[English Subtitle] Let’s Go Dream Team – Asia Stars in Yeosu Part 1 – Jay Park, Dongjun (ZE:A), Seyong (MYNAME)

I don’t have time to keep update this blog so i’ll upload when i have time ^^, and maybe no download link anymore, just stream links…




25 thoughts on “[English Subtitle] Let’s Go Dream Team – Asia Stars in Yeosu Part 1 – Jay Park, Dongjun (ZE:A), Seyong (MYNAME)

  1. Thank you so much for uploading!!!!!
    Sorry to hear you don’t really have time for this blog any more, I just can’t seem to find subbed Let’s go Dream Team anywhere else…
    Anyhow; once again, THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you very much!)
    I was very surprised, but we can download video from twitvid in one action oO Right key of mouse->save as!)

    1. i’m trying to download it but it doesn’t work =( do you mean right key when the video is playing in full screen mode ?

  3. Thank you VERY much!! I found this episode and Shorry J hilarious even without subs. Much appreciate the subs!

    1. Can someone help me, idk why when I try to make the vid bigger it moves and I can’t see only like the top left part fhdsjkfhkjdshf idk how to fix that, lol. is it my comp?

  4. Thank you so much. Back then, I wished Jay Park would participate in LGDT even for once, and finally my wish is granted. I’ve watch this show, and I’m really hoping you could upload the second part, I saw the preview and Jay Park was still playing, together with G.NA. I don’t care if he didn’t win. I just hope he would enjoy the show more. Thanks again and Please update soon. 🙂

  5. Okay, I don’t really like how Ricky kind of downgrades the wins of Sangin and Sangchu by saying they won because he wasn’t there. Sangin’s reign was like 10 years ago and Sangchu became the monster ace for his strength, speed and jumping ability even before the obstacle races. Ricky likely can’t even beat Sangchu at those. Methinks he talks about himself too much.

    Rant aside, the episode was good, thanks for the uploading!

    Nice to see Jay Park there.~

  6. can sumone tell me how to download this dream team…i love this variety so much and i wanna keep it as part of my collection=)hope sumeone can help me

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