Watch Online

Yes, i made a new place for people who will use youtube to upload my files ^^ ( other files is OK too, no problem keke)

With people who can’t download or didn’t want to download, ok this is place for you to watch it ONLINE

JUST REMEMBER : Say thanks to the uploaders ( not me ^^ i hate youtube speed haha), but DON”T DO ANYTHING MAKE THEIR YOUTUBE ACC MUST BE DELETE ok ?, at least say thank to them in here or on their topic, but don’t write name shows, don’t mention about KBS or something like name of the channel, name of the show..etc

If anyone want to share youtube acc, can reply in here too, i will add your youtube acc later ^^

And this is some youtube acc : Hope you guys will enjoy it ^^


Wondergirls :

Invincible Youth :

Dream Team :

Star Gold Bell :

Happy Together :


410 thoughts on “Watch Online

  1. thank you soo much for all the shows that you share, and the uploaders because i know that is really slow to upload the vids i hope you have a nice day and thank you πŸ˜€

  2. Wow, this is an awesome new feature!!! Thank you soo much…
    I think I like the old golden bell better.. i don’t know yet! Have to watch a couple more
    episode to know. The new one is “kinda” boring?? hmmm.. anyway, thanks for subbing! =D

  3. thanks for the opportunity to watch ur subs online! i love these shows so thanks a lot for subbing n allowing others to upload them for us to watch.

  4. wow..this is great.. now i can watch it right away… Pikeyenny’s Blog number one.. hwating… ^^ thanks a millions

  5. just a suggestion…if u could make it kinda like a hyperlink so it would directly open the webpage in new tab or something~

  6. OH MY GOD!!!!thank u so much!!!! u made my day….Its realy difficult to me to DL file which size is so big (700mb) because internet connection in my country is very slow…Thank that u provide youtube likns so I can DL in mp4 which size is smaller….10000000000x thanks…I LOVE U!!!

  7. This is a nice idea, thanks for sharing the youtube accounts, i usually just download but i like not having too all the time lol πŸ™‚

  8. Just want to say Thank You!!! for all of your work and uploading. I know it takes a lot of work and time, and I really appreciate what you do. Again Thank You.

  9. hi..^^ just want to ask if u guys know the new channel of CharleeMarlyyy? i forgot to subscribe the new channel, and the old channel have been suspended..T__T thx u so much..^^

      1. it doesnt work though..
        they working at running man rite now.
        i desperately want to watch fo 2…
        if anyone know wher i can watch fo beside isubs pliz tell me…
        and for pikeyenny ur the best..!!

      1. Hi all,

        Yeah, just wanted to say that my account got suspended πŸ˜₯ It was fun sharing the videos with other people, while it lasted^^

  10. Thanks to pikeyenny for the subbing, and to others who help distribute the subbed shows to korean handicap viewers πŸ™‚

  11. hi pikeyenny thanks for evrything specially for uploading iy form the bgnnng i hopeu could still upload ep 32 because its the last ep with yuri.sunny and hyuna…tnx alot…we will still be here until u come back

  12. Hey,

    THANKS SO MUCH for sharing all these links and all the info. about the K-variety shows. I was wondering if anyone knows any YTbers that uploads OLD videos of SGB? Or even Star King? I know where you can get old episodes of SGB but I have no idea how to download em. If you guys want, I could share the link to the site to you guys and see if you guys could dl and upload the videos. I would love to watch the older episodes of SGB. Thanks.

  13. wow~ thank you sooo much for this!
    this is really awesome !
    thanks for pikeyenny and for those who upload the videos in yt!
    you guys make my day! =)

      1. hai , do you have any links for family outing season 2 the wonder girls are in it i wanna watch it please tell me if u know where to watch it thank you

  14. thankz a million fr ur hard work im really addicted to K tv programme haha so im really grateful to a person like u being on earth

  15. If possible PIKEKO1 can upload sgb season 2 on dailymotion since the one with suju and Kara got deleted….plz

      1. thank you so much i see it now, stupid me all i had to do was see all videos, sorry…..thx for uploading

  16. Hey,

    Will you be subbing Strong Heart? The 2 epis with Super Junior’s donghae, siwon and kyuhyun? it’ll be great if you do.

    Thanks =]

  17. Hi, i wasn’t able to find the video. Btw do you know any sites for dream team eng subs as well as SGB and SK?

  18. Thank u soo much coz subbing these and uploading it.. Thank u very very much!!
    Without U guys, we from abroad cant watch kpop.. thank u..

  19. Thanks u so much for all of the subbed videos!! But Could you please let me know if there is any link for SNSD on HAha Mong Show with sub? Thanks again !!!

