Secret – Ep 3 [English Subtitle]

Dear friends, look at the number of comments can make me choose what show should i continue to upload or not. I don’t want to waste my time to upload anything which people don’t like it. If i have more time, i can download something for myself more than upload for you guys like this now hahaha, you know.. it’s really really tired to choose between download ( for myself ) or upload for you guys first lol … begin to feel tired to continue this blog.. that’s all

P/s : i got some mess from my friends said that some web sites making money by posting my links through … i really hope you guys can stop doing that. i’m sharing for free not for sale


MU :

MF : thank to ♥~ero


YTB : 3 parts


222 thoughts on “Secret – Ep 3 [English Subtitle]

  1. Shame on those people…I’m vietnamese.. i know it too… but what can we do…I hope you can still keep this blog alive…You bring us happiness and that we appreciate…And for those who dont…god help them :(…cheers up Yenny 😀

  2. Please continue sharing all those shows with us T.T
    A few people may not leave any comments or may re-post your videos but a lot of other are supporting you and looking forward the next uploads.
    I personally am really grateful toward you for uploading all those files =)
    So please, cheer up and continue this blog m(_ _)m

  3. Love after school! It’d be great if you can sub playgirlz school as well. the show was like a year ago and still no english sub 😦

  4. Shame on those people.but please don’t stop subbing…………thank you so much for this videos…………..thank again

  5. Thank you so much i love this show. It’s sooo funny what are the secret of the pupils xD Please don’t stop subbing.

  6. good thing they subbed wgm but quite disappointing when i found out they being doing tat for sometime.
    reupload lots of fan sub with adfly link. earning “credit” which doesnt belongs to them tat e web they use …

    i stated in my video also.
    do not use for adfly

  7. It’s such a shame people are abusing the subs you so kindly give to us. It makes me angry to see that people do this.

    Please continue to sub. ❤
    I love everything you sub! If it's not your taste, you don't have to sub it, dear.
    Much love!

  8. yeh its kshownow dot net… i only watch stuff they sub themselves other then that when i see something you sub or isubs subs i always watch from you guys =] it annoys me when i see them useing those links for yours and isubs subs =/

  9. i LOVE this show pikeyenny! pls dont stop subbing it 😦
    thanks so much for all your hardwork 🙂 it makes us
    grateful kids happy 😀

  10. please dont stop subbing pikeyeni
    my sister love to watch OMS and because your hardwork
    everypeople who dont understand korean can watch korean reality show
    i just want to cheer you

  11. pikeyenny thank you so much for uploading these shows! it meants a lot to me please continiune uploading shows to this blog i really apriciate you’re hard work and it’s the only place i can find these shows, without you i wouldent be able to watch oh my school, immortal song, secret and many others 🙂

  12. Thank you very much pike for the posts really help me relieve stresses in my life!
    I start to love this show! craaaaaaaaaaaaaap on those people who are imposers! they are all B***S***! 😦 I’m sooooooooooooooo sad on this news… please don’t stop uploading our likeable shows pike… (T_T)

  13. Love this show. Hope you will continue upload this. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate. Fighting

  14. please don’t stop subbing and uploading videos..
    i’m very much thankful for your hard work !
    CHEER UP! 🙂 :*

  15. Don’t stop please!!!!we love your blog and all the show you upload.Secret is my favorite show and i wish you will continue to unpload it.thank for your hard work!

  16. Thank you ^^ please don’t stop uploading 🙂 I love these shows that I watch on your site so thank you again ^^

  17. please dont stop subbing video, i have been following you from youtube to the blog. thank u for your time n effort 🙂

  18. don’t stop ; ~~~ ;
    i really enjoy this show!
    and your hard work too, people just need to be more appreciative and show you the love because it’s not like they could ever do what you do

  19. Thanks for the subs – this show makes me laugh so hard! I think the U.S. needs to create a show like this, the ratings would be off the charts.s

  20. I Love this show, and i thank you so much for uploading it each week, i thank you as a fellow vietnamese and a korean fan 🙂 I hope you can continue it 😀

  21. U r the only source I can see korean idols & download them for keepsake. Pls. cheer up. Lots of people r rooting 4 u as I do as always. Thanks a gillion ka.

