always seem to have to the vids i want to watch XD (even though it takes me foreva to fins sometimes via utube ) 😛

    Keep up the good work!!

  29. Thanks for the upload invicible youth eng sub. Please continue uploading with mediafire links, i like MF link…thank you very much…

  30. hi…i want to ask, are you not intend to sub strong heart?because i think it is a great show…
    tq so much…=p

  31. thanks so much for uploading english subs to various variety shows.
    i really appreciate it. i always had a hard time with .avi files, since i had to download and convert them myself to .wmv. it took forever, haha.

    i was wondering (i couldn’t any question box or whatever), do you take requests? there’s this one variety show i would love to watch. family outing season 2. if you can, you can just start from today’s episode, may 2, 2010. if not, it’s okay. i’ll just have to be patient while i convert to .wmv.

    anyways, thanks for your hard work. i REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it 🙂

  32. Hi Pikeyenny,

    It’s me again 🙂 Yesterday I just started a blog with content that I would like to share with everyone. My blog is http://aniasian.wordpress.com/ I started the blog together with my nephew. He want to upload English subbed anime and I am planning to upload some Asian media, like variety shows, series, music and movies.

    Therefore I would like to ask for your permission to reupload some of your posted videos (for example Invincible Youth and Dream Team season 2) on my blog. I will give you full credits.

  33. hi, nice website you have there. love all the shows you have posted. gave me time to catch up on those that i’ve missed on TV.

    can i just make a suggestion, which is to change your color scheme of your text, because its hard to read your light colored text with light color background.


  34. hello~ great to be able to meet another yeeun fan! i saw ur post on YEI blog. thank u for subbing all these vids … now i have another source of sub vids. come to YEI forum one day so that we can get to know each other more. where are you from? 🙂

    1. yes, it’s me la, Yeeun’s lover hahaha
      i love her so so much …
      i always come to YEI blog to read something news about our queen
      yes, i will come to YEI forum once day so we can meet together ^^
      as you read at ” About” , i come from Viet Nam ^^

  35. this is from KBS channel right? is there any other shows from other channels like SBS, MBC hehe?
    anyway, thanks for uploading

  36. it seems like you didn’t see my post above regarding family outing season 2.
    is it possible to upload that variety show also?

    thanks for the other shows too 🙂
    i really love it

      1. haa..same .. i like Fo1 more cuz jaesuk and daesung and lee hyori was there +
        They were more like a family

  37. hi pikeyenny, i really like your blog! it helps me to watch Dream Team and SGB with engsub since i can’t watch in KBS world..i don’t have that channel 😦
    btw just curious are you going to continue uploading SGB? because i’m looking forward for the episode 282 and 283
    thanks before..i really love and appreciate this blog ^^

  38. hi! ^^
    thanks for your videos..
    by the way is it okay if i reupload them on yt
    and obviously give the credits to u?

  39. Need help, i downloaded episode 6 IV, only able to watch part of the 1st file. 2nd and 3rd cannot open, and how to use HJSPLIT, btw, nice blog…

  40. hi another yeeun lover here!thanks 4 posting yeeun’s fancams on ur utube accounts!
    haha,lets continue to support our queen!

  41. Hi there! Love this site! can download pretty much all Wonder Girls videos so thank you 🙂 Just need to ask u one unrelated question. Your blog before this have this design with WG? How did u do that? U changed the CSS right? Do you have to pay before changing? I hope you can answer 🙂

    Other than that, simply loving this site ❤ keep up the good work! Fighting! 😉

      1. ah.. well, thank you 🙂 And again, kudos for the hardwork! Thanks for providing all the links, cuz i’ve been looking all over, esp for WG’s comeback perf 🙂 ^^

      2. ah, another thing. sorry if it seems i’m spamming your blog. was wondering if I can upload some of your vids onto YT? I;’ll give you proper credits, of course 🙂

  42. Annyeong pikeyenny !!
    Wow, Thank you so much for all sharing!!
    How awesome you are!
    You are like an angle for me. No joking! I really love dream team coz Mr.Choi Minho’s there.
    And I love you, the subber, too!! cuz u make my dream come true, ha ha ha ^^
    I’m a Thai girl that cant understand Korean but your works … finally, i can understand Minho’s words !! OMG!

    Ps. Ummh.. I don’t know that you guy only share the hard subs of dream team or not.
    If it’s possible, can I have the soft subs of them ? just wanna know about the way i can watch in HD

    Ps.2 I’m not good in English hope you guyz understand my words. ^^”

    Anyway, Thank you very much!!

  43. anyeoong, your blog is very very very coooooollll, im very happy when i found your blog, huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~ ~ ~ xD

    have you sub variety show happy together which gueststar >> hyori rain leejoon (mblaq) and hara (kara) it was so funny even without sub, aaaaaa i really need the sub, gomawo ^^

    oia, you have sub of strong heart?

  44. Hi !!
    How are you ?
    I want to translate a program from your’s to another language
    and if you don’t mind to give me you’re English soft sub
    please say yes ^_^

    waiting for you’re answer

  45. I really appreciate your hard work and thank you for many videos that I’ve been looking for. I am a Taeyeon fan ergo SNSD, but I still enjoy the Wonder Girls music (Ye Eun’s voice is amazing), so I thank you for the Sunny, Yuri I.Y. videos and I hope you continue them for those other G7 fans.

    Also I was wondering about the WG ep on FO2? are you woking on the eng subs because I’m finding it hard to watch it on Youtube. Can’t wait for upload. Again Thank you for the hard work.

  46. I don’t know why my comment were cut ._. I love you for all the show you recorded! me & my sis are a regular downloader of SGB… and will also download IY xD. If it’s not much hassle can I request from you? in Korea the recent episode of ‘Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies’ just aired last Saturday.. I was wondering if you could record&upload the show when it airs on KBS World? or if you could record all episodes of ‘Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies’ I will be forever grateful since I’m not able to watch it on TV because it’s the day of my private lessons >.<
    thank you for reading! ^^

      1. ah I see… well I can’t force you to do it.. I was wondering if you could record only that episode since it has Dongjoon of ZE:A~ sorry for troubling you…

  47. omg.. thank you soooo much for all the subbed videos.. thanks a loooot for your effort.. I’ve been looking all over the net for these subbed videos.. once again thank you sooo much..

  48. your blog awesome~
    i love your all the show you recorded
    just wondering if you’ll still upload IY and happy together
    can’t wait it ^^
    thank for reading~

  49. thank you soo much for all of your uploads!!
    i noticed you upload a lot of KBS stuff,
    i was wondering if you’re able to record and upload IDOL LEAGUE??
    it’s on KBS JOY… idk if there’s an eng subbed version for it or not though.

    thanks for all of your hardwork in uploading!

  50. thanksfor subbing and sharing. you’re awesome. but i can’t watch it on my computer. do i have to download certain program to watch it? thx 🙂

  51. hi, pikeyenny
    i really love your blog
    do you have star king and strong heart episode with english subtitle?
    i really want it so bad …
    thanks 😉

  52. hello.. thanks a lot for all the vids.. but just wondering.. why didnt u upload happy together anymore..? its already been 2 weeks since u upload the last one

      1. owh i see.. thanks anyway.. cant wait to watch Happy Together ep with rain n hyori 🙂

  53. WOW!!!! Your blog is awesome. Thank you for your hard work and for subbing. I really like Dream Team’s files and I will be very thankful if you can keep subbing those episodes.

  54. Thanks again for another Invincible Youth episode hahaha it was really hilarious. Keep the good work with the subbing/uploads

  55. thanks a lot…

    your the best…

    a million hope that you will continue to upload dream team…

    my million thanks to you for a great work….

  56. Thanks a bunch for uploading Let’s Go Dream Team S2! I love this show and have been looking for the subs.

    One request: is it possible for you to upload the first epis of LGDT2? From Ep 1 to 15 I believe.

    Muchos gracias!

