Hey, this me PikeYenny, long time no chat here hehehehe. Thank you my sister Delena for helping me to continue this blog, i’m so sorry if i want to close this blog before, but because Delena helps me so it’s ok now, this blog still continue work but can’t work fast like before ^^. If you hae any question, just ask Delena here, she’s will help you guys ^^.

Today i’m so happy so i back here for a while to share my feeling right now hahaha.






30 thoughts on “SMILE GUYS ^^

  1. That’s a very cute post ❀
    Thank you very much for everything.
    It's ok to take a break when you need it, especially if you are busy otherwise.
    Don't worry too much.
    Come back healthy and happy.
    Smile a lot as well ^__^
    And of course: Many thanks to Delena as well~

  2. Yay! for Pike!! πŸ™‚ I have gotten so many shows and therefore so much fun and laughter from your blog, so I’m really happy you’re not gonna close it just yet πŸ˜‰ I was wondering, I have a Megaupload account, but I’ve never uploaded anything before, if you need help with links, just tell me how to do it and I’ll happilly provide links for everyone to download πŸ™‚ Thank you so much Pike for your and your sisters efforts ^^ fighting!

  3. Yay, Pike i love your blog so much
    i can find every show of wonder girls from this blog
    it’s so fantastic

    SMILE ^_______________________^

  4. im so happy that your staying and blogging !! you like my only k-pop eng connection! it dosnt have to be fast at all just do what you can and do stress!!

  5. I hope u don’t misunderstand me but i used to frequently visit ur blog when IY was airing. m grateful for what u have done because u were the only 1 i knew that were subbing that show at that time. hearing that u want to close this blog is a sad thing I hope u continue forever and sorry for not supporting u that much.

  6. Que bueno que hayas decidido continuar con el blog. Yo siempre doy las gracias en espaΓ±ol espero no sea una molestia =D.

    Una vez mas… Gracias!!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing all the KBS shows that I love! Keep up the good work and I hope that you and your sister will continue to bring happiness to others!

  8. U r the best. It is our luck that there is someone like u and ur sister. Keep up the good work. You guys deserve some type of award. Don’t overexert urself. Saranghae!!!! Hwaiting!!!!

  9. Thanks Pikeyenny and Delena too! Not everyone in the U.S. has a TV, so people like you are amazing and needed. Pike, I’m so happy you got to share this Yenny video with us. Isn’t she great? hehe, of course I don’t need to tell you that.
    Love and thanks again!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

  10. Thanks thanks!! thanks for thinking about us!!
    WE love you and We miss you! and thanks to Delena for save us!!
    I’m so happy! Welcome back!!

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