[HD Fancam] Wonder Girls World Tour 2010 @ HoB Anaheim Ver 1

Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!phoUkSaJ!sGFa7lSa6qN4RI_Nk-ZfuruzTp7ajFcasqPgH549KhU


Online: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw_HwWhxprZ2Z2hzVHh4alZZWnM&authuser=0


3 thoughts on “[HD Fancam] Wonder Girls World Tour 2010 @ HoB Anaheim Ver 1

  1. thank you for re-uploading older Wonder Girls Concert and their shows!!!! what a great timing to for their upcoming come back…i really miss them so much!! I’m happy you uploaded it on Mega too ^^

    Anyways, I’ve been looking everywhere for the full video of Wonder Girls for IHeartRadio where they performed their unreleased songs like “Wake Up” and “Ouch”. I’ve seen a HD video for Like Money from that concert and I’ve been looking for the others…can you please upload the full concert in HD (if there is a HD ver. if not then just please upload what you have!) and i’m not talking about the fancams but the actual video…I think it was streamed at that time? thanks for everything!

      1. please upload everything! The HD performances and the full show even if it’s low quality! Thanks a bunch!

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