  57. This is just a question, but would it be possible to upload 2 Days, 1 Night? I love that show and I’m sure everyone else here would get a kick out of it too.

  58. hi can i ask for new eng subs of invincible youth and also if you dont mind can i ask you to sub WGM to ( we got married) episodes? i like you blog site by the way ^_^♥ jjang hope you can accept my request..? thanx agian more power to you & fabulous job on subbing ^_^ Hwaiting!

  59. hye!!
    i’ve just found out about ur blog.
    i like korean variety shows, n i’m very happy since here u got it w en g subbed.

  60. wow! i can’t believe you’re a one -woman subbing team! You’re extremely fast and accurate. Seroiusly…you’re soo much faster than other groups that sub. And Im vietnamese too! Lol where did you learn Korean? Oh wait…do you live in Korea..since you said you record the shows from your tv.? Anyways GREAT JOB! You’re an amazing subber!! Iim sooo thankful for everything you do. Keep up the good work! :))))))))))))))))

  61. just wanna say I love your new layout!

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Can you please continue sharing IY, it’s a really nice show =)

    Thanks and Fighting!

  62. thank you very much, i just found out about you! You’re great, keep up the helpfulness to everybody out there!

  63. hey there, i’m from Indonesia.

    lotta thanks for share . your blog is great, just like the owner i guess . haha

    i just wanna ask you one thing , do you upload any files of ONE NIGHT TWO DAYS show ?

    please reply .
    i’ll be waiting .

    thank you so much again .

      1. thanks for the link.
        but that’s the 153 eps , right?

        i’m happy to be able to download that eps.
        but actually i’m looking for ep 143.
        the special eps when they travel with the viewers.

        can you help me please?
        i’ve browsed , but still i can’t found a link to download that ep.

        thanks before.

  64. Hello…
    I have a question… I can upload your videos (invicinble youth) on my account in youtube?? I’ll go to give you credit….
    I hope that you are ok ^^
    kisses and Have nice day, Thanx for your work 🙂

  65. waw.
    lotta lotta thanks . LOL

    that’s a BIG help.

    have a nice day
    and keep FIGHTING !! 🙂

  66. Just discovered your blog and it’s awesome. I wish I could have discovered it sooner and not just not that Soshified has stopped subbing Invincible Youth. You have all the shows that I watch. Thanks again!

  67. Hm what is your old blog? does it still work coz i really want to download SGB eps 164, 162 and 192 with subs since they have wonder girls in it and others wonder girls star golden bell eps so please reupload them PLEASE

  68. hey pikeyenny, thanks a lot for sharing these videos 😀
    i like yenny the most too out of 5 of the wondergirls girls. keke~~
    hope u can keep uppdating this blog. thanks again 🙂

  69. thanks for all the wonder girls videos…
    can u give the link for WG @ FO2 with eng sub (where i can DL it, and for KARA nicole and BEG GaIn)

      1. its a forum right….
        may i ask…
        am i have to post some certain number of post first than i can DL the videos…???
        like in 2oneday forum

  70. hi pikeyenny
    you are a pretty busy person arent you
    thankyou for subbing all these shows
    its surprising a vietnamese person can sub all this korean
    I’m jealous because I’m Vietnamese and I want to learn korean as well haha
    Contact me on my email or add me or something?
    I just want to tell you a few things that I think you can do to improve your videos

  71. Hello!

    Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done
    You are really amazing for subbing these
    videos and showing it to us who couldn’t
    understand korean ~ _^
    Thank you very very much!!!

    uhhhmmm… I’m not sure if you’ll answer this
    or not but i’ll ask anyway ehehe hhmmm
    I want to learn how to sub videos…
    Can I ask what program do you use
    for subbing videos? or could recommend me
    sites that’s teaching how to sub videos?
    thank you very much! ^_^

  72. thanks for the IY… I thought i cant watch it anymore since soshified wont be subbing it as sunny and yuri left the show… =)

    by any chance, will you upload haha mong show? 🙂

  73. thanks for all your hardwork and keep it up! i am a big fan of YOU. I am so happy you are subbing IY.

  74. You’re from Vietnam? Do Vietnamese people also use “la”??? I thought only Malaysians ans Indonesians use it… 🙂 This is something new to me… Hehe…

    Keep up the good work. I’m new here, but I’m loving what you’re doing. * two thumbsup*

  75. Hey Pikeyenny,

    Thank you so much for your blog. I truly appreciated it. Kpop are my new obsession…with so many HOTT idols like 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SHINee, etc…and being non Korean, I can’t thank you enough for subbing Happy Together, SGB and Dream Team and other videos. You are heaven sent from above. I love you!!! So bring happiness and laughter into my life.

    By the way, do you know anyone that do the English sub for the show Strong Heart? I love this show because it reveled idols’ secret that you can’t get anywhere else. I found the cut of that show with English sub here and there but not the complete show. Please let me know.

    Thank you so much again for everything. You are more than my BFF. Please keep up the hard work.

    *Fighting* ♥♥♥♥

  76. Having a hard time to find Invincible Youth Eng Subs ever since Yuri and Sunny left the show because they only sub SNSD variety shows… Have been in love with IY with all their hardworking attitudes and physical comedies 🙂

    Thank You for subbing IY 🙂 will be having another hard time if you are down 🙂

    1. Dolpy, i just saw your reply for IY, Ithetime has all episodes of IY, one to fifty-eight, they are all good quality, hope this helps, even if it’s late.

  77. hey pikeyenny thanks so much for all of your hardwork..^^
    btw…did you still have family outing 2??..i really want it…YTB account already delete it..=<

  78. Hi … help the K+Awonderfuls to vote for WG … plz add it in your ploooog .. we neeed U ..

    this link to help arab wonderfuls http://world.kbs.co.kr/arabic/program/program_musicpoll.htm?poll_code=102

    and this link to know how U can vote http://asiaclub4u.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/kjhgfghjkl.jpg

    and this link to help korean wonderfuls http://www.mtv.co.kr/poll/best_view.php?idx=726

    and this link to know how U can vote

    and last link to help korean wonderfuls too http://kr.rival.kids.yahoo.com/rival/favor/?ac=favor

    and this link to know how U can vote

    PLZ add it we need all the wonderfuls ….

  79. hi there.. there’s a Pretty Boys and Girls at Animax on tuesday at 8pm.. I wonder if you can record it.. I’m a fan of U-KISS and there’s Ki Seop in it.. Since I can’t watch it that day and idk whether I have the time to watch the rerun.. So maybe you can help.. That’s all..
    Thank you~

  80. HELLO Pinkyenny,
    Nice to meet you. I came from Vietnam too… Nói tiếng việt lun đc k
    I’m a big fan of kpop …. I love K-show.
    Has a new show…. it’s Heroes…it’s so funny…. Can you sub it if you hve time
    Thanks you very much …. cám ơn bạn nhiều vì trg thời gian qua đã sub nhìu show hay
    Mong đc làm wen

  81. hello..im aby from amsterdam..
    well, just want to say thank you
    for the eng sub of invicible youth..
    i really love it!!!
    keep up the good work..

  82. Hii Pikeyenny~~
    I LOVE you blog. its so hard to find english subs for shows like happy together. I was just wondering if you were going to subs Happy Together 3 ft. Jung Yong Hwa, some of AS, and Dambi?

    plzzz and thnx!!

  83. i felt very sorry since u will stop upload Dream Team….i like this variety show very much and i think here is the only place i can get eng sub…..thanks for ur hard work….

  84. Please don’t stop subbing IY!!!!!! You’re the only that does it and I look forward to it every week. Làm ơn đừng ngừng!! Please please please<3<3<3

  85. Please continue to sub IY, it’s our favorite show here in the States and you’re our only translator. Please, please, don’t stop subbing 😦 We’ll comment more than once if need be, ya?

  86. Please do upload! This week’s and the next two weeks’ episodes are good, especially dream team! ): Please upload. I’ve been going to your blog for the past few months because of you great work. You’re my saviour.

