Secret – Ep 5 [English Subtitle]

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236 thoughts on “Secret – Ep 5 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thanks a gillion as always. Pls. upload the next ep. too. I’d like 2 know more secret from my baby, Narsha ke…ke

  2. thank u so muucchh… i love this episode 🙂 thanks for sharing
    and also im waiting for MU link … thanks a lot for your hardwork

  3. I think there gonna be quite interesting secrets like for Jiwon or Narsha or other unexpected with Nana or Kim Hyun Joong ^^
    This show is really entertaining~
    Thank you

  4. thanks pike… really appreciate your hard work… ^__^
    will waiting for the link.. 😉
    again thanks so much for share. .:)

  5. Thanks for posting! I’m gonna wait for the dl link to watch it on my TV, thanks to you. kk

    I can’t wait to see this episode with ‘old’ idols starring in it! =)

    Eun Ji Won… Jong Min… ❤

  6. as always, I wanna say thank youu thank you so much and really appreciate for your hard-working to give us hardub of every full Korean variety shows..

  7. Thanks for uploading the show, I really love these KBS show but couldn’t watch it from where I stay :(. Fortunately, I have you :D, really appreciate it :D! Keep up your good work <3, I'm looking forward for your DL link ~ ~ ❤ ~ ~

  8. thanks so so so much for uploading these videos here ! cheers to yr hard work & effort ! loves ❤ fighting !

  9. Thanks for uploading this on YT! I’m waiting for the MU link since the first video is removed already… T___T”

  10. Thanks alot… but can you reupload it somewhere or provide download links? The screen only shows that the account has been terminated. Really sorry to trouble you…

  11. Thank You for translating, but it seems that the episode in youtube were banned. Would you mind uploading it in MU/ MF please? Thank You!

  12. @PikeYenny your account was suspended!!
    it´d be nice if you could reupload the latest eps of whatever you uploaded there again^^

  13. WOW.. another episode to watch. I’m just wondering if you’re going to post download links for it.

    thank you so much

  14. Oh no, deleted. But it’s awesome to see you got a new episode up. I’ll wait to see if it’s reuploaded.

    Please try to share Dream Team 88 whenever you have time, thank youuu~

  15. thanks although it had been deleted..

    hope, some of you guys which have downloaded it from you tube (before it get deleted) could upload once again in a different sites (MU, MF).. thanks

    just to reduce the burden of pike yenny reuploading the same video for many times.

  16. kamsahamnida!! u always put up the funniest shows 🙂 will wait patiently for the dl links.. can’t wait for the nx ep too! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. Can you upload the download link please? and thanks for uploading even though its already delected & so .. -.-”
    please o; <33

  18. Thanks! But could you please re-upload this and the last immortal song? As well as keep posting future episodes?

    Thanks a lot and fighting!

  19. thanks so much for your hard work pikeyenny!
    but even the yt viids arent working :/ could you
    pls upload MU/MF links?

  20. hye Pikeyenny!!~
    i love to dwnload all your k-variety!~
    and i appreciate all your hard work!~
    but can u put the torrent link for dwnload!~
    bcz the megaupload at my country cannot be use!~
    plss!!~ i really wanted to dwnload all your k-variety!!~

  21. Thank you soo much for uploading!
    I was late, so I didn’t get to see this episode from youtube. ):
    It was removed before I could see it.
    Could you upload the download links please?
    Thank you!
    I’ll wait!~


  22. youtube links aren’t available now >.<
    can you please put the download links up if possible??
    thank you soo much for your hard work!~~ ♥♥♥

  23. thanks for you hard work!! are you on hiatus cuse i come back everyday to watch lovly korean goddies and its been dead for a bit

  24. Thank you for still subbing this show!!! I owe you soo much!! ❤ Is it possible to ask for a downloadlink? Cause I have yet to see it… Anyway Thank You So Much!!! ^^

  25. 😦 another YT channel from you busted; wouldn’t blame you if you decided to call it quits… maybe you could collaborate with asia torrents dot com ;P
    Thanks a lot for all the great shows you’ve uploaded for us to watch, must have taken a lot of effort. <3Pikeyenney<3

  26. Thank you very much for this show !! I’ll wait for the mu link, i hope you post them ! Really thank you for sharing ^^

  27. Me three!! missed you pike yenny 😦
    i wana watch dream team ^^

    No way! a tropical storm?? that sounds really bad…

  28. Thank you so much for this. Waiting for this because it seems funny with favorite guests. Thank you for your hardwork.

  29. Haven’t heard anything from u in a while. Really starting to miss you. Been following u for ur awesome work. Let us know how ur doing? Thanks for everything. 🙂

  30. Open it just now.,
    woooow they aleady reached ep5.,

    really thankful for the hardworking.,
    but I can’t download it.,
    something’s wrong.,???

    1. There’s no DL link, that’s why. 😉
      There were the streaming on YT but her account was deleted, so…

      The only thing left now, is thank her and wait patiently for her eventual return. ;D

  31. thanks for all your hard work, but could you put up the download links because i can’t watch the youtube vids anymore 😦

  32. how to dwld this ep?????wjere is the dwld link????
    seriously,can upload the next ep,i love this,but dunt know where to dwld the next episode…please=)

  33. so sorry to ask for this but could you please upload it on mediafire or megaupload or anything? it’s down on youtube already, but I wish I could continue watching.. .:( still thanks for your hard work though!

  34. Thank you very much PikeYenny for your hardwork and for uploading this show. Love this show very much. Hope that you can also share the MU link with us too…


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