[PikeYenny] Oh! My School Ep 25 [English Subtitle]

No fun for OMS anymore … no wonder why they cancelled this show T_T


MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?5f9nr7rzb8613

MU : (say thank to RWyn and mev)




172 thoughts on “[PikeYenny] Oh! My School Ep 25 [English Subtitle]

  1. thanks ! i know right, i miss the old format of the show 😦
    will watch this while i wait for the download link ~

    1. yea same here, i know what you mean. it was a last ditch effort to save the show since an idol competition means they can invite more groups out at once and get more viewership but in the end they ended up getting canceled anyways, bummer :[

  2. thanks for sharing, hope you put up the dl links soon. dude i hate how jaeho cheated against tim when they arm wrestled and they let him win, lame and unfair

  3. CANCELLED SHOW???? I oni watch till Ep20….. Haven’t even continued and now it’s cancelled? The show really so lousy as it goes??? Still, thank u for posting this & Dream Team. I’m sadden that after Family outing (Season 2 is really not nice – I missed those from Season 1) & Golden Star Bell, another show ended (sort of)…

  4. Thank you *sigh* so this is the last ep 😦 so sad. However thank you for postin very episode πŸ˜€ this deam team and happy together is what makes me happy hehe ^_^ (and running mam but that’s another story) lol

  5. thank you ..they tried everything to save this show,but in the end still can’t get the higher rating.glad to see soyeon of t-ara been a regular cast for this show.i hope she will be a regular in another variety show in the future.

  6. One of my favorite shows gone to trash 😦 save the idol competitions for dream team huh so disapointing…thanks you for all the work though these shows really take away stress

  7. another great show that got cut. well thanks pike for uploading these shows every week. will watch this later.

  8. I agree that this format is so uninteresting in comparison to the beginning episodes where the idols were actually tested for “lessons”. I loved the debates and things like that in comparison to this stuff.

    Thanks for uploading anyways!

    1. I’m second to that. The early episodes of OMS were the best one.

      But still it’s sad to see this program got cancelled.

      Thanks Pike for sharing OMS with us since the very beginning.

  9. yes!that’s true…no more fun…=,=”
    i want the old one~hihhuhuh..
    i will miss the old format~

    but thanks for the sub,PikeYenny~<3

  10. I agree with everybody here who said the earlier shows had the most interesting format – more like a true class – with honest sharing from senior idols to their younger junior idols. I also liked the mix of idols, actors, celebs … oh, and Miss Korea the ballet dancer – she was cute!
    New people I got to know and love: Soyeon from T-ara, Simon D – he was really honest and supportive of others. Of course, Min from miss A was already my favorite!

  11. wah! i also agree that it was no fun already. i prefer the old OMS. >.<
    anyways still thank you for uploading until the last. πŸ™‚
    i hope the new show is good. by nay chance will you upload the new show? πŸ™‚

  12. OMS in any form was awesome 😦 so sad it’s canceled. I hope they will come up with something really great with lots of interactions again…

    Thank you anyway for posting πŸ™‚

  13. thanks so much! πŸ˜€ i miss the old one too…after they changed it to sports version it got more boring 😦

  14. thanks for uploading ^^
    I miss the old format things were much better but now theres nothing left. I hope the show that replaces this is good.

  15. yessss,,,really miss oms old format,,,
    anyway,,thanks for the video,,
    please keep upload until the last episode,,,

  16. i miss the old format much more -sighs-
    why did they decide to change it?
    shall watch this ep after the megaupload is up πŸ˜€
    btw thanks for sharing~~ β™₯

  17. waaa…it’s already ep 25…yeahh i think because they can’t find the best concept for their show…but’s a’m already like so i’ll download them until the last episode
    pikeyenny thank you…..!!!!!

  18. cancel this program? what a pity, T^T
    I used to have fun watching this variety show.
    Hope they consider it again.
    Anyway, thank you so much for uploading this video, pikeyenny ^^v

  19. this was totally a rip off from MBC, but doing this every week wouldn’t be as special. and i miss the old format too, the very first one where they have a topic for each week, then they changed it to the games which just ruins it. but thank’s for uploading, will there be download links up later?

  20. Thankyou pikeyenny for uploading.
    Oh NOOOOOO is this the last episode, hope they can still continue with something though…

  21. the highlight of the event is dodge ball….its so fun :)) but still its so sad…why they canceled it T-T… btw Thank you so much for uploading this video, pikeyenny ^__^

  22. y do they change the show format being this? i wish the other groups that will be doing comeback come to OMS and now TT______TT it’s fun beforehand..

  23. Thanks for all of the OMS uploads. Not surprised it got cancelled though,they never really hit on the correct formula for this show until a few episodes ago.

  24. is this the episode where taemin is included??? If not, is taemin’s oh my school epsiode is already eng subbed?

    1. I think it will be around next or two weeks from this eps if i’m not mistaken. he’ll be there for two episodes…

  25. so this is the last episode? T_T

    i really love this show, but i had to admit that this show becoming boring, i like their old format..

    anyway, thank you for uploading this show till the last episode..

  26. thank you so much pikeyenny πŸ˜€ !
    i like the old episodes with ALL the casts (old & new) aigoo ): ~~im gonna miss baek jom man jom ): !

  27. thank you as always, Pike… πŸ™‚
    it’s true that there was not much fun lately.but they were planning for something new about the show, rite? I have lots of expectation for the new format…

  28. thanks for the release!
    but yeah, the show’s jst not as funny anymore, loved the old format better.

