[Vietsub] Star King 150109 (HD 1080]

Download:  https://mega.co.nz/#!t9Z1CC5R!dx6jE7OFZh3c68iJ1wwvES4At_Jy8WL3m0o_3zC2H0Q


2 thoughts on “[Vietsub] Star King 150109 (HD 1080]

  1. Hello pikeyenny I have currently been looking for translators to help translate the 2003 Korean variety show X-man but sadly have not been able to find anyone.

    I was wondering if your subbing team would be willing to do a collaboration with me in subbing one episode of X-man.

    I have been in love with this show since 2008 but have never been able to find a team to sub the show. I am currently a typesetter\timer\encoder and would be willing to sub the entire show myself all I need is someone to provided the translations. Hopefully once people see a fully subbed video they’ll want to help in subbing the rest of the show.

    I’m hoping your team would be willing to translate 1 episode and I will provide the end video (I’ll typeset\time\encode\upload\QC). Of course I will give your team proper credits and your logo will be present in the video.

    Examples of my work (I typesetted\timed\encoded these entire videos myself) –

    I really do hope we can work together and hopefully get the ball rolling on subbing this wonderful classic variety show. Thank you for your time.

  2. Glad to see that you’re best PikeYenny! Missed your videos and subs. Was wondering if there were any english subs for the recent video you uploaded by any chance?

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