[Link Download] [HD DVD Fanmade] 101224 Wonder Girls JYP NATION Concert In Korea Disc 1

All credits goes to Dalnong @ wondercuty

I reupload with MF links for who want to download it

And download it as fast as you can, cause i don’t want to reupload if link dies ^^


MF  ( 13 parts all ) : http://www.mediafire.com/?3d8i7n928npe5


14 thoughts on “[Link Download] [HD DVD Fanmade] 101224 Wonder Girls JYP NATION Concert In Korea Disc 1

  1. Thanks pike T____T..I love you so much..u now that right???huahahahha.. OMG! i forgot to ask Dalnong to edit Sunmi’s performance in LA (when they perform ‘Don’t leave me’ by JYP) should be much much much more awesome if could include her too in this fanmade video ^^ anyway…Pike jjang!!

  2. OMG.. I wish I could go to one of their concert! Please go to LA JYP Nation!!!
    If its possible can I request MU links? Because I can’t download on MF.. really sorry if I’m bothering you too much :(((((

    Thank you soo much

  3. Wahhhh!!! I’m speechless.. I’m really hoping for you to upload it full!! I love you pike!! thank u so so much.. But wow quite a large file though. Kyahhh~~

  4. thank you for sharing this,
    can you sub this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouHX8Q7h1_8 video making this Christmas song JYPNation, i looks eng sub but i dont find it, sorry for my req. but its okay tho’ if you dont want to.. but i really thankful if you sub it. anyway thanks for all the WG vids you share with us
    and i’m DL it

  5. wow this is the best fanmade dvd ever ❤ gotta give it up to all your hardwork into putting them all together ❤ i really appreciated it ! made me missed WG so much and i would love a real live dvd of it sooner or later in the future

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