  22. I really understand you 🙂 yeah this can be so tiring..but leasse dont stop are the connection to the kpop world…I really aprecciate your work…Thanks for everything..hope you can still subbing in the future ❤ Dont stop please 🙂

  23. Just ignore the trolls. They probably too young to think that subbing videos are hard fucking work. I’ll support any decision you make. Just do your thang. And for the people who are selling your videos. Die in a hole. That is rude.

  24. Stay strong~ You’re awesome and I’m sure everyone, including myself, appreciate your work. But you’re right about the people using your videos to earn money, they should stop that. Hope you can keep uploading for those who are thankful for it. ^ ^

  25. Thank you sooo much for uploading!
    Please don’t stop this blog. ):
    There are many people who will support you!
    I always love your subs. ^^

  26. Hey Yenny, don’t stop uploading, there are probably many people who don’t comment but still really appreciate what you do for them.
    And tbh I wouldn’t know what to do without your blog. ;(

  27. No, don’t get tired! There are so many people who appreciate your work! Karma will come around to those people and bite them in the ass.

  28. I can imagine you’d get tired since you upload a lot of different shows, I’m here for Dream Team and also this show Secret, but I want to say thanks eternally for all the uploads you do! There’s no way to really become fans of these shows without understanding them. You’re doing a great job uploading, so thanks! Don’t wear yourself out though.

  29. wow. why would those people do that for and why would people watch it there when you can watch it here o_o ugh . please continue though 😦 we really appriciate your hard efforts . i’m sorry we’re so greedy ;| you’re sacraficing your own downloads to sub and upload for us ;|

  30. PikeYenny, if your’re feeling tired to keep your blog alive, it’s okay for you to stop. No one’s gonna blame you. It’ll be a sad day when you stop posting the subbed shows in your blog but I just want to tell you that I’m FOREVER GRATEFUL for your efforts to share your videos with us.

  31. 1. Thank you for sharing with us, as always. We really *do* appreciate it.

    2. You should treat yourself to some downloading too. I hate if you feel like you’re a slave to us now xD We appreciate all your effort but maybe take a break if you get tired of it.

    3. I’m really liking Secret so I *hope* you keep uploading it for us. I’ll understand if not, though. 🙂

    Be healthy! 🙂

  32. i beg you!! pls dont stop subbing this!! i luv this show. my new fave since oh my school.. its so much fun. ^^ i dunno if im just enjoying it too much or is this show not long enough? it feels like their butchering the editing on it. like how the first episode was just 10 minutes long or something. since it’s a new show, the timeslot is just getting eaten up by more popular shows. is that how it goes there? =( anyway, thanks so much for uploading and subbing this!!!! we really do appreciate all the effort! fighting!!!!! ❤

  33. thank u for uploading and subbing this video and many others..i really love ur blogsite… thank u very much and please continue upload this show…

  34. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading these videos! It’s not easy to find these videos with great English subtitles, but you seem to always present videos in good quality with great subs!


  35. I thank you everytime and will continue to do so 🙂 and *sigh* I hats those ppl that make money thru that site, iSubs has someone doing that too, tsk tsk :/

  36. yeny maybe we not know each other but you blog really help to cheer me up when i fell tired. u bring happiness to us. thank you very much. i love your blog. you are daebak

  37. No!! Don’t stop uploading D:
    Where will I go for my variety shows? o.o Anyway~ Honestly though, thank you so, so, so, so much 🙂 For taking the time out to upload stuff for all these people you don’t know… xD Honestly speaking, I’m not sure I’m nice enough for that LOL
    Well, whatever you do, we’ll have to deal with it. (It would be nice if you kept uploading though ^^;)

  38. Sorry to hear that ppl have been abusing your uploads. Hope they will come to their senses. Pls dont stop sharing vids!! I know its a selfish request but I look forward to them so much!I’m really starting to enjoy secret know as well since Heechul has become an mc!
    Also, just want you to know, I think you’re as popular as idols among many of the english speaking fans…lol. Hwaiting!!

