Let’s Go Dream Team – Couple Dreamteam [English Subtitle]

Guest : Ghun (X-5), Lee Joon (MBLAQ), Choi Jong Hun (FT Island), Dongjun (ZE:A), Jaekyung (Rainbow), NS Yoonji, Son Ho Young, Tim, Seo In Guk, Park Eun Young, etc


Download : http://www.fileserve.com/file/EedtbPE/Let’s Go Dream Team – Couple Dreamteam [English Subtitle].avi

MF : ( thank cyanthrisvain)   http://www.mediafire.com/?ypx5d43zsu99q

Stream :


54 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team – Couple Dreamteam [English Subtitle]

  1. thank you so much you upload and subbed it..
    but, i’m really sorry to say that, i can’t open that youtube link..
    so, i can’t download that video.. what can I do??

  2. Oh no, blocked on YT. I don’t know why I can’t download with Filestube anymore, so annoying. Thanks so much for the link, maybe I’ll try another computer to see if it’ll DL.

    1. Wait, it’s Fileserve not Filestube, lol.

      And I got it downloaded now, it didn’t work in Opera but it worked in Internet Explorer ;p.

  3. hi….thanks for the sub…but i have a problem loading page…anyone can help me with the download link?
    thanks.. 😉

  4. Pike Yenny. You’re now the only uploader of Dream Team available online. Somebody else who also used to post KBS subs quit.

    Please try to update DT as much as possible! If you need someone to help you upload episodes lemme know.

  5. thank you so much for subbing another dream team episode. luckily i got to see it before yt blocked it. thanks again for all the work you put into these shows.


      1. I downloaded the files and joined them again to check, but for me it played just fine. Try redownload it again.

      2. Hi! I’m also having this problem. Only the first part (001) of this episode is working for me. And I downloaded many joining & repairing tools for .avi videos but still no luck. 😦 Help pls. Thank you!

  6. Hye there…

    Dearest PikeYenny,
    Do you have the English subbed 121st episode of Dream team? i know you can’t upload it to yt, but maybe you upload it to MF or torrent and let us know about it. it’s okay if you don’t have it. thanks 🙂

    1. Hye Cyanthrisvain…

      I’m sorry you misunderstand my statement above. I meant the episode AFTER the Couple’s Dreamteam. The episode where there were Shorry and Marco against the Extreme Sports Team. And also last night’s episode, the Soccer Special episode. Does anybody have them? Thank you 🙂

  7. Can anyone help me? I can’t watch the rest of the video from part 2-5 when i downloaded it. I joined them using HJSPLIT and re-download again, but it still won’t work. 😦 I really want to watch this episode. Please help! Thanks.

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