[Jo Kwon + Beast] – Win Win English Subtitle

Comment, thank you


Youtube was blocked in some countries so just download mediafire if you can’t watch ytb

FULL Twitvid Here : http://www.twitvid.com/WQHTJ

MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?df9dvtfdc6u4d


26 thoughts on “[Jo Kwon + Beast] – Win Win English Subtitle

  1. Thank you! I just finished watching it. It was blocked for me, but I used a site to unblock it. THANKS SO MUCH PIKE!!

  2. thanks so much for uploading this…
    been waiting for this… XD

    Too bad this is the last WIN WIN ep on KBSW…. 😦

  3. comment you want me to comment about this video???!!! well!… lol….just kidding…

    but honestly thanks you so much….. your really the best… i was so surprise when i saw this and i just pressed play immediately..

    i read somewhere that win win will be taken off air in kbs world is it true?? i was kinda looking forward to shinhwa episode..

  4. Thanks you for your hard working 🙂 Mediafire links are dead =/ So i’ve watch on Twitvid just to notice you but thank you again 😀

    Your work is DAEBAK

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