  39. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hope you won’t stop posting these daebak korean shows ;(( It’s part of my life now. ( deep much? ) keke ^^ … I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really appreciate what you’re doing and i hope you continue 🙂 Saranghaeeeee!!! :)) Kamsahamnida… Arigato.. Salamat…Thank You…. Gracias :)) …

  40. aw please continue, i always comment on everything i watched from you =] you are the on;y source for this, happy together and dream team, and i sincerely appreciate all your efforts uploading these shows =] i thank you for this and for every other show =] thanks <333333

  41. Hi Peeps i think secret ep 3 part 2 for youtube has some audio problem is it? an pls reupload? thanks so much yenny! 🙂

  42. omg! you’re really kind, sharing these videos for free 🙂
    shame on them, sharing for sale! I hope they gtfo from your site!
    thanks for sharing btw 😀

  43. I really really appreciate all your hard work and I hope you will continue to upload videos. Thanks a lot for uploading and subbing Secret- the show is really funny.

  44. Thank you so much again and again ! I hope you won’t stop this blog because of those people who don’t respect your work T.T

  45. Thank u so much for subbing, Pikeyenny. Now I can understand what kahi said. Please keep subbing Secret. I appreciate all your effort. U r the only one that subbing After School.

  46. thank you for upload & subtitles for this show…….i really love this show….i hope u can continue to subs this shows…..thank you very much.

  47. I’m so sorry to hear what’s going on with you that we didn’t know. I just don’t get those who took “your work” to make money. If they want to share it why don’t they direct them to your blog.

    I’m happy that you’re still subbing and uploading for us!! Fighting.. I’ll always support you.

  48. Hello Pike!
    Thankyou again for the upload, any shows involving Heechul I am really interested in so thanks again!

    If I should see any sites trying to take your videos without credits, I shall inform you! As I know alot of hard work must be put in on your part! thanks again.

  49. well beside the number there is the quality
    and also youtube comments
    beside all of us would warn you if we find people taking it

  50. hiya, thankyou for uploading! i love this show its so funny to see friends of celebs and well of course their secrets !

    thankyou ~ love you ~ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

    ps . i've seen on one site that they seem to be making money off ur vids and others with the adyf thing … i didnt know about O.O …well i had an idea anyway

    could you please tell me what's the best way to find lovely bloggers such as your self ? 🙂

  51. Thank you for all the subbing you have done.
    You are really amazing person to do this with anything in return! 🙂

  52. ty for your hardwork pikeyenny… there are people that born to be villains in this world … hope your kind work will be blessed

  53. Please do not stop posting videos, I appreciate them so much~ ToT Without you, I dont know how to watch my favorite variety shows!

  54. I really appreciate your hard work and time that you put into subbing these videos!!! Don’t stop posting them please… Thanks again <3~~

  55. Please don’t stop subbing! Especially Secret XD
    Such a hilarious show, I don’t know anyone else who subs it or who does it like you do! DAEBAK!
    Thank you for your hard work!

  56. I like this show!! Thanks for always uploading all the shows! I really thankful when a person like you exist in this world! I’m away from my home so I can’t watch this show on TV! The only hope I have is you! Thank you!!!!!

  57. Thank you so much im sure we all appreciate all that youve done, i love this show and hope you continue subbing it thank you!!!! ❤

  58. thanks for uploading! i really appreciate the work you put into the blog and hopefully you will continue to do so!

    thanks for uploading Secrets!!

  59. damn to those who taking others effort for their own profit, please continue to upload the videos, we’ll support you pikeyenny sshi

  60. Hey there PikeYenny,

    please don´t stop uploading Secret and the other shows =(
    I have to admit that this is my first time commenting on your blog while I´ve already been watching your videos on YT for half a year… but that´s because my old computer used to break down whenever I came over to your blog =)

    Please don´t stop uploading, there might be viewers who never visited your blog before and don´t know about you asking for comments ;D

  61. Firstly, thank you so much for subbing this show and yes there is a site that is putting and im sure you know which site is it already and you should talk to them directly, they would ignore what you say here, im a bit irritated as well as they often steal videos from other subbers and put them on

    However, the quality of the video is not good, and i dont think you checked it when you uploaded it. My suggestion also that you should reply often to the comments being given by the ones who commented the posts, it would be nice.

  62. thanks a lot pikeyenny 🙂
    but pls dont stop to upload the variety show(secret,happy together,dream team, win win , etc) … i love u souw mush 😀

  63. thank you so so much for taking the time to sub these shows and please continue to sub! out of the many videos i watch, your subs are always the best!

  64. I just got to watching the first two episodes, and the show is really entertaining. It always takes a new show a few episodes to get into it’s stride, so I expect this one to get better and better.

