Let’s Go Dream Team – Badminton Project [English Subtitle]

Due to MU problem ( Mu was gone T_T i’m so sad about that, i really love MU… run and cry T_T ), so from now : some shows i’ll just upload MF only ( if links died, don’t ask to reupload T_T, try to download as fast as you can ), some shows i’ll just have stream links for you guys only.


MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?s6mvd3kar6vwb


22 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team – Badminton Project [English Subtitle]

  1. THANK YOU so much, I love you and I love Dream Team! And I love Shorry J! So yay. Lol.

    I know, about Megaupload it just suuucks, MU was the best. I hate that it’s gone. Just annoying.

  2. Thanks for uploading! Yes, I’m sad about MU too but I’ve been watching your shows on Youtube so I’m happy.

    P.S. Can I ask you a favor? If you have the Happy Together December episode with SNSD, could you please upload it? I haven’t found it anywhere. Thanks in advance.

  3. thanks so much for posting this episode. and like many others i’m sad that mu is gone but no matter how i get to watch your subs i’m happy.


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