    An episode is also too short, they can’t even introduce all the idols that was even there lol.

  29. its sux so much that it got canceled tho i admit the at the beginning it was more fun.. but i still luv it T.T

    Thanx for all the subssss

  30. i think so too.. but i watched this coz of suzy and hwayoung.. gosh they’re on the same team.. XD can u sub it til the ast ep?

  31. yeah, i hope they just shoot it in a class. but there’s still an episode left, if you don’t mind, please sub and upload it cause i really wanna see how it ends. thank you so much πŸ™‚

  32. Thank you once again. Cancelled again, I am so disappointed. It is ok if they keep on changing format but to cancel.

  33. I miss the old one too, but somehow I also liked this format. Well, too bad they had to cancel this show anyway.
    Thanks for your hard work.^^

  34. Aaaah this is saddening.
    There goes one of my entertainment source.
    Thank you for all the OMS you’ve provided us

  35. what a bitch. this hsow used to be good. stupid ratings…
    thanks for subbing. hopefully, til the end…even if it’s not as good i still wanna finish it .__.

  36. When is the last episode? I wish they didn’t change the concept of the show. Some of the new games are boring and meaningless. :(((

    Anyway thank you soo much for subbing!
    I still enjoy watching my favorite stars…

  37. it’s such a pity! such an amazing SHow now ending, with a lot of specials but still we gonna miss it! thank YOU so MUCH for have been posting the episodes here

  38. the old format is the best….really miss watching them having fun with the quiz and all….thanks anyway for sharing this great show

  39. Thankk you for sharring!! ❀ im reallly going to miss this showww. T.T it was one of my favorite variety showw too

  40. you’re right pike. no more fun from OMS.
    i’m gonna miss old OMS.
    lee joon ssi lovely, smart soyeon, dancing copy yoseob, ACE hyosung, ear fire’s tony, min , simon D, kim shin young’s aegyo and of course kim gyeong rim – park myeong soo ><

    too much moment to forget T.T
    noe is ep 25. then ep 26 and 27. after that, no OMS anymore.
    eotteohke ?? T__________T

    btw, thanks for uploading adn sharing this pike.
    sorry my comment is too much. just wanna sharing πŸ™‚
    thank you pike , love you ❀

  41. That’s so true, their earlier concept fitted ‘school’ concept, but later on, they keep bring old guest.
    The games weren’t suitable, too.
    Maybe that’s why OMS must come to the end.
    Like this episode, it feels like they try to copy idol championship, hehehe…
    Anyway, thank you pikeyenny for your dedication all this time, LOVE U..

  42. Yeah, no more fun in OMS anymore. I prefer the previous. But still, please sub all the way to the last episode. Thanks. We love you Pikeyenny~
    And question, will you be subbing another variety show after you’re finished with OMS?

  43. Thanks for the subbed show and even if it was better before I still hope you sub it to the end πŸ™‚ Thank You!! You’re the Best!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ❀

  44. thanks so much for sharing and as always much appreciated ! it sucks that OMS was cancelled i enjoy this show but lately the rating has been low and no one see some boring sports game i mean the idol champion got high rating doesn’t mean oms one will…i still hope you sub it to the end since i enjoy watching this show. thank you

  45. noo this is not the last one look

    3rd National Idol Star Sports Festival

    5Dolls | 8Eight | A Pink | BEAST | Bebe Mignon | Block B | Brave Girls | Click B | Chi Chi | CN Blue | Dal Shabet | Dalmatian | FT Island | Girl’s Day | Infinite | Miss A | RANIA | Rainbow | SHINee | Super Junior | Supreme Team | U-Kiss | T-ara
    Chun Myung Hoon (former NRG member) | Eru | Kwak Hyun Hwa | Seo In Guk | Sori

    and i saw some parts with A1B4

    please pikeyenny keep subbing this show till the end

    thank you

  46. yeah thats right! it seems this OMS lack of new idea…i want my ok taecyeon from 2pm back…he only in 1st episod….hu3

  47. Thank you very much for subbing thos show!
    It’s such a pitty it got cancelled, but I guess it’s better that if it would continue like this πŸ™‚
    Anyway I enjoyed it a lot and thank to you once more!

  48. I still can’t believe that they canceled this show. I love to watch OMS. The early episodes were the best, the environment was like a school. The debates were interesting. But, I still enjoyed the episodes in studio, even thought some parts were boring. I didn’t want this show to end. I’m going to take this Idol competition, but I thought the last episode boring. I don’t like to watch programs of “sport competition”. I’m just taking because of some stars that I like.

    Thanks for uploading all the episodes of this show ^^

  49. Pikeyenny, ermmm. Recently I watched a newer episode of OMS actually and that has a Sserium match. [Not sure of spelling] Something like wrestling de. And these few episodes don’t have. So most prob this isn’t the last ep.

  50. is this the last episode? the one that taemin guested in?
    anw thanks for the subs ;D
    now oms is replaced by immortal song

  51. Thank you so much for this episode:D! I cant wait for the next one! please Upload it πŸ˜€ thank you πŸ˜€

  52. hello I’m new in watching OMS and as well as downloading it, I was wondering is the video kinda like HD or not but is good quality?
    and can I watch it on TV if i put it on my USB?

    Thank you! πŸ˜€

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