Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 [English Subtitle]

Park Jin Young, Kim Tae Woo, Jinwoon (2AM), Lee Hyun, etc



29 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 [English Subtitle]

  1. OMG!!! I can’t express my excitement the moment i saw Happy together and scrolled down and saw this!! I MISSED THIS! HAHA I can’t thank you enough, i really appreciate you uploding all these shows, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! =D ❤

  2. Thanks and welcome back! Personally, I don’t think you should provide download links because there are websites like KShowNow that are linking your shows and making money off pop up ads.

  3. waah this is very intense !
    haven’t watch basketball game in such a long time
    so glad i watch this ❤ it was worth the watch.
    they all did a good job ! thanks so much for subbing it ❤

  4. Hi Delena..
    can u give us the MF link fro this episode~ i really want to watch this, i did not like to stream the video..
    i hope can download and watch this episode~
    please~ cheabal~ onegai!

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