Immortal Song 2 – Ep 2 [English Subtitle]

Yesung (Super Junior), Yoseob (B2ST), Changmin (2AM), Jonghyun (SHINee), Hyorin (Sistar), Song Ji Eun (Secret), Boohwal


i’m still uploading, so please wait and don’t forget to write the comments ^^

Your comments can make me want to update faster hahaha


MU :

MF : thank to sighfun for reuploading

part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:
part 5:
part 6:

youtube : finished


155 thoughts on “Immortal Song 2 – Ep 2 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thanks!!!! Omg when I watched these performances on Allkpop I was in love this is by far my fav episode lol thank you!! Because of you I can understand what they say 😀 <333

    Thank goodness I checked for shows this morning:D
    Thank you for uploading this ridiculously long show!!!


  3. yay!!! thank you so much~ ^^ for your kindness and your effort to translate and share this.. kamsahamnida~^^

  4. thankyou so much for uploading this! please please please dont be tired until atleast the 7th episode! hahaha iloveyou for uploading this for us! [gotta wait for hongki’s episodes]

  5. thank you so much for your hard work….
    u really a great person cause u make many people happy by
    doing all this uploading…^^
    may god bless you always…^^

  6. whatever happened to IU? i hope is not that she couldnt handle not being first place? or her agency thought she would be first place?

  7. thanks so much..i’m fans off Hyorin..i cant get enough with her Video…thanks..i hope u never get tired uploading this program..all my love for ye eun too..

  8. thank you thank you thank you so so so much because of you i finally can understand what they are saying!!! Plus you are the only one who has all the video sudded there’s wouldn’t be any place better than here you rock!!!! Once again thanks for your hard work !!!

    1. It’s already airing in KBS World. It’s called Saturday Night Freedom with another show called ‘Secret’.

  9. I just watched the show and I will keep watching it, so thank you so much for the subs!!! Now I not only know the nowdays kpop singers, but also I’m getting to know the legends of Korean music. Once again, thanks for the good work your doing. Fighting!!!

  10. pikeyenny…..!!!!!thank you very,very,very,very much……
    really love this show after oh my school ends…
    thanks for your hard work…only that i can do…

  11. Thanks, PikeYenny. This is a great show because they are all so nice… I want them ALL to win! But I predict Hyorin will be the final winner. She has energy, great dance moves, and a big voice. Only one problem: she needs someone to correct her technique so she doesn’t strain on the high notes.
    I wish IU could win, but she’s still really young and she has lots of opportunity ahead of her.
    Thanks again (and Wonder Girls hwaiting!)

  12. such a great show! please continue to sub it! and thank you for your hard work! we all really appreciate it. 🙂

  13. thank you, thank you sooo much :3
    i was hoping you’d continue with this show.. and u did! hehe I’m so happy

  14. thanks for uploading ep 2 ^^ btw,when does Immortal Song 2 air on KBS World? I mean on what day does it air?

    1. It has aired on KBS World already. It comes together with another programme called ‘Secret’ called Saturday Night Freedom, I think. It’s on Saturday and the reruns are on Tuesday

  15. thank you so much! I LOVE Yesung’s part! and i love that i understand them!! thanks to you, so thank you a lot!

  16. Thank you so much! Everyone else is only posting cuts of their favorite artists. You’re totally awesome! Really glad i found you through ciksara 🙂 Thank you!

  17. thank u so much for the subs!

    i really look forward to ur subs because they are very good. but i noticed that the sound quality gets abit distorted and i cannot fully enjoy their singing! i have to play your video, mute it, and play a RAW file from somewhere and watch it this way…

    it would be great if the sound was clear 🙂 thank u pikenny

  18. Thanks for the translation ^^.

    Just wondering if anyone has worked out a way of downloading a file bigger than 1GB without a paying for a Premium account? Thanks.

    1. i don’t know, but you can use (or something like that) to take the video out from the youtube links ^^

      1. Thanks ^^. But it looks like someone has split it already I didn’t see it on the post above mine, I could have sworn it wasn’t there when I left my message, lol.

  19. i know you said you don’t particularly like immortal song 2, but thank you so much for subbing it. i hope you will continue, for at least the entire time jonghyun participates 😀 THANK YOU!!!

  20. i love you sooo much for subbing this. it really made my day to be able to watch the second ep with english subs. please keep on uploading and thank you very much for doing it!

  21. thank you so much once again!! I seriously love you for your hard work with subbing and sharing these! ❤

  22. Very…very…Kamsahamnida.
    ^^ i’m totally love Immortal Song, i don’t care about the rating of this show…coz i like it.

  23. the show gets better and better.
    thanks pikeyenny for the uploads… continue to upload more ok!!
    love ya [hugs]

  24. Ah Pike thank you so much! ^^ I love love love this show, it really feels like we get to know more about them as people and as performers. Plus they’re so talented!

  25. I can’t watch it anymore and after I download it I can’t watch it too..
    what player must i use to play the videos?
    please help im desperate..

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