Win Win Ep 60 [English Subtitle]

Take out with full credit



46 thoughts on “Win Win Ep 60 [English Subtitle]

      1. but the subs are the same and so is the video just wondering who to actually credit cause i just noticed since i visit both sites

      2. scratch my last comment lol, i found out the videos are all presubbed by KBS world and they’re just uploaded thats all. thanks for uploading though pikeyenny as always~

  1. Thanks for uploading. Just wish KBS World would have aired this show sooner. All the best guests were in all the older episides. I was shocked that they even aired the Yonghwa, Taecyeon, Siwon ep recently. I wish they’d air more repeats.

  2. Thank You Pikeyenny…i love Jokwon since Adam Couple…if you mind DL LINK please…i’ll wait until the number of comments reach standard or u want to give us.

  3. Thanks for sharing and uploading πŸ™‚
    You’re the best!

    Please also upload the next episode.
    Thanks again.

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