  20. Thank you for everything! I saw on allkpop that JongHyun is going to be on SGB, it showed a fancam(?) video JuRi eating noodles with JongHyun.

  21. pikeko3 was suspended..T__T a few minutes ago i opened it and it havent suspended..when i wanted to watch HT, it was suspended..T_T

    1. yes i was shocked by that too. i had watched HT suju in da morning and fell in sleep just few hrs. when i woke up its gone T_T hvnt finished watching yet TTTT

  22. do you also have the ep 6 of season 2 of star golden bell?

    and also do you know some subbers who do star king?
    thanks for the subs!!!

  23. thank you so much for subbed korean variety show..
    you are the best.=)
    but sorry i can’t found the SGB ep 6 even i look to pikEko channel in dailymotion?
    can you help me please??thx

  24. Do you happen to know of any YT channels that post English Subs of Star King?
    Or any other streams for Subbed Star King episodes? Or perhaps even a place to download subbed episodes of Star King?

  25. hello πŸ™‚
    i was just wondering if you could upload the happy together w/ suju on your daily motion account or youtube so i can watch it without downloading πŸ™‚


  26. Thanks so much for all the subs. I love seeing SHINee and Dongho on Star Golden Bell and it helps me discover other artisits to like πŸ™‚

  27. thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the shows!!!!!!! really appreciated!!!!! my computer wont download the episodes so this is perfect!!!!

  28. thank you so much for the link, this is so much better watching it online because my internet connection sucks when it gets to download it. πŸ˜€

  29. does anyone know where to watch mnet scandal in english subtitle? i tried to find on youtube but there’s no english subtitle that’s available.

  30. OMG!!! I couldn’t thank you more… I’ve been searching all over the net for these** T.T
    Because I’ve moved to somewhere near my university so I couldn’t watch any of the shows at home… even during weekends, when there’s replay of the episodes, sometimes I’m not that free to watch them!! Truthfully, do you know how grateful am I?! T.T I couldn’t Thank you more, Pike Yenny T.T

  31. does anyone know where to watch family outing season 2 with english subs? i can’t find episodee 6 and on with english subtitle..

  32. wow thank you so much! You dont realise how much people appreciate this!!
    To international fans subbers and translators are like life savers! lol
    i was just wondering would it be too much to ask if you could sub SJ good morning T^T

  33. pikeyenny,,

    as my apology,,

    i want to share my youtube acc with you……

    but,i don’t know well about sharing youtube acc,so ,i’ll try my best to do it well..

    reply me back when you free……….

  34. Thank you so much for the subs! and posting the youtube sites for us to go to =] please dont stop subbing we really appreciate people like you ❀

  35. Which episode of Dream Team was TaeMin on?
    PLEEEEAAASSEEEE!!!!! DON’T STOP!!!!!!!!!! Your the first I ever downloaded a SHOW, Don’t Stop, FIGHTING!!!!~~~

  36. thank you so much!
    you are SO the best no matter
    what anyone else says!!
    thank you for working so hard
    on everything!! ^^

  37. heyy… i know its tiring and feeling the pressure rushing to subs to feed fans like us! really thank you for ur hardwork.. and for ur situation i think if u might stop subbing the shows then would you be subbing much nicer show that all of us would really enjoy..still its up to u cause i support u man !! Pikeyenny Hwaiting ~~

  38. Thanks for generously uploading the episodes. I really liked it a lot…

    we keep on supporting your site because we had so much fun with the videos…

    but unfortunately youtube got you a 2nd strike that’s a sad news for all of us…

    We hope you’ll continue what you have been doing and thanks a lot

    for giving us a way to entertain and watch our favorite past time entertainment show

    Again… Thank you… πŸ™‚

  39. And I have a few questions though…

    Is there any other site where we can watch Dream Team????

    thanks in advance for the info… πŸ™‚

    1. I agree with lily. no more “invincible youth”. Some are deleted and some got banned. It’s really upset me tho. 😦

  40. This week , YT has deleted most videos of SGB, IY & DT from all channels listed here ):
    Our channel Pikeko3 IY has suspended /:
    I am tired and too lazy to reupload all videos ^^
    I will just upload new episodes .

    1. many thanks for sharing anyway πŸ™‚
      by the way, a suggestion here, why don’t you just upload on dailymotion instead of continuously reuploading on youtube? i mean sure, youtube’s more convenient for the viewers, but hey it’ll be too much work for you to continuously reupload right?
      sorry that i can’t help you to upload stuff since my internet speed’s slow 😦
      thanks again πŸ˜€

      1. Hey, I stop to reupload on youtube. i am only uploading new ep of IY on youtube (unlisted video).
        For me youtube is better : speed of upload and on one click you can add several videos. But if our last account is suspended , I think I will stop to use youtube.