  87. PLEASE UPLOAD THE RECENT EPISODE OF LETS GO DT ! THE WATER PARK EPISODE ! sgb yeah isn really interesting but pls continue to upload Lets go DT ! It’s a very very nice show… >< WONDER GIRLS SOHEE JJANG , YENNY JJANG ~

  88. hi Pikeyenny….glad that you take time read all the comments and replied most of them. i did see that “star King” and “strong heart” is an interesting variety show in korea…maybe u can think over and subtitles it…thanks for your hard work…cheer….

  89. Hi pikeyenny! you’re VietNam right? since i’m not good at speaking English, so there’s a few word about your decided. Vietnamese ofc^^

    “Thật may khi bạn là người Việt Nam, mình có đọc thấy bạn quyết định ngưng upload các show Star Golden Bell và Happy Together và Let’s Go Dreamteam. Về LGD thì không có ý kiến gì vì show đó xem không thực sự hay lắm, nhưng SGB và HT thì có đó =.=!

    2 show này xem rất vui, chỉ là một vài ep gần đây của HT phần cuối chơi cái trò gì fold fold ngón tay hơi nhảm, nên có lẽ nhiều người không thích, trong đó có cả mình, hơn tuần nay mình vào blog không thấy update HT nữa, cứ tưởng bạn cũng không thích vụ đó nên cũng bình thường, ai dè lại có quyết định không update nữa :((

    Việc ít comment cũng có thể lý giải được, nếu 1 người mà đã xem tập đó trên tivi rồi thì khi vô đây việc họ không để lại comment là đương nhiên thôi (ở đây là mình), và như bạn đã nói thì “tôi không cần nhiều comment để chứng tỏ là tôi nổi tiếng hay gì gì mà chỉ cần biết sự quan tâm của các bạn đối với show”, thì có vẻ như quyết định của bạn về việc không upload nữa dựa trên số comment có phần hơi mâu thuẫn?

    Nếu bạn cần biết số người quan tâm đến show đó còn nhiều hay không thì nên định kỳ làm một cái vote chẳng hạn, mình nghĩ như vậy sẽ chính xác hơn nhiều.

    Cuối cùng, dù những dòng trên có thay đổi được quyết định của bạn hay không thì vẫn vô cùng cảm ơn bạn đã bỏ công sức ra upload thật nhiều show như vậy, không thể kiếm ở chỗ nào khác trừ blog của bạn, you’re the best!!”

  90. thanks pikeyenny for uploading DT again….love to see eunhyuk and minho on DT…..waiting for your great work again….thanks and cheer…

  91. thx for all the subs!… ive been a follower for a bout 6 months now and i hope u keep subbing…. I think that SGB is getting uninteresting… so i sugguest if u can sub Running Man instead of SGB? thx =]

  92. cha`o, can you post and translate 2ne1tv if they have plz plz plz, thanks a lot for sharing other shows. i love you and your website ♪♫♥

  93. Annyeong Pinkyenny!!!!!!
    Thanx so much all the video u posted…i watched all of them~~~!!!!
    thanx again yeah…..u do all the subbing by urself??? great!! great!!!
    do email me if u wanna any extra hand…but for translating i cant..haha….
    keep it up…..and thanx again!!!!! take care~~~!!

  94. Hi pikeyenny! .. Kamsahamnida
    for subbing all these shows and we all really enjoy it. that really a great! great!! job.
    but if you doing all this thing all by ur self. u are really doing a really tough job there.
    Kamsahamnida …
    however if u need extra hand there pls let me know it. for translating i can’t do it but i sure i can help u in other side like timing or something else.
    coz i know for doing subbing and timing job for 1 hour video not an easy task.
    that what i really think about it.
    and other thing is…
    we have a lot of people here and sure they all really like to show they hand here.
    and the results is we all can enjoy it together.
    that what i think and what contribution should be done here ~~
    so what all of you thinks about it ?

  95. Just a question : When you upload Invincible Youth Ep 40 and + please ? …We are all waiting and grateful for your hard work ! FIGHTING !!

  96. it was big suprise when i saw ” vietnamesesubtitle” in your tagged, and then i saw again ” phuong_toc_do”..

    woww, I’m very happy ‘cuz i found your blog.
    tks so much for your uploading and…. everything ^^

    nice to meet you, Phuong :p

    ps : i’m downloading ^^..tks so much

  97. i dont want to sound very demanding, please don’t get me wrong (^_^)… but can you pretty puh-reeetty puh-lease sub StarGoldenBell with FT Island in it?! hehe…. it’s season 2 ep 17… pretty pretty puh-lease…. i’ve been really waiting to watch it! and i really hope i can watch it subbed! hehe but it’s okay if you can’t… heehee… it’s just worth requesting! (^_^)

  98. Hi erm may i request to sub heroes ep 6 cause snjeung.wordpress.com isnt going to sub that anymore and i really wan to see the 2pm with the heroes member scene.. thanks alot!

  99. thx alot for your hard work at subbing IY, really appreciate it.
    by any chances you would sub “we got married” season 2? with Jo Kwon (2AM) & Gain (Brown Eyed Girls).. or you know where i can find them with eng sub? thx in advance 🙂

  100. ur blog is jjang! u sub and upload most of my fav variety shows such as IY,EW etc…EW and Dream Team are really hard to get.thanx so much…jong mal kamsa hamnida ^^

  101. im just suggest here but if u can get WGM,heroes,running man and strong heart,u are seriously jjang than any other uploader and subber out there..huhu.just suggestion.

  102. Hi, i was wondering if there was some way to fix the static in the episodes of Invincible Youth because when they talk theres a lot of static that comes out and when they laugh even more static comes out to a point where i have to lower the volume even when its not that high. Im not sure if its what im using but i use VLC to watch the episodes.

  103. Hi there! Like to ask is possible for you to sub a sbs variety show – heroes?
    It’ll will be a great honour if you possible 🙂

  104. hey! I just want to say thank you for subbing so many shows for us.

    I also want to ask if you can sub Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies for us fans out here?

  105. hi… thanx for the subs im watching sgb online so thanx… do u do strong heart subs i love strong heart but it is really difficult to find SH with eng subs… plz sub them especially ep 41 and 42 se7en and shinee is on there and it would be awesome if u could… thanx for all your hardwork.. 😀

  106. wait….. u dont sub them do u my bad… i misunderstood disregard last comment… but thanx for uploadin… but do u no where i can watch strong heart episodes particulary ep 41 and 42… with eng sub… do u have any strong heart subs cuz i googled that and your blog came up… by the way i am vietnamese but i was born in us… what part are of vietnam are u from?

  107. can you record ‘uljjang shi dae’ (pretty boys and girls) with eng subbed? i’ve been dying to watch that show, but can’t seems to find the eng subbed version >.<

    and thankss for uploading these videos! you're awesome!

  108. hi i wanted to ask if you could sub some of the chuseok specials… the most entertaining…fantasy couple or athletics something something…star track & field championship or whatever…i wil wait for your answer :P:P:P

  109. Can you please sub Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special????
    Pretty please??? With cherry on top???
    I’ve been trying to find it for 3hours and no one subbed it!

  110. thank you sooo much for your hard work! even though i live in australia, i’m a proud viet and to have someone do sooo much for kpop is even better!~

    thank you soo much for all the shows and risking time and effort for us kpopfans!!
    things like trying out new file sharing site, putting up with youtube and even just uploading, are what brings this site to how it is now, so thank you =)

    i was just wondering though, if you could sub a specific video for me? it is strong heart, but i only need a specific episode subbed, just wondering if you could help me out so i can spread the kpop love among my friends and family .. and i’m reallyyy sure my cousin will LOVE this site (and you of course ;]) for subbing and uploading


  111. Hallo

    i would really like to thank you alot for uploading these programs. specially now that u added qualifications of men and one night 2 days. i watch them regularly on tv but starting tomorrow i am will be working and i was worried i wont be able to watch them on tv. now i dont have to worry i have u uploading them on the website. thank u thank u thank uuuuuuu.

