Let’s Go Dream Team – Super Junior Ep [English Subtitle]

Cap + Edit : PikeYenny 
Upload + Post : Delen
Don't forget to comment & i'll give other parts &  download link later  - Delena
MU folder : http://www.megaupload.com/?f=RMBYYKHK
MF : say thank to lindaabc123



140 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team – Super Junior Ep [English Subtitle]

  1. kyaaaa….finally you upload it…
    thank you sooooooooo much..*hug*
    this episode really made me nervous…
    please share the rest!!!

  2. hoooo.. i’e ben waiting for this since the’re so many fanpic taken at that filming time..
    thankyou for sharing ^^ if u dont mind please uploading to mediafire, thanks

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Just when I was looking for this too! Thank you for your hard work even though you have a social life too! Thank you! ❤

  4. I missed this show on kbsw yesterday ):
    Really grateful that you’re uploading the show and sharing the dl links. Thank you! 😀

  5. Awesomeness!
    Can’t wait for the dl link now. Heheh
    Thank you so so much you both!
    Hope someone will help us with the MF link too. O.o

  6. Yeahhh Suju. I’ve seen a bit with Sungmin, and have been waiting for this episode. Thanks for Subbing and Uploading.

  7. thx u thx uuuu,,, i have been waiting for this ^^,, eunhyuk is so coollll,,, although on that day sj have thight schedulle and they are soo tired, but they are still is the best,, sooo proud,, <33

  8. Woooooh!!! Its Super Junior!!! Thank You so much for subbing this, i searched everywhere and i couldn’t find super junior dream team eng sub!!! Thank You

    Go Teukie!!!

  9. Thank you so much for it ^^ I have necer watched this show (I know i know …u.u) but there is SuJu so I need to watch it !

  10. thanks soooo much for subbing and sharing this!!! ILOVEYOU!!!

    soooo proud of our competitive anchovy and leadersshi was able to finish it yay!!! i was expecting hae to finished it also —- =) next time i guess

  11. thank you so much for posting this!!! i was so sad when i missed it on KBS! thank you!!! ❤ please keep the videos coming!!!

  12. thank you so much for uploading! ^_^ i never thought that i could watch this episode because no one shares it like you do.. i wil always be a fan of your site and thank you also for delena for being so helpful. thanks again for the hard work!

  13. uwah!!!!
    thank you so much for sharing the download link~
    youtube make me crazy when there are some probelm or something else~

    really appreciate it!
    thank you^^

  14. Finally….I’ve been waiting for this and when It out without any sub, I just felt stupid. watching without knowing what they were talking about.

    Thank you so much, for providing this link complete with the sub^^

  15. Hi lindaabc123 and pikeyenny 🙂 Thanks for these links to the full show! Really appreciate guys like you who worked very hard behind the scene to sub shows for fellow Kpop lovers!! I’ll wait patiently for Junyoung & Dongjun’s episode 😀

  16. I’m really sorry for troubling you, but I can’t download the .008 file from mediafire. It say error downloading file. What to do?

  17. I’m really sorry for troubling you, but I can’t download the .013 file from mediafire. It say error downloading file. What to do?
    help please…

  18. I’m really sorry for troubling you, but I can’t download the .008 file from mediafire. It say access denied??
    can you help me??
    thasnk you so much… ❤

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