  41. i just finished watching ep 26 from facebook, but now im really sad to learn that there arent any sources that have ep 27 before 38 online… i cant download videos because i dont have a computer with enough memory to do so ): can anyone tell me where i could watch them online?

  42. hi Pike do you have WGM eps ??? i love Adam couple but i cant find them, thanks a million if you upload their videos, thanks a lot for other game show ^^

  43. hi!!! i want to thank you for your hard work! really, for people like me who can’t understand a word of korean, you’re a life saver:)

    can i just ask you if you can upload earlier eps of DT, even if it’s not subbed? i can’t find them anywhere.

    please and thanks!

  44. Hi ^.^

    Greatly appreciate all the subbing work you’re putting in. I just have a question regarding “watching online” … I’ve checked out the YT accounts listed under IY and there are no videos posted….I’m assuming they are unlisted. If that is the case, how can we watch these videos? Better yet, where can we get the viewable link to watch this show?


  45. hi! i really like and appreciate your hard work in uploading these vids especially IY and DT ^_^… i was wondering if I could post the links in my blog or share them there so others can come and watch them too?

  46. dailymotion doesn’t work on my com…i hope someone can upload it to youtube, thanks. no pressure if it can’t be done, just asking ^^

  47. hey, first of all, i just wanna thank you for all your efforts!! you always make my day! =)
    just wondering, i was looking for an episode of SGB with onew and taemin, I believe it was aired on Aug, 28th.. i looked it up in this website, but wasn’t able to find it.. so yeah, just wanna ask if you have posted the video or sth else =)
    thanks tho for evrything!

  48. i really don’t know where to begin ….. i’m technologically illiterate 😦 how do i download and start watching these videos? step by step directions pleaseee ^^

  49. Thank you for your hard work (:
    but just wondering are you going to be uploading SGB ep 16 cause i really want to see that one. I think it’s like the 300 special ep.

    pikeyenny hwaiting!

  50. excuse me for my ignorance on the topic, but which player do I need to play the AVI as well as the WMA files? I’m having a hard time finding a player that plays downloads from your site. Thanks!

  51. hey hey thank you so much for updating and i absolutely love QOM and was wondering if you know where i could get other episodes of it? thank you so much for you hardwork

  52. hey hey thank you so much for updating and i absolutely love QOM and was wondering if you know where i could get other episodes of it? thanx so much for you hardwork

  53. I want to watch latest episodes of qualifications of man online but i can’t find them on any websites …. can you also upload qualifications of man episodes or tell me where to find it?? Thanks:D

  54. i dun understnd how to watch on9. i wish to watch IY. when i go to ur youtube acc, theres no vids on it.. can u gib me the link?

  55. thank you so much pikeyenny!! and to those who uploaded the video’s on youtube!!! thank you ekotaf! thank you guys!! thank you for making it possible.. i always wake up in the morning with a big smile looking forward to watch the vids!!! thank you guys!!!

  56. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. And thanks also to those other uploaders who have been also so generous. You guys just don’t know how grateful I am.

  57. hello can you still post the youtube unlisted links of the shows of wonder girls made in wonder girls from ep.1 – ep.10 and mtv season 4 from ep.1- ep.5 .. pls… i want to rewatch it again, without downloading, because it takes forever for me to download.. pls.. thanks!

  58. thanks so much for the online streaming videos something i don’t have timet to dl so its must fast to stream but it really depends yet much appreciated for all your hardwork

  59. thanks for all the uploads, especially happy together and invincible youth, makes my day go faster. also like your new features.

  60. Hi , do you know where to watch Mnet scandals eps? Any other eps other than 2am and 2pm’s one , please i tried searching very hard . I really hope you know where i can stream it

  61. hi i’m very grateful for the links! however, is there any links where i can watch ep 32, 33, 34? i can’t find it! sorry for the trouble and thanks a lot!

  62. Hey, i was wondering if anyone can give the link to eng subbed Star Golden Bell episode 301 with BEAST and FT Island. Thankyou

  63. thanks for the effort in uploading all this great shows…hope you will continue in giving us the opportunity to watch them…keep up the good work guys…GOD BLESS…!

  64. I was wondering if you can still continue subbing oh my school which they now made it 100 points out of 100 but thank you for sharing all your subs with us πŸ™‚

  65. GREAT subbing. But Im getting a little confused on those Star Golden Bell episodes that are avaliable to watch streaming. They dont say what season only what episode.