    You are the Best ^_^

  112. can you upload love pursuer where is key on it shinee…are you a fan of shinee???and can you upload onew night star plz…thx

  113. I was wondering since you are very busy and such, if I can help you with subbing?
    I have time on my hands and would like to help since you are the most frequent
    subber I’ve met ^^ I don’t understand korean but if you can transcript it I would work on type setting and timing it into a video and help upload, I can make it HQ as well ^^ I would mostly like to work on SGB or Star king things just a request 🙂 I would love to hear back from you. And thank you for all the hard work you put into subbing, and I hope you aren’t overwhelmed~ thank you~

  114. Can u also add episode uljjang shi dae’ (pretty boys and girls) with eng subbed in Animax… thats show soo funny…hope u can upload it ..thanks..Hwaiting

  115. Are you Ok? I saw on the news there is a mega storm heading for Vietnam and surrounding countries TT :s Good luck to you, I guess you’ll need it now :/

  116. hi….our blog is amazing for me whom a fan of Dream team. I wanna know, if u own video for dream team on Canada special episode, i really so dying to have it…if u didn’t have it, could u give me a blog name that have it….so appreciate it….thank u very much.

  117. Hi pikeyenny,

    Great work for the vid upload & I like your blog too specially with eng sub video..
    I want to know if you ever heard ‘Music Warehouse’ (not music bank) from KBS channel?
    If yes, do you think of upload it?

  118. thank u soo much 4 everything,i ♥ ur blog.but i have a question,could u maybee upload sbs heroes?cuz its so funny but nobody subs it.but of course its ok if u cant^^

  119. Only recently have I got into Invincible Youth (currently on Episode 30). I just would like to give you and any other affiliated my sincere and deepest thanks of gratitude. I’m quite new to the K-pop scene and Invincible Youth is my very first Korean show, and I’m loving it.

    Thank you once again.

  120. I have a request, i think not too long ago i saw a twitter post on what show we’d like to see subbed. Will you guys be subbing the new show with Jo Kwon and Ga-in called “All My Love”

    You guys would so be my hero if you did! =D

    By the way, thank you for subbing and uploading Invincible Youth and Let’s Go Dream Team! you guys are the bomb!

  121. hey pikeyenny, you might wanna stop embedding the videos directly on your side, some peoples browers might explode 😛

    how about only a preview pic and the embedded videos “after the jump” ?

    thanks for all your work ❤

  122. hello…
    tq for uploading all the shows…
    i really appreciate ur work.
    i wonder…r u going to record and upload the Oh My School from kbs/kbsw? if im not mistaken…the pilot show will be aired the next week.

    i hope u upload the show…lots of idols will be in the show.

  123. hello. im planing on creating a community on livejournal, dedicated to the program star golden bell and how the episodes are subbed in English where members can download the episodes and watch them at their own leisure. i see you have a few and if was wondering, with credit of course, if i could repost these over there? at the moment nothing is started because i’m currently searching for episodes subbed, but when it’s up and running i will gladly show you the site.

  124. Please do not stop subbing and dream team..
    I really do appreciate your subs.. Thanks for helping those who are not fluent in korean.
    Thanks a million again!!
    Love ya! Keke..

  125. Hello!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I really appreciate it because I have no other way to watch all these shows that I love and you upload a lot of them! Thank you!!

    Also, I was looking on youtube and I saw this person’s channel uploading videos that you have uploaded. The users channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/likyvangsta8570 .
    I don’t know if it’s you or if it’s someone else but I just thought I’d let you know she’s stealing the videos you have been uploading!

  126. Hello Pike I’m now 1of your frequent logger to ur site and even though there r a lot of subber out but ur certinly the best even though u don’t use some of the special effect they use in thier sub but u give me the essence of the show
    thank u v.much and i hope u continue ur hard work

  127. Hi! first i would like to thank you for this awesome blog of yours =D
    for providing eng subs to for people like me…interested in KPop..but can’t understand it ><" aigoo
    Also..i know this isn't really a request thread..but i was wondering if you had subbed Wonder Girl's Wonderbakery? because i've been going through the wondergirls page..and can't seem to find it.. [if not, do you have any intention of subbing it? =[ )

  128. hi.i am actually not requestin for u to sub this one show.but if u do know anyone who owns Yahaengsung a.k.a Night Star a.k.a Nocturnal videos with eng subbed,it would be a great favour if u could tell me bout it.And I realised so many people searchin for the full eng subbed vids but there has been only 2,3 eps.
    thanks =)

  129. Hi thank you for subbing these videos. keep up the good work 😀 Is it ok if you sub Star King because there aren’t many subbing teams that sub it. I don’t think anyone subs it anymore 😦

  130. when will you upload my mom, supermom? i didnt get to watch it at kbsworld last sat and sun. was hoping you could upload the videos here

  131. hey cool blog, lol im vietnamese too. (: i hope you could upload strong heart and star king and subbed it. i know where to get raw vids from, but they dont subb it so i hope you could hardsubbed it. please. i get my raw vids from http://www.kpopella.com/ their vids are high quality

  132. Hi ^^
    I want to know if you’re going to upload the next episod of Oh My School with Yuri please.
    (sorry for the awkward english ^^”)
    And thank you very much for uploading IY, Happy Together end Let’s go Dream Team ^^

  133. I’m just wondering if your gonna sub all the rest episodes of oh my school? Have been looking all over the place but nobody is subbing it 😦 Would be great if you did.
    Btw: Thank you for subbing! ^^

  134. Hello, Pikeyenny. I’ll like to seek your consent for me to take your ” Lets Go! Dream team Season 2 ” Videos. It has brought to my attention that many Japanese fans / Spanish / French and many other Fans supporting the show has NO SOURCE of ANY Subs for their language. My name is Lystelle . Nice to meet you. Im part of the Jap , Spanish & French Subbing Team. I need to find the raw videos. Would you mind if i took them ? I’ll credit you, of course. I look forward to working with you to provide viewers all over the world Joy in watching Korean Variety. Please reply to this if you can, If you dont allow, its okay. Thanks alot for the subs. Really. Please let me know as soon as possible.



  135. But MU downloads really slow doesn’t it? sometimes i cant download it as they said i downloaded too many of it you know how i can fix that?

  136. hey there are times when i cant download MF and can you update regularly~ there are times when people are watching and i cant watch

  137. hey been wondering around this site since i followed it for my IY hunger… btw lately ive been noticing that WG had appeared in come to play 2 times (with SJ and KJK), is it possible for me to request both ? thx

  138. OH. u’re vietnamese? mee too! 😀 anyways. thank you for all your hard work. Merry Christmas( even though it’s late) and Happy New Year ( a little too early)

  139. 2 yenny 😀 im so surprise and happy that you’re vietnamese.
    bạn làm ơn sub show Heroes của SBS đc ko 😦 show này zui và nhìu idol mà ko hĩu sao mấy web kja sub nữa. Mấy bạn subber trên forum fải trans từ chinese sub zới tốc độ “kinh hoàng” T_T tội nghịp lắm… hix hix… tụi mình chờ cả tháng nay mà vẫn chưa có tập mới 😦 lúc nào cũng ngồi luyện lại mấy ep cũ cho đỡ ghiền 😦
    Khi nào có thời gian hi vọng bạn sub dùng tụi mình show đó nha 😀
    Thank u so much and Happy new year 😡

  140. Hey Pikeyenny? is that your name? sorry 😦
    Thanks for the subs and everything!!
    you come from vietnam or are you viet but live in some country? ? im vietnamese too but i live in aus, melbourne! hehe 😛
    Thanks for the subbing and everything! its so hard to find subs these days 😥
    And i saw your blog and i was happy, i found it ages ago but yeh haha. I LOVE KPOP! 😀
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! *fighting!* 😉

  141. Hi! thanks for the subtitles!
    I’m Simona, one Italian translator XD
    Have you the softsub version? Would you be willing to give me soft version?
    Obviously it will be credited!
    would be a dream to have the soft to translate ;___;
    Thanks waiting for your response ^^
    my mail is: Little_simo91@hotmail.it

  142. I want to thank you for the subs. I’m from the US and am currently learning Korean so I can better enjoy my love for kpop and kdrama. When I understand better I plan to fansub (I’ve dl’d software in prep). My top interests are Rain, Top of Big Bang, GD&TOP subgroup and 빅뱅 (did I get it right) as a whole along with some others.

