[HD] 2011.09.27 TVN KimChi Fans Club @ Ft-Island + Cnblue [English Subtitle]

Cap + Edit : PikeYenny
Upload + Post : Delena 
Don't forget to comment & i'll give download link later - Delena
MU : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HE9KYCBL

29 thoughts on “[HD] 2011.09.27 TVN KimChi Fans Club @ Ft-Island + Cnblue [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you SO SO SOOOOO much!! FT Island is my ultimate bias and snce they aren’t promoting recently, I rarely get to see them. By giving me a recent plus eng subbed video…u just made my entire day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN! I Really do appreciate it!

  2. Hi PikeYenny & Delena ^^
    Can i have a request? please upload “Happy Together ” too
    i love that show and i don’t know whre i can find it. Thanks before^^

  3. Hi^^ i’m staff of cnbluestorm.com would like to ask your permission to share cnblue and ft island at kimchi fans club youtube subbed video at our site..
    for dl link, we will redirect our readers to your blog
    I am sorry if I did bother you..
    thank you for sharing and subbing this video^^

  4. thanks for your links but i have a request i have some problems with megaupload if it’s possible for u please leave a link for mediafire i really want to watch this and also it’s really difficult to find a program with eng sub from ftisland to download
    thank you

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