Immortal Song 2 – Ep 4 [English Subtitle]

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MU :

much help from lindaabc123 as always ^^


YTB : 5 parts


118 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2 – Ep 4 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank you very much for uploading the show
    it’s so kind of you that keep sharing with us.
    i always watch korean show in my leisure time..
    but not all of them subbed and i just understand korean a little.
    and you keep provide us many show with EngSub,
    Once again thank you very muuch. and i hope you keep sharing with us.
    God Bless u~

  2. *90 degree bow* Thank u a million, tons times !!!! Without Pike i wouldn’t got to understand what they saying really really appreciate your hardworks once again thanks!!!

  3. PikeYenny you are awesome! Awesome like WG Yenny! I haven’t watched the 4th Episode yet, but this show is wonderful. We get to hear some of the famous singers from the past decades in Korea. And then we get to hear just how good these “Idols” really can sing. I just wish it wasn’t a competition, each singer is wonderful in her/his own way. But I think it helps them grow as artists to sing new material and perform under stress. I just want to hug each one of them and say “hwaiting!”

  4. Thank you very much for the new episode ! You’re so fast O.O
    I’m really eager to watch Hong Gi and G.O’s performance ^^

  5. Neomu Neoumu Kamshamnidaaa.. Neoumu Kamshaaaa… Jeongmal Kamshamnidaa.. Thank You Thank You so much.. I really love Immortal Song 2.. Neoumu Choa.. Gomawo Unnie Gomawooo.. Thank you so much for sparing some of your precious time to Upload so many good shows.. really appreciate it thank youuuuu

  6. can i just say how much i love you for making me happy because of your uploads? yey! thankyou so much pikeyenny! ❤

  7. wah episode 4 now!!! can’t wait for more!!! eagerly anticipating the download links!!!!

    Thank you so much for uploading this!!!

  8. woah!!! thanQ!!!! I don’t even know well the old music legends in my country and I’m watching this show… kekeke… xD … without your hard work I’d don’t even know what the show is about… ._. … xD… Pikeyenny jjang!!! >w<

  9. Oh Yeah~~! Finally G.O episodes! I can’t wait to see it!
    I know subbing is a hard work so thank you for sharing. ❤
    Thank you so much! ^_^

  10. dear Pikeyenny…
    I’m very grateful for all your hardwork…subbing this episode and previous tooo…
    thank you… really, really appreciate it…

  11. thank you so much. i’ve been waiting for this because im looking forward of Hongki, ❤ 😀 so excited here.

  12. Thank you really much!!!! 😀 😀 🙂 Just have to say that his name isn’t Jio but G.O from MBLAQ, in case you didn’t know 😛 Thanks anyway for your subs 😀

    1. Hi there. She’s not the one who’s subbing this. She only recorded it from KBS World which already has English subtitles and shared it at here. So, it’s not her fault is there’s any mistake in the translation. Blame the KBS translator XD

  13. thanks so much for subbing this show !
    really appreciate all your hardwork and effort and hope you continue subbing it

  14. thankyou thankyou so much! 🙂
    yey finally it’s hongki’s episode! 🙂
    good thing you uploaded it coz i missed it on tv T_T
    can i make a cut out of your video and share it on our site?
    i promise i’ll credit you and give your links too 🙂

    1. Btw, i really hope that you can still upload more episodes of this show because i want to watch Hongki XD Thanks once again.

  15. I have only seen a lil bit of Sistar to date, but Hyolin struck me instantly, she’s uniquely pretty, and so sexy. I love her voice too, it’s got a raspy quality that combined with her powerfull vocals makes her an amazing vocal talent. The only thing stopping me developing my feelings for sistar was that I had no content of them to watch, so I’m so glad I discovered this here on your blog, hopefully through watching it I’ll get to know her personality that much more. Thank you Pikeyenny for sharing this with us, even tho I know it’s not one of your personal fav shows.

    You’re awesome. Keep up the great work, jjang! ^^

  16. Thanks a lot, THANKS THANKS , but when you upload the other eps , i really want to watch lee hong ki eps

  17. thank you so much~!!!!
    really love this show because I can found some amazing old song from Korea~ thank you so much for subbing so I can understand what are they’re said~ ^^

  18. youre the mst awesomest subber >///<
    You always update the shows i wanna see soooo badly~
    hope you continue subbing Immortal song 2!!
    Got to wait to see this episode though,,,
    im on vacation and cant download on this pc… *cries*
    && yt deleted t he epsidoe!! Stupid yt!!

  19. i want to download this episode..but it can’t….can you help me…i’m really want to download this episode bcoz of hongi ^_^ tq

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