    I would like to ask if you have spare time would you add TOP&GD on Night after Night 110110 to your sub list? It’s the 1st talk show in extended length i’ve seen the guys on in ages and I’m dying to understand all the jokes etc. I pic up stuff here and there but my Korean is still very weak. In either case I will remain a fan of this blog and appreciate you. I have a link to the torrent of the sode (http://www.box.net/shared/fcoftjn98v)

  143. HEY!!! I just want to thank you so damn much!! 😀
    Please continue subbing ^^ (especially Oh! My School ;D)
    *biggest fan
    THANK YOU 1000x !! 🙂

    Can you please sub ulzzang generation season 2,3 & 4?
    LOL… sorry for askiingg >*<

  144. hello..this in kbsw lots of changes..
    all the award shows will on air this week in kbsw

    i hope u manage to record all of it…especially variety show.

    oh my school is going to be aired today..monday at 6pm (UTC+8) m’sian time

  145. Hai! 😀

    I’ve been following your blog and I’m really happy that you uploaded most of KBS’s variety shows – I was wondering that if you can upload the latest 2 Days & 1 Night’s episode where the 5 members were going to do their own recording for the show, since I notice that you haven’t uploaded it yet..I’m sorry for asking

  146. HI!!!

    thanks so much for always updating and uploading ^^
    just wanted to ask if u could sub good daddies the show with heechul and hongki and 2 other guys in it pls >.< i saved a link before but it got deleted b4 i could even watch it…

  147. to yenny,,
    can u upload running man edition DBSK??
    cause i want to watch it,,
    if u can’t upload it, i understand,,
    and if u can upload it, i just can say thank you very much,,
    very very very very much,,
    and i hope god bless u always,,

  148. You’re amazing, thank you soooo much for all of your hard work!!!
    I was just wondering if you could sub ‘star couple challenge cup’ if not then I’m totally fine with that, I’ts I just cant seem to find it anywhere and they have most of my favourite idols. anyway even if you cant I’m completely happy with everything your doing now. You already do so much so I feel bad asking you because you do so many shows already. your so amazing thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  149. Hi pikeyenny… I’m a big fan of your blog thanks to you i got to watch show’s that i missed specially Invincible Youth…. I saw in kbs schedule that their will be special episodes of invincible youth… could you upload that to… thank you…. Happy Lunar New Year…. you ROCK!

  150. im just asking are u gonna sub the show called kings of idol lunar new year special..i really want to see it..can u or u have time to do it.
    thank you for uploading vid with eng sub..

  151. Hey pike yenny 🙂
    Your website is Awesome. 🙂
    I love yenny from WG alot!! woot.
    I wanted to know If you know where
    I can find an eng subbed version of
    Mnet my favourite, Where the wonder girls
    were there.?
    I tried looking everywhere. but all i find is viet or chinese subbed. 😦
    please help me .
    Thank you

  152. Hello Pikeyenny.
    I know that you’re not accepting request for any tv show.
    But, I really hope you can upload 2days 1night too since it’s also shown in KBS World.

    Your blog really help me to catch up with shows that I missed xD.. Thanks again!


  153. Nice blog! Your english subbing is awesome!

    I would like to suggest, would you sub night star? Where Gil, Shinee’s Onew and many idols appeared in it including super junior. I found out that the show is so funny! but it was difficult for me to find the video with full episode and proper english subtitle.

    Thank you so much!

  154. Hi, I totally love your blog..
    Seriously, I refresh your page atleast 3 times a day.. haha..
    Thank you so much for sharing..
    Anyway, I’m wondering if you would still continue to upload Happy Together?
    thanks ^^

  155. Hey Pikeyenny,
    I come on your blog all the time- you are daebak!! But the organization use to be different on here. Before you use to have a “categories” section where we could just click on a certain band or show and it was so easy to navigate.

    Now you only have the monthly archive and its harder to find exactly what we are looking for. Also if you don’t know the exact tag for a show it won’t come up under the search.

    Is there anyway you can bring back the “categories” section???

  156. hey..

    i was wondering will u put the show’s title on the category section like you used to before u changed to the new layout.

    thank you for sharing all the videos =)

  157. HEY PIKEY!! happy lunar new year!!

    anyway, i was wondering could u upload happy together on a weekly basis again? hehe if u do thank you

  158. Hi Pikeyenny, thx for ur videos, but can u please write the name of the guest on every videos, like dream team, oh my school, etc ? thank u…

  159. Thank you so much for the videos you give us, but are you no longer uploading Happy Together on a weekly basis? You were the only one I could find that did.

  160. I was wondering if you can sub children of empire returns ep.3 and up because I have been looking it up and all of the ones that has it is not subbed.

  161. i’m searching subs for ” SBS heroes” but i find only 4 episodes on the internet and that’s it 😦

    can you sub “SBS Heroes” ?? i know that you have many requests 😦 but if you can’t i will understand 🙂

  162. Thank’s subbed 2AM and KARA in HAPPY TOGETHER… I’m So happy too…. ^_^

    your blog doesn’t have category or something to separate the name or grup idol…

    but i thank’s because of you…

  163. excuse me, but can I ask you about the video that you upload at mediafire (oh my school ep 1). I download part 6 from you but I don’t know what is the file type. can you tell me what is the file type? I tried .flv and .avi but none of them work well. thanks 😀

  164. Hi Pike yenny… I love your blog so much, how great is your blog. 😀
    I think you’re so tired , isn’t it? Take a rest well ….
    I’ll always pray for you ❤

  165. Hello Pikeyenny

    Keep up the good work,,
    I always look forward for the next video to be uploaded
    I love yourwork so much 🙂

    I’m in french team sub http://www.heleeandco-fansub.com/ which translate a lot of korean show and i love your work about Oh My school , i want to sub this show in fench beause a lot of french don’t understand really well english so I like to know if I could use your subtitles for the show Oh my school
    Obviously we put into our videos from which the subtitle that we use !!
    Thank you for sharing with us the videos

  166. Hi,
    I’m a Wonder Girls fan for about 6 months now. I love Yenny also! I’m happy to find this site and see more Wonder Girls videos. I am also learning about other Korean artists. Thanks for sharing so much, I very much appreciate it.

  167. Hi i really love your Blog! 2 Thumbs up For uploading all the awesome k-variety shows especially Oh My School!
    Just asking if i can link up your blog, to tell others abt your website?

  168. annyeong,
    Its nice to see this kind of blog who has so many korean variety show, but i couldn’t find the Family Outing Season 2 here.
    Its good if you can have it on this blog

  169. hi!
    i am really grateful to you for subbing oh my school!
    i created a fansub group, that will sub korean variety shows in russian, and now i want to start subbing 100 out of 100. because i don’t know korean very well yet, i was going to translate it from english subs. so i wanted to ask you, is it okay to use your subs to translate it to russian? i hope it’s no problem, i will creadit you for sure!
    and oh well… i hope it’s not too bold to ask you for english softsubs…
    looking forward to your reply.
    and thank you once again for subbing this amazing show 🙂

  170. Hello Pikeyenny…

    Thanks for ur videos…

    But can you put the names of the guest on every videos? Because I want to watch oh my school with chansung 2pm but I don’t know the number of the episode…

    Thank u so much…

  171. hi there just want to thank you for all you wonderful hard work and effort u put into subbing these vids! you’re totally “DAEBAK!” recently I seen a few episodes of the SBS variety show “Heroes!” was wondering if you would be kind enough to sub that IF you have the time! nonetheless I want to thank you once again for your awesome hard work!:D

  172. Thank you for the uploads!! but do you have any Heroes episode? its ok if you can’t. i apriciate all ur effort!!

  173. hye… i want to thank u for all ur hardwork all these days.. haha.. keep ur good work!

    and.. will u record dream high concert special? i found out that kbs will air DH special with subs at 4pm (5 march)..
    will u record it??

