[HD 1080 ts/tp] Wonder Girls Special Stages Part 2

Download Folder: https://mega.co.nz/#F!Kh1BGJyY!ZJzDC7BpRns-Wl-0cn0b9w

bandicam 2015-07-04 02-10-12-675

070213 WonderGirls - The First ShowCase @ MTV.tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.56.48]

070526 Sohee_ Hyuna_ Brian @ MBC Music Core [iHeartWG].tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.57.20]

071231 WG - Adult Ceremony @ MBC Gayo 2007.tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.57.45]

Wonder Girls - Annyeong Iran Maldaeshin [Live 2007.04.21].tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.58.13]

Wonder Girls - Nan Sarangeul Ahjik Molra [Live 2007.02.19].tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.59.00]

Wonder Girls - Survivor [Live 2008.12.30].ts_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.59.21]

Wonder Girls&JOO - Dream Girls(080216_MBC Music Core).tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_01.59.45]

(2008.01.05) SunBin vs EunSunHee.ts_thumbs_[2015.07.04_02.05.02]

(Sadly_ It_s Not You).Hunan TV.Happy Camp.1080i.25f.MPEG2.AC3.tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_02.05.29]

[070330] I_m Your Girl @ V Live.tp_thumbs_[2015.07.04_02.05.51]







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