Orange Caramel (After School)‏ – Gang Concert [English Subtitle]


10 thoughts on “Orange Caramel (After School)‏ – Gang Concert [English Subtitle]

  1. hi pikeyenny..i really do appreciate ur subs work..but u know, im annoying with kshownow..they suck ur work so they can get money through advertisement…i really dont know hot to explain it, but to make it short, they “used” u… hope u take an action 4 that..

    please go to n check it 4 urself…

  2. woo that was hilarious thanks for sharing and subbing
    much appreciated for all your hardwork and don’t let others take your work for their own you gotta make sure they credit you.

  3. I’m glad I found your blog! But i was wondering, could you please sub Gag Concerts 600th episode? it has a lot of guest stars, one of which is from 2PM, their very own Taec~ and Sistar19 and Secret…. pretty please? ^__^v

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