Let’s Go Dream Team [English Subtitle]

Pike unnie wants to close this blog due to her busy work, she doesn’t have time to upload but i told her that i can help her. So from now i will help Pike to continue this blog until when she can come back. My English is not good, so forgive me if i said/typed something wrong. Don’t thank me, say thank to Pike. And don’t forget her ^-^. Pike unni fighting, we’ll wait you

I don’t have time too so i just can give you guys youtube version, no download links.




51 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team [English Subtitle]

  1. I just want to say a big THANK YOU for sharing these videos with us. Know that nobody is forcing you to do this. If you feel like stopping due to being busy, feel free to stop. We are already thankful for the previous videos you shared with us. Once again, THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you so much for helping her and indeed thanks to her that this blog exists! ^_^ language is not a problem hehe so dnt worry. But thank you ❀

  3. Thanks for continuing the blog. I understand that you have ur own busy lives too and might not have time to update the blog, no one can blame you for that :). But to be honest, since this is the only source to connect me with K-variety shows that i love, I’m (and probably a lot of fans) going to be really disappointed if you guys are to close the blog. I’m not saying this to force you guys into continuing or anything, just simply want to let you know how important you guys are to me and other fans and I really appreciate your effort in giving me a chance to enjoy all these shows. Thanks a lot :)!

  4. well i don’t mind if it youtube. since i can watch the shows it’s enough for me..
    and thanks for continuing this blog. thanks a lot for you and pike.. ^__^

  5. thx for taking up in her stead even when you yourself is busy i read about her not being able to continue on her twitter and was sad but decided to check back every nw and then anyway im glad i did i thank both of you

  6. Wow. Thank you for helping Pike out. And thank you Pike for being so dedicated to giving us these videos. I enjoy them very much and understand that you are a very busy person too. THANKS!!!!

  7. thanks so much for helping Pike out. I really enjoy her blogs alot. I don’t understand korean so this is my weekly dose of enjoying their programs!! thank you so much!!

  8. I love you BOTH, haha. Thanks so much for sharing these videos PikeYenny and all who help, we really, truly appreciate it a lot! You’re giving us a lot by sharing these videos- sharing the gift of enjoyment and entertainment.

    But if you both are busy take your time and do what you have to do~ thanks~

  9. Thank you PIKE unni!!! Thanks for haring all thoe file πŸ™‚
    I really enjoy your video…. I like korean variety show since I I follow this blog. thanks for all the hardwork~
    Unni fighting!!!

  10. Thanks!!! Please don’t stop this blog! And please don’t stop Dream Team’s videos! I absolutely love them!

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