Let’s Go Dream Team Ep124 [English Subtitle]

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Guest : Niel(TeenTop), Shorry,WE, Hanbyul(LEDApple), Haewon(X-5)

Watch the show and download here : http://www.viddler.com/v/8e1f142




34 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team Ep124 [English Subtitle]

      1. I was able to fix the audio lag with the media player I viewed it in. Some media players have features where you can delay the audio, like VLC media player which is the one I use.

        The lag in the beginning needs to be delayed around ~1.8-2 seconds and the lag near the end should be delayed only about 1 second.

  1. Thanks so much for always uploading Dream Team, even though there aren’t many comments for it! Thank you!

  2. it’s say video not found…maybe there is some problem with area or somthing?
    If somebody know what had happen pls tell me. Thank you.

  3. Pikeyenny,
    Pls help video for ep 124, 125, 126 Let’s Go Dream Team season 2 all been private or not found…
    pls help…is it just me?
    Thank you so much.

  4. pls help…pikeyenny…video not found ep 124 and 125 too…
    Thank you so much for upload.
    For 126 it’s already worked.

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