Let’s Go Dream Team Ep 99 [English Subtitle]

Cap + edit : PikeYenny
Post : Delena
Don't forget to comment - more comment = upload faster. Tell me if you want the download link or not  (Delena)
Guest : Jinwoon (2AM), Lee Hyun (8eight), Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)

MU : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=621J4YCI

61 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team Ep 99 [English Subtitle]

  1. Oh, you ROCK my dear, you both really rock. Dream Team is the best, so glad to see another episode up! Always fun to watch.

  2. totally wonderful!! i watched this ep again and again!!
    could you put up the download link too??!!! i’ll really appreciate it!! Thank you in advance!!

  3. thank you for uploading all these shows. i want to know if happy together is still airing cos i havent seen u upload it in a while. thanks again 🙂

  4. hi Delena.. can we get the MF link for this… im dying to watch this episode~ huhu, please~
    will wait for it patiently~

  5. Dear, do you allow re-posting to Kim Kyu Jong’s Chinese fan site? So far, we got only the Kyu’s Cut-version translated. Well, I think some of the fans there will appreciate a Eng Sub too. With you permission, I will reload it onto 115 then repost with full credit of yours. May I have your permission to repost?

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