  174. Thank you for your uploads. I always visit your site for shows that I missed on tv. I wish though you’ll also upload recent episodes of 1 night 2 days. Love that show too.
    Thanks again for your hardwork.

  175. Hi! thanks for all the subs! but ca u help me sub something? the new DBSK golden fishery episode? if u could, i would rlly appreciate it 🙂 ! thank u once again for all the subs u provide <333

  176. Just want to say, thank you for all your hard work!
    I really appreciate it. Seems like we have same preferences for music and TV, so I am enjoying your blog very much!

  177. It’s been a while I’ve found your site. I just want to tell you I find your work amazing. You upload fast eng subtitles in such a short time .. And so much shows ! Then, I’m wondering if you subbed 100216 Win Win ?? Because I saw a suggestion but couldn’t find any. I’ve been looking for it in many websites I know .. And Time2Sub seems to have problems .. So I can’t download anything 😦 !
    If you didn’t, then it’s still okay, I just needed to ask. I hope you keep enjoying subbing videos ! Because I’m really supporting your hard work ! Thank you and fighting !

  178. hey!! Im just asking, do you have invicible youth eps 6?? Coz, I’m recollecting all of these shows coz my lappy just broke down, and I want to download it again.. fully completed.. so do you have it?? thx.. ^^

  179. excuse me ^ ^ My name’s Kee . I come from Thailand (Near your country ) I glad to see IY EP58 sub eng … but in Thailand didn’t have any team to make Thai sub … And now
    I would like to make this ep for thai sub … Could I get your soft sub IY EP 58 ?

    please answer this Q. to sia_justkarn@hotmail.com

    I’ll very thank you ^ ^

  180. Hi…. Can I ask you a SUPER BIG Favor… I wanna watch playful kiss special edition eps… but I cant seem to find any… No subs came out from the one in Youtube no matter what i do….Think you can upload it in eng sub….? It’ll be really great…. Thanks for taking the time to read my request….

  181. hey thank you for keep uploading..
    i would like to ask.. what software do you use for editing the video? like how you put your logo and cut them?

  182. Hi pikeyenny i’ve been wanting to ask you some questions about your blog but i cant seem to find any way to message you personally? is it possible you give me your email so i can mail you personally?

  183. Hi Pikeyenny & Ekotaf

    I have just completed downloading IY (all 58 EPs!) from your site, and wanted to say thank you for the uploads!

    I had a little trouble with ep 57 because the MU link wouldn’t work. so I tried the 001 etc links and they worked !

    Thank you again for your hard work and success in your future projects.

    I may be uploading 3 Leaf Clover (with subs of course!) at sometime in the near future if I can work out how to that is!!

    BTW, Pikeyenny if that is your picture (the little one by your name,) I must say that you do look cute!;)


    Lord Brian

  184. hello there 🙂
    thanks for all the subbing..love it so much..
    but i can request for happy together ep182?
    the one with HoMin there
    i couldn’t find the subs anywhere…
    hardsubs or softsubs
    thank you ^^

  185. i really really like your blog bcoz you have upload many of variety show with sub eng…tQ very2 much…i hope you will continuing your blog..daebak to you..

  186. i really really appreciate your work…i have a request..can you sub “Strong Heart” episodes too? because it’s really hard to get the engsub..thank you 🙂

  187. Pikeyenny, Thanks for uploading Happy Together, IY,SGB, it makes my day watching these shows, thanks alot for all your work

  188. Hi Pikeyenny,

    May I ask, are you the one subbing the shows??
    ..Hope you continue uploading the Oh! My School..

  189. Hello!
    I am Angela Liu, and I live in Washington state, USA.

    My friends and I are HUGE fans of Super Junior, so we want to start a blog to spread the word because we feel like this is the best way for us to support the group. The blog, called “SJ Directory,” would be a database for English subbed Super Junior videos. However, since we can only translate from Chinese to English, we are looking for Korean subbing teams that can help us with Korean shows.

    Since we follow your YouTube channel, we know that the videos you upload consistently are of top quality, so we are wondering if it would be possible for our blog to include your videos that feature Super Junior members (such as Oh! My School). The videos will be uploaded as posts, and on each post with your video, we will give credit to you as well as provide links back to the WordPress website. You will also be listed as one of our affiliates on the “About SJ Directory” page. We can discuss other terms for accreditation if needed.

    Although the project has still not yet officially launched, we are serious and passionate about it, so with enough support, we are certain we can pull it off. Please take some time to consider our proposal.

    We will be strongly anticipating your response! Thank you and have a nice day!

    ~Angela Liu
    e-mail: angela-liu@live.com, shironekoxiii@gmail.com

  190. hi,
    I’m from Indonesia
    I really love the dream team show
    I live in countryside of west java, so it is hard to download your files since it has a big size, and my internet conncetion is so bad
    Could you sell me of those videos in dvd form?
    I’ll realy appriciate i f you could do that
    Thank you so much

  191. hello^^
    your blog so awesome and so interesting~!!!!
    really love your blog~!!!
    nice blog, and you’re so friendly too^^
    hwaiting always pikeyenny^^

  192. I always go through this site for oh my school but never checked about section…now i know its recored one…wow thanks doll for sharing it…

    Will it be too much if i ask u does night after night and strong heart can be recorded too?

    Please continue ur hard work n sharing

  193. thanks a lot!!!! i want to ask you something…do you have lets go dream team season 2 ep 60 and 61??? I HOPE YOU HAVE IT…ANYWAY….thanks a lot for OMS,LGDT,GC and everything!!!

  194. hm…. can u please keep give us the download link too?
    really appreciate it if you can~
    trying to download via youtube and it’s too slow for me~
    thank you so much once again, really^^

  195. pikeyenny i luv u so much ^^. kekeke~ thanks for keep subbed. i really really appreciate it. mm. can i request.? i haven’t watch OMS christmast special episode. i’ve been looking for it. but i just get vid with vietsub. i can’t understand wht they said. 😥
    can u upload that episode.?? pleeeaaassseee.
    i really really really thank u if u can. really. XD
    n thank u once again. ,<

  196. Hey I saw youtube and there is this other episode of Oh My School with gi kwang in it, which episode is it? Besides ep15 or 16 I think.

  197. Man, are you amazing, i’m from Vietnam too 🙂
    i have a question, if you could make the new show : SBS heroes. This show is funny and many popular girls on this show. If you can it will be great 🙂
    btw. thank for uploading

  198. thank you for uploading dream team & 100 point out of 100
    could you found Let’s go dream team season 2 ep 1-14 and ep 66??
    i love this variety show but i can’t found it with eng sub

  199. Hi… Juz wanna thank you so much for all tje eng sub shows… Btw… If u decide to put up your blog as private… Do update n invite me… As i was also following ithetimes blog… Its a private blog now… So sad i cant watch some shows that u dont have… Anyway thanks again for your subbings… 

  200. hello.. i really like ur blog and all the vid tht u upload. it really makes my day to watch all those funny variety show. could u also pls upload 1N2D? i’d be really thankful if u do so. thank u so much. keep up the good work. ^^

  201. hai yenny!!! thanx 2 u cauze all the variety video taht u upload. i’m so happy when all the variety show that i always miss have been upload at this website…thanx!!!! but i’m sad that my Favorited variety show 2 Days 1 Night not in this channel. so sad. i hope u will be able 2 upload 2 Days 1 Night…i’m really2 hope that i can watch this show!!!! Thanx Yenny!!!! love all the show!!!

