Immortal Song 2 – Ep 5 [English Subtitle]

MU :


117 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2 – Ep 5 [English Subtitle]

  1. waaahh! i love you! thankyou so much! 🙂
    i have work now on saturday i couldnt catch the show on tv 😦
    thankyou for doing this! >:D:D<

  2. Thanks so much
    a hundred times , thanks
    i hope you can upload this in MF/MU
    anyways thanks again and again
    i wait for this ep heechul & hongki oppa

  3. Thank you so much Pikeyenny! I look forward to your immortal song uploads every week. Really really appreciate it!!

  4. thank you for uploading this!!!!! I love this even more now even though yesung left.. G.O, Hongki and Junsu are all awesome singers!!! XD

    Thanks so much again!!!!

  5. I don’t have account premium in megalupload ,so i can’t download anything more than 1GB .
    In this case , the file is more than 1 GB so i can’t download


  7. Thank you PikeYenny … we love you! You do so much for these wonderful singers and for us. Be well and content.

  8. Thank You So much for this subtitles… I ll be wainting for all about IMS2.. its my favorite show.. 😀 you’re amazing… and have pretty translations… 😀

  9. but still i wanna thankyou again for uploading this show! 🙂 [sorry i entered the first comment first T_T]

  10. pikeyenny thank you so much for uploading! I realy want to download this ep but i dont have premium account it would be awesome if you could upload it to MF please

  11. i hope you can upload it to MF! pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee pleaseee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Thanks for subbing this series 😉 would appreciate it if you could upload this into parts ? I need premium account to download this. thanks

  13. can you please repost this or make the download links smaller? (it says your youtube channel got suspended so I can no longer watch the video)

  14. Pleaseeeeeeeee someone can upload in parts?
    the people who don’t have premiere account,like me, can’t download this episode , i really want to watch this , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  15. just check this website after a week bz and thanks for the vid…
    waiting for mf..pliz upload it~~~
    and thanks for ur hardwork ^_^

  16. Thanks for sharing, PikeYenny!
    Please keep upload this show~
    Between can you please upload it in Mediafire?
    Thank You very much! ^^

  17. Thank You So Much once again!! I know I don’t say much more then thank you!! But I don’t know what else to say cause I’m so grateful that I found your page and the fact that you’re subbing these shows. Thank You so much ❤ 😀

  18. Hi!!! Thanks for the subbed show, but I have a question: will you continue uploading it? I’ll be sooo grateful if you do, because I like the show sooo much and nobody is doing it… 😦 … so, please, would you? please? 🙂

  19. hello hello pikeyenny! thank you for sharing this IMS2! i watch it because of hongki..hehe

    i hope you can re-upload it in MF.. Thank you!

  20. hi sorry 🙂
    btw thanks for sharing by mediafire
    but part 10 is deleted by mediafire 😦 can you upload part 10 again 😦 sorry

  21. you have immortal song 2 episode 6 with eng sub…i’m really want to download this episode. please let me know if you have episode 6. thank you

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