Secret – Ep 4 [English Subtitle]

I’m so busy this week so maybe i will upload very late .. but i will try, so don’t worry, ok ?


MU :

thank to ♥~ero

YTB : 3 parts


125 thoughts on “Secret – Ep 4 [English Subtitle]

  1. hello!!
    pleases upload for megaupload because i’m in indan ocean reunion island.
    i want watch the good quality for the shows you sub.
    please i beg you

  2. Thanks again Pike 😀

    It would be great if you could upload it to MU too. No rush if you busy hehe just do it later

    and pleasee upload. you can take your time but please upload the MU links. thanks again 🙂

  4. Thanks a gillion as always. Utube’s enough. Pls. continue upload the next 2 ep. ‘cuz, my baby, Narsha, will be on… Thanks in advance ka

  5. Thank you~
    I’ld appreciate it very much, if you’ld upload it, but if you’re busy.. well what a pity, but your personal/private live is way more important than uploading some korean shows. x’D

    So thank you for subbing and sharing! ♥

  6. Thank you soo much for uploading episode 4
    You can take your time and relax too. Don’t feel pressured to rush and upload for us.
    You do an amazing job as it is :3
    And again thank you for you hard work!! ^.^

  7. So Funny, that’s for sharing.
    Looking forward to next week’s guests.
    I saw some people I really like, Narsha and Eun Ji Won

  8. honestly i only watch this when there are guests that i like…but next week has narsha, gahee and nana(!!!!) so ill look forward to that one aswell! Thanks!

  9. YAY.. another episode to watch!
    I think this show is really interesting… please please please post MU links.

    thank you

  10. i hope you do post the download link :OO its honestly the only way i can watch shows…Youtube never works for me…am always thankful for your download links ❤

  11. this show sure is a lot of fun….thank you so much for sharing it…..hope you’ll continue sharing the next episode…..

  12. It’s ok take your time! i’ll be waiting for you to upload it though, don’t just leave it in youtube please 🙂 thanks again for all the shows you’ve uploaded and shared with us! pikeyenny hwaiting!

  13. Thank You so much pikeyenny you always make my days this i can say on the behalf of everyone. hope you keep on subbing and we apreciate all you work and we’ll support you through all you’r decissions

  14. thx
    the show itself is not very interesting but i am in for the secrets 😛
    (some secrets are kinda lame though, only 1 or 2 major for each participant)

  15. I don’t care if you’re taking more time (You have a life too, and even if I’m grateful for fast uploads, I understand perfectly. =P), but could you please upload it?

    Heechul is one of my favorite entertainer, and I’d like to have shows where he’s on it on my computer.

    Well. Once again, thank you and I’ll wait patiently! =)
    Take care.

  16. Please but always the download link for Secret on ;O;
    Youtube usually deletes videos after a few months or even weeks.
    Thank you for your hard work ^^

  17. Hi. I really love your site. And the effort you make in uploading the vids. But can I ask if you are not uploading in MEdiafire anymore?

  18. Thanks so much for uploading! Im very grateful that you also upload the full video on MU for people who like to have the entire video downloaded instead of streaming it. please continue to do so!! you’re the best!!

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