  202. Once again.. I really say thank you for your hard working 🙂
    can you sub strong heart ep. 76 with Thunder MBLAQ ?? thanks 😉

  203. I was wondering are you going to sub Oms ep 23 today? and Can you sub Heroes ep 17? Thanks! Thank you for your hard work. (:

  204. I have a question 🙂 Have you ever heard of the show “Hot Brothers” ? I really want to watch it but I can’t find the link on Youtube >_<

  205. [I don’t know if you’ll read this but, it’s just a thank-you note]
    Hello! 😀
    I would love to say a Big Thank You for subbing those awesome K-pop videos! It made me understand what they are up too. You always made my weekends alive! 🙂
    At first I was so upset, not seeing other parts of OMS. But luckily, I found the ‘description box’ and came up here! 🙂
    Once again, thank you very much for all your effort and time doing this. I (and other K-pop fans) really do appreciate it. Hwaiting! 😀

  206. hi pikeyenny, thanks for the kpop videos it’s always make me happy…actually, i found FB with your name…is it really you, i hope so…if it’s true, i would like to be your friend…tq, keep up the good work(uploading kpop vid’s)

  207. Hey, PikeYenny! I really like your subs for my favorite shows like OMS and Happy Together! Thank you for everything! Can I request a show for you to sub? As you can see, my tv only has KBS WORLD and not KBS2TV and currently KBS2TV is showing Immortal Song 2 and I really want to watch it with subs cos of my favorite idols in it. I really hope you will sub it and post it on your blog 🙂

  208. could i request?
    i really love onew, and i try to get all of program that he involved. can you upload yahaesung or night star, there onew are the host. thanks…

  209. Hey, will u upload Dream Team Special Episode?
    They invited artists from other countries.
    I wanna watch it bc there 2 artists from my country attended and filmed it.
    Is there any from your country coming? I hope so^^
    Please~ #bows
    Thanks for your hardworking.

  210. Hai yenny……..may i make a request……..can u sub kbs-declaration of freedom saturday for kahi episode????

  211. Hi! Sorry if my request is too much, but can I know where I can watch TV talk/game show that has wonder girls as their guest like star golden bell. I’ve watched the full ep of ep212 but i still can’t found the others, just few cuts of them. if possible, I wanna watch the full ep with eng subbed. can anyone help me?

  212. HI! I WOULD REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE YOU TO UPLOAD ‘QUIZ THAT CHANGES THE WORLD’. I don’t know where else to watch. So please 🙂 Thank you so much if you will!

  213. do u have the url for dreamteam stars of asia???
    i couldn’t find it on youtube..>.<
    and also come to play special smtown..
    plz reply a.s.a.p

  214. Could you please upload idol star athletics and swimming meet bts special with english subtitles? I really want to watch it but i can’t find it anywhere.

  215. hey, same question as riana, do u hv the link for dreamteam with asian stars, craving for it, pleaseeee, thanks 😀

    1. hye pikeyenny .. im amalina .. i really like oms .. n i want 2 download it as my fav show .. but i can’t get this link .. have a youtube but not all .. i still find but still can”t get it .. n im very disspointed .. so can u help me .. ?? 2 find that link the i want .. i really hope ^^

  216. hello there (:

    is it possible for you to upload dream team with asian stars?

    it was on kbs world today and there’ll be a rerun July 1, 00:20(KST), July 4, 02:40(KST)

    Thank you very much. I really hope you would upload ;W;

  217. hey there ,
    just wanna know if your going to keep uploading gag concert , because its really funny ,
    best of wishes and thanks for the uploads 😉

  218. you’re the best … maybe you’re a member of Wonder Girls.. thanks for share many Video… you have link fo KBS Wiwin Ep. 17,,Please

  219. Well, I hope you’ll reply this ^^

    I hope you can upload the variety show ‘ Quiz that Changes the World’ from its first ep. I REALLY REALLY WANNA WATCH and I don’t know anywhere else to watch. I really hope you can do this. Thank you 🙂 🙂

  220. pikeyenny,why dont you unlist your youtube videos, I think that will take a longer time before your videos get deleted

  221. You really did a great job for all the fans and viewer out there… I tried to download a few and then got lazy doing it… do you ever think of compiling the video together and burn it into dvds? it will be a huge help for lazy ppl like me whom is a huge fan on certain variety show….

  222. Hey PIKEYENNY!!!!!!

    OMG you are like one of the top KBS show uploader, you know that?!!!
    We all depend on you, so please keep up the awesome work! especially me cause I am currently very far from home lol.. I really miss watching KBSWorld at home.
    I really appreciate what you did so much!
    Keep it up girl! =^^=


  223. hey can i still subscribe to ur posts by email now? my old email locked me out for a few days and i wanted to subscribe again to u 🙂 if i can still do tht lemme kno plz!

      1. i have searched before posting i have watched that episode and this is an extra if you want check this episode and see if you have seen it before it is an extra episode and i see comments saying that she subs as well… if she doesnt im sorry i have misunderstood

  224. hey pikey~
    anyway to get this 2 episode of ht3?
    110428/ – Jang Na Ra, Daniel Choi, Ryoo Jin, Kim Min Seo, Hyoun Young, Park Seul Gi
    110505/ – Romance Town (Sung Yuri, Min Hyorin, Gyuwoon, Minjoon

    this 2 ep is before baek jiyoung’s~ i think it is around 3 to 4 ep before hers.

  225. wht your doing is the nice thing a person can do !!!!some ppl can’t see it they they think they can use u for your heart work !:( i just want to thank u for doing wht u do best :)……

  226. sarangheyo!! seriously I love you!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ all the shows I wanted to watch with ENG subs…ohhhh sarangheyo unnie
    Super junior and SHINee
    hwaiting!!! ♥

    1. pike yenny..
      first of all, thank you..i really love ur work..
      u are really good…
      if it is not disturbing u, cud u translate n upload NIGHT AFTER NIGHT show…
      it was a hilarious variety show..
      hope that u can translate ep..

      110530 (T) – MC Special Part 1 (H.O.T (Tony An, Jang Woo Hyuk), Kim Tae Woo (G.O.D), Seungri (Big Bang), Lizzy (After School), Kwanghee (Ze:A), K.Will, etc)

      110606 (T) – MC Special Part 2 (H.O.T (Tony An, Jang Woo Hyuk), Kim Tae Woo (G.O.D), Seungri (Big Bang), Lizzy (After School), Kwanghee (Ze:A), K.Will, etc)

      110613 (T) – Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), Hongki (FT Island), Lee Byung Jun
      110620 (T) – Kikwang (BEAST), Baek Ji Young, Kim Hyun Sook, Lady Jane, etc
      110704 (T) – Kikwang (BEAST), Baek Ji Young, Kim Hyun Sook, Lady Jane, etc


      if u can’t, it’s ok…but i really hope u can do it..
      thanks for reading this

  227. I was looking for a place in your blog where you talk about yourself ^^ now i’ve found it, except you don’t say much anyways 😛
    you’re from Vietnam, eh?? /high fives
    I have Vietnamese heritage 😀 woooooooh!!!! thankyou for this blog ^^
    lol look at the monster i’ve got as an avatar XP

  228. hi
    can i make a request?

    can u post infinity challenge with jo in sung? i really want to download it with english subs

    your blog is so good, it helps me a lot
    some of my favorite shows are here, like immortal song 2, happy together
    pls continue uploading videos with english subs
    thank you so much

  229. Hi I’m from Brazil and I just found out
    that there is translation for Korean variety shows
    I participate of a Brazilian fansub
    and I would like to translate them to portuguese
    here is very hard to find subtitles for them
    so I was wondering if you could authorize the use of your subititles
    I’ll give credit to you
    Thank you so much for your work ^_^

  230. Hi PikeYenny, I suggest you use password for 1 or 2 parts of every of your show to prevent Kshownow.net from stealing your subbed shows to make money off. Example like boosaysharingiscaring.com, she used “Kshownow.net stole my videos” as password and “Watch from boosaysharingiscaring.com”
    BEST way to stop Kshownow RIGHT NOW! Please listen to me!

