Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 Ep 78 [English Subtitle]


55 thoughts on “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 Ep 78 [English Subtitle]

  1. Pikeyenny jjang…you are the best.
    But DL link please. Becoz i really collect them as personal hobby ^.^

  2. oh my god….this show never bored me…..can’t get enough of this…..thank you so much for sharing it…..cheers….

  3. Thank you so much !
    Wow Byeongman is human ! O.o XD
    Ricky was still amazing ! He is definitely the real ace of Dream Team ! 😀
    And I enjoyed watching ballerina’s dance, that’s so beautiful **

  4. thanks for your effort…i think i will have a great time with this show in the future…it become more and more interesting and entertain, especially with the presence of Gag Concerts’ gang..love this (^_^)..

  5. Hey!! Thanks so much for uploading DT!!! Thanks for the hard work, I really aprecciate it!! =D
    Fighting! n_n

  6. pikeyenny…thank you and always you are the best…but DL Link please…i know the number of comments not enough i think i wait until u have time.

  7. Hello pikeyenny. I really want to thank you for posting so many shows that I like. However, ermmm, where are episodes 79, 80, 81? NOt that I want to rush you it’s just that I would really love to watch it asap. So please reply to me via email too. 😀
    Love ya foreva. PS. I’ve following your blog since early last year :DD

  8. Omgosh! I just found the time to catch up on all the Dream Team I’ve been missing!~<333333333 I love this show! Thank-you so much! ^o^

  9. Now, i’ve got the time to stream and watch but all of Dream Team video all been taking down by YT….Pikeyenny i’m so late….

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