Secret – Ep 2 [English Subtitle]

 credit if you make VIETSUB for this

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MU :

MF: thank to lindaabc123



123 thoughts on “Secret – Ep 2 [English Subtitle]

  1. Yatta~!!!!!! So much thanks!!!!!!!
    I was lauging so hard for the first episode xDDD
    When the video started for Heechul and I saw Teukie’s face, I thought “WTF, our leader is such a betrayer!!!!!”
    Yeah, already knew that fact but then, I’m always happy to see proofs ^O^
    Can’t wait to see others secrets of Heenim and Ssam D xDDD

    Thank you!!!! >////<

  2. Thank you so much for subbing this ❤
    I love every show that has Heenim in it. And when other SuJu members appear its a super awesome bonus.
    Please add the download link ;O;
    And thank you for your hard work ( I also love you for subbing Happy Together kekeke)

  3. such an interesting and hilarious show even just watched the 10 minutes pilot episode! yay, thank you so much for uploading!! will waiting for MU link.

  4. Thank you so much, this show is really fun, but the MC stop so quick good revelation ^^ Like Heechul’s model ^^ please share mu link !! ^^ thank you

  5. eeeei, heechul should have had more secrets revealed!
    i bet brian is gunna have good secrets puhaha~
    thank you!!

  6. Thanks a gillion as always. Looking 4ward 2 c 2Park on Secret next week. Pls. continue uploading this program. It’s fun 2 know celebs’ little secrets

  7. Thanks for uploading this episode! I’ve been missing all the show in KBS since I moved to new place.. >< Thank you so much for uploading all the shows… I miss Oh My School. Too bad they cancel it.. and can I ask for a favor? I missed 2 days 1 night episodes when they having actress and actors special. Can you upload it? Sorry if I'm burdening you. You did an amazing job! Keep on doing! FIGHTING! KUMAWO!

  8. really thank you so much pike..
    you really work hard… and i really appreciate this.. without you i can’t understand all this shows. .:)
    again thanks so much.. ^__^

  9. Thank you very much~!! ❤ It's gonna be interesting to watch these videos ^^ Never seen the show before too ❤

    –yuri– *^^*

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