20110906_TVN KimChi Club_Super Junior [English Subtitle]

I know i’ve gone for 1 month already but i still can’t come back at this time, still super busy with my work .. so if you want and you can, just wait me a bit longer ..

Tonight i have free time so just drop this here .. hope you guys like it .. see you soon



18 thoughts on “20110906_TVN KimChi Club_Super Junior [English Subtitle]

  1. Ahhh omg i’ve missed you!!!!!!! lol thanks for coming by and letting us know that you will be back (if that makes sense) lol ^_^

  2. Welcome back!
    I really can’t thank you enough ❤
    and I'll be waiting for secret's MF and oh my school!

    You're the best and good luck in everything xx

  3. My gosh, I’m glad you haven’t given up, as long as that’s the case I can wait for future updates. I appreciate the videos!

  4. Thanks for your time!!
    I miss you in the last month! but work is work! so I’ll be waiting for you!!
    Thanks for you hard work!!

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