    1. or maybe you have Happy Together 3 – 2010-03-25 – Kim Soeun, Seo Hyorim, Kang Jiseop, Park Seonggwang, Park Yeonjin, before??

  231. Hi Pikeyenny! I hope you don’t mind me asking but can you pls upload the Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships
    ‘Lunar New Year Special’? I’ve been looking for that for months now and still hasn’t found it. all the videos were all removed. TT_TT

  232. Hi, thank you for your hardwork. I check your site daily. I was wondering if I can make a request. Can you sub MTV The Show with Luna and Dongjun as MCs. The one where she sits on his back as he does push ups. Thank you so much again.

  233. thank you for all your hardwork ❤ LOVE YOU

    can i request star golden bell ep 301 and win win ep 27? both w/ english subs?


  234. did you have Happy Together 3 – 2010-03-25 – Kim Soeun, Seo Hyorim, Kang Jiseop, Park Seonggwang, Park Yeonjin???

  235. Hi pikeyenny i really apriciate you hard work but have you stooped uploading immortal song 2? i really want to download ep 7 where my hongki won 🙂 it would be awesome if you could upload it to MF/MU

  236. no archives for august… i keep waiting for news.
    pikeyenny whats wrong??? hope you okay.
    thanks for your hard work, wish u continue this wordpress.

  237. Could you please upload DreamTeam episode 85, season to to MU (the dal shabet episode) since youtube seems to have taken it down.

  238. I have a request.. can u sub the season of hello baby for me please?? really want to watch it since sistar and lee teuk is starring in it~!! please and thnk u -.~

  239. waaa.. i just found out your blog recently! and bookmarked it! thanks for subbing Happy Together! i am jaesuk fans and a wonderfuls as well! thanks again! i prefer MF than MU just because i cant use MU at my country =(

  240. Good Day PikeYenny!

    Hope to get in touch with you
    wanted to discuss some important things.
    If you were interested please email back,


  241. i really happy to find this blog…
    although i’m quite late…
    but thanx to you for this blog..i like it
    i like to download MF, so i like yours…
    btw, hope there so many of your vids can be downloaded from MF,
    bcoz in my country cant download MU….

  242. Hey Pikeyenny

    Just wanted to know if you are going to sub ‘invincible youth Season 2’ since the first episode is already out

    since you have with season 1 🙂

    Thanks for your time to reply

  243. Hi Pike,

    I want to thank you for these sites your keeping where you share these links and downloads.

    I looove them.

    I have anaccount with megaupload and mediafire-one year subscription for each- I dont currently use. I paid already and was thinking if you wanted it?

    I dont know your email so if you reply to this and i will return to check back if you’ve replied.

    If not, I just wanted to thank you kindly.


      1. Hi Pike,

        Check your email.

        I just upgraded it to Lifetime-with Megaupload- unlimited storage files lives on forever etc lol.

        I emailed you my contacts.


  244. can u upload happy together especially when jung yong hwa in it through filesonic?i can’t download through MU..it always disconnect without reason…thanks before

  245. Hi!! I was just wondering if u can sub Ulzzang Shidae Season 3, YOu would be my life saver if u sub it 🙂 and can you speak viet? jst wondering! but thank u for all the work that you have done until now thank u so much ❤ ❤

  246. Wonderful goods from you, man. About Pikeyenny's Blog I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too excellent. I actually like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it sensible. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is actually a wonderful About Pikeyenny's Blog informations.

  247. Pike,

    In case you dont know yet… I LOOOOVE your work!!!

    I am so HAPPY i cant hide it-that you’ve UPLOADED two new dream team episodes!!!


    …and now I am addicted to you and your site!

    Please know how WONDERFUL you are and I LOOOVE you!!

    You now have another LOYAL FAN 🙂

    So happy i cant stop giggling,

  248. Hi !!! Thank you so much for subs and uploads, really appreciate it ^^

    Can you please upload Star Golden Bell EP 269 again ? or can you give me links if already uploaded… I searched all around internet and couldn’t find it :/

    1. my Bee, actually i don’t know what is that too hahaha, just check it carefully ^^… i’m just enjoy with that account so i don’t want have something with it haha

  249. hi pikeyenny! thanks for always updating us wonderfuls on the wonder girls! i love yenny too! hehe. your work is REALLY appreciated ❤

  250. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUBBING, I remembered when I first went on this website it was full of wonder girls stuff! :D, and now I realise your a big fan of ye eun ^^
    btw may I ask why your videos aren’t like super clear?? Not saying its horrible but I’m just wondering why you don’t sub it on a high quality video 🙂
    (not trying to be rude here :D)

  251. Thanks so much for providing streams to these shows, especially Invincible Youth and Dream Team! But I haven’t seen anything uploaded in over 2 weeks…are you on vacation or are you just done with this?

  252. Thankk you for all the effort you spend on uploading
    I’ve got a question do you know KBS Hello Talk Show would it be possible for you to upload that sincr it is on kbs world.
    I would really appreciate it.

  253. hi ^-^
    Your wonderful
    We are a team of Arabic translation
    We want you to video files without translation
    To translate them from English into Arabic with the conservation of your rights
    Will save us

    1. yeah T_T MU was gone, i’m very very unhappy now
      maybe i can upload MF only, and when MF links die, i don’t reupload T_T cause it’s really tired to reupload again and again
      MF links dies so fast while MU links live a long time, that is why i love MU but now MU… T_T

  254. Hi Pike,

    any other download managers like megaupload which is easy to use and has its own download manager?

    let meknow so i can look into it and we can get u a better way to share..

    i miss mu too 😦

    talk soon


  255. hye..are u a subbing team? if so i wanna ask do u mind to sub come to play every ep if posible? cuz the ep that have eng sub mostly the guest is idol group which is i’ve seen a lot of their show. i want to watch other celebrities too such as an actor, actress, etc..please..

    sorry if my request is too much…

  256. Hi there!! Spreading love for Ye Eun, thanks! ^^
    Btw, could you please re upload the Be My Baby comeback stages to MF? Since MU died, it’s kind of impossible to get the videos in any other web :c

  257. Would you happen to have part 1 of Let’s go dream team! season 2 ep 30? The one with the vaulting. I can’t find it anywhere

  258. Hi thank you so much for uploading eng sub videos!! I was just wondering if you can upload KBS Birth of a New Family Season 2? Thank you so much for your hard work!! ^_^

  259. Pike,
    Just want to say thanks again for your hard work and dedication.
    Happy Birthday! April 2 is also my birthday!!!

  260. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  261. Can you upload Happy Together EP 248 with Taeyeon, Jessica and Tiffany from KBS WORLD? I miss the episode on TV TT^TT

  262. Hey there.. really like your blog! 🙂 enjoyed watching oms here 🙂
    btw.. i was wondering can you upload the mbc’s idol star athletic championship episodes.. i’m not sure how many time this event has been held..
    hope you can answer this and upload the download link too.. sorry for the burden 😦
    again love your blog anyways

  263. hi

    i really love your blog

    and i was wondering if you can give me your subtitles files for (Birth of a family)

    i need it to sub it to arabic *_*

    I will give you full credits.

  264. Hi,
    I love all your sub however I’m a bit late to know about this blog, since MU is no longer available and link in MF is deleted I’m not able to watch Birth Of Family with Infinite..So sad..
    Can I know where I can download that video?

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  266. Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is magnificent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about About | Pikeyenny& .

  267. Hi!!!!….nice blog….can you upload immortal song 2 with eng sub…..cause last time u has it…..google.told me….while searching…..please…..I’m begging.you…..there no more eng sub and your only our chance….thank you….and sorry for dusturbing you

  268. pikeyenny eonnie ^^ is there any link to download 2ne1 win win show? royalaces have a bit synchronize problem at first part so i was searching for any good one and i remember you eonnie. please reply 😉

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