  65. Okay so I watched the first Ep. of the Show, being skeptical but it was fun~ Some of the secrets are really funny~ haha~~
    SO THANK YOU…정말 고마워요! 그리고…힘내세요! Look at all the people who love your work and don’t be down, just because others can’t appreciate it. These people are just dumb~!!!

  66. Thank so much for uploading and subbing this show. I hope you continue subbing but if you stop because it is so tiring we would all understand. Hwaiting!

  67. Thank you for subbing so many shows. I, and I’m sure many, many others, appreciate all the hard work you put into this. It’s because of your efforts and such that I and others can enjoy and understand these shows. So thank you for putting in all that time and such. Please don’t ever give up, and know that we are eternally grateful to you.

    Fighting! ^^

  68. thank you for your hard work
    this blog is the best
    and i like that your on time and never late
    and i like this show soooooo much
    so plz keep on subing it!

  69. hai Pikeyenny, please just pay attention to us your vaery loyal fan. We will not doing those kind of disgusting thing and we will continue support you very much. Please, keep fighting^^. We really appreciate your hard work so much adn I do not know where I have to go if you don not upload anymore.


  70. dont work yourself to hard ;p why dont u take a break for awhile ^^ really appreciate all your effort bty thanks xD

  71. many people will be sad if u stop subbing including me..
    hope u can continue to sub even if u do it slowly
    thank u very very very much for all that u did THANKS!!

  72. @espy btw she didnt sub it , she just records it….

    some1 please upload to mediafire please…im always having trouble dling from megaupload =.=||

  73. DONT STOP UPLOADING VID WITH SUB!!! please!! i love your vid!!! continue your work!! even theres someone out there dont appreciate but trust me, i REALLY LOVE & APPRECIATE ALL YOUR WORKS!!! love pikeyenny blog and love your work!!!

  74. Hey Pike 🙂 I’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time now, and have had so much pleasure from watching various shows that I couldn’t find anywhere else, like Oh my school and happy together, and even the Dream Team. Without your english subs I would miss out on so much.

    Some people are always going to take advantage of other peoples kindness, it sucks but it’s a fact of life, there are stupid, uncaring people out there that don’t care about the effort you go thru to keep this blog alive. It saddens me to say but it probably won’t stop.

    All I can do is join in with the many many people who have also voiced their opinions here and ask you to please not give up on all of us good fans that really appreciate everything you do for us.

    You bring so many smiles to so many people, don’t let those bad one’s ruin it for you my fren.

    Naut. ^^

  75. thaankss!! I really enjoying watching this show
    please continue your hard work on uploading this show^^
    we will always appreciate it

  76. hye there..i just saw this show on tv the other day and was searching the net where to download this friend reccommend your blog so,,here i am..haha..
    i read your post up there you’re getting tired to keep this blog up to date..personally,,i want to say,,NOOOOO!!i just found your blog and there are so much shows that i like such as dream team and happy together..but,,i know you’ll get tired sometimes..maybe you can take a break like 2-3 months and then continue to upload all these great shows again..but i’ll understand if you decided to just leave the blog as it’ve done a fantastic job uploading these shows for like 2 years,,right?!(your archive dated back to 2009..XDD)
    yenny ah,,otsukaresamadeshita!!
    thank you for uploading all these shows..i’m taking some of it ok..hehe..kamsahamnida..^.^

  77. Pike, please keep uploading this show. I love it. I also truly appreciate ALL the hard work you’re doing in keeping up this blog. THANK YOU a million times! ❤

  78. I actually just started watching this show today because a website posted it. they used and i saw that the video came from you so i decided to come to your blog instead and find these videos here. it’s a shame that these people use the videos that you’ve uploaded to make money, i hope there will be a way to stop them. please don’t stop posting in your blog. i really appreciate all of the shows that you upload. this is the first time that i’ve commented here but i think for 2 years now i’ve been coming to your blog when im bored to watch a show. i really appreciate your hard work. thank you so much pikeyenny!:)

  79. Thank you so much for all of your hard work going into every one of these episodes, please continue subbing! I’m also very disappointed at the people who are using your work to make money…X.X

  80. Thanks for your hard work! This is my first comment since visiting your blog, so I guess I can do my part by saying thanks on each video I download, in hoping that an extra thanks will be able to help. 🙂

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