    Thank you for the subs. Please keep subbing star golden bell πŸ˜€

  66. hi, i was just wondering if its possible to watch this full episode without having to download the veoh webplayer? because it only shows 5 minutes of the episode.
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  67. hello!!could anyone please help me where to watch dream team s2 ep 33on suju&2pm here??i’m kinda lost~please i really appreciate it!!!please please please…n could u suggest me show that have super junior as the guest..i am a new fan of SUJU!!!!

  68. I haven’t checked in in charge of a short time because I thought it was getting boring, manual last few posts are fantastic quality thus guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist

  69. I was wondering… So you still keep IY ep 26 because I can’t find it. Thanks! I’m sorry about asking. Your subs rock, btw.

  70. hey there, thanks for uploading IY πŸ™‚
    but is there a problem with the dailymotion links?
    when i try to watch it they say Error-Stream not found

  71. Hi, thank you for all the subbings ! But I was just wondering if you guys have another more of the old Star Golden Bell eps? Preferably the ones with 2PM in it ? Thank you !

  72. omg thanks alot pikeyenny for translating and to all the uploaders for your hardwork! Im sure all fans like me who do not understand korean appreciate it tonnes! it makes the videos so much more enjoyable! πŸ˜€ Thanks for your greattt efforts!

  73. hello pikeyenny…. really appriciate all the hard work… your subs are to class… and u sub things so fast aswel… been an advid follower for a long time now…
    wnted to ask if u could sub sbs Heores if it isnt too much trouble…
    more power to your work… fighting!!!

  74. continue with the the good work on the blog. I like it. Could use some more frequent updates, but i am sure you got some better or other stuff to do like we all have to do unfortunately. πŸ˜‰

  75. thank you so much for your hardworks, and for the uploaders too! my life depends on subtitles because i don’t understand korean… thank you so so so so much!

  76. can you please night star?
    i found out that the show is very funny! but unfortunately i can’t understand korean..
    by the way, thanks for your great sub!

  77. you have wonderful blog, but if you have extra time can you sub running man. I really love that show. I hope you can think about it.

  78. Hello Again, sorry for troublling you , do you know where i can watch taecyul love generation or anything about taecyeon and yuri on variety shows all this thank you

  79. THANKS for your all subbed videos. i love your channel, i wish i can watch “baby face contest” ( lunar new year show), on your channel, Love ur channel 4everβ™₯

  80. I’m pretty confused regarding the number of seasons, episodes etc of Invincible youth; and I’m particularly interested in watching one episode with Onew (SHINee) as the guest. Is there anyone who has the slightest idea of which episode it is from? Onew guested around early 2010, I think. When SHINee was promoting Ring Ding Dong.
    Thank you for all your uploads, Pikeyenny~~!!

  81. Did you work together with kpopella?
    if yes, can you sub oh! my school because they already have more episode..
    anyways thanks in advance !

  82. this may be a lot to ask but are there any chances that you could sub other shows as well such as night after night, star king, etc?? pretty please??

  83. Hi, I love this BUT!!
    I was wondering if you could upload all the Invincible Youth series.

    Starting from episode 1.

    Thank you FIGHTING :))

  84. thank you^^ dont know what i would do without you hehe πŸ˜€ anyways, anyone subbing Heroes in YT? Cos i cant watch it on dailymotion since im using phone :c so yeah, thanks again ^^

  85. Can you please upload and sub Heroes?
    There are not many upload from Heroes, and I really want to see it. I have become addictet of it.

    – or you could tell me, where to find full episodes with sub πŸ™‚

    Thank you!!!

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  89. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me.

  90. hello pikeyenny .. can i ask smething ?? why i cant watch video from youtube ?? what can i do to watch that ?? please help me .. i really want to watch IY ..

  91. Thank you for putting this up! Although you might want to go through the accounts you have up, most of them are suspended! And do you know where to find Super Junior’s Foresight on youtube without closed captions? It’s the only way that I can watch it.

  92. I just watched Invincible Youth, and I missed eps 41.
    try to watch in dailymotion, and always crashes.
    please help me, please give me youtube link ..
    thanks so much pikeyenny .. please please please help me 😦

  93. hello…can anyone tell where to watch qualifications of men with english having a hard time looking for it…i hope you can upload it as well…..thanks for all the uploads….

  94. hello..can u please upload ojakgyo brothers with eng sub?? i really want to watch that drama but noone is subbing it..please~~~ thanks in advance..

  95. OMG I WORSHIP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for all the videos/show i was dying to watch them but cant found them till i found you. THen i was like omg s/he is a god/dess. YOU ROCK and that’s it

  96. someone knows where can i watch or download JTBC idole premiere with mblaq with eng subs?! please!! i’ll be looking for it for so long!! TT_TT

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