[Updated] Help PikeYenny !!!

All my friends, just help me if you can and if you really love me ( hahaha ^^)

i’m really angry with this anti fan ( i want to call it’s SHIT cause it’s not a human, it’s just a shit with me )

So hope you guy can help me, if you have twitter account, just click “report for sapm” to this twitter account : https://twitter.com/Whatever9911


i’m really thankful to who helped and helping me now

Maybe i will upload OMS next week, next next week faster than i did hahaha

Thank and LOVE



158 thoughts on “[Updated] Help PikeYenny !!!

  1. wow…what a terrible person. I reported for spam on all my twitter accounts I hope they can do something about it.

  2. I’ll help you πŸ˜€ β™₯ *DONE*
    wow. that person’s such a dickhead >_>
    I hope “shit” gets what “shit” deserves muhaha

  3. I’lll help you, I’m not speak english well but i can understand a little about you said (o.O) so, you’re really make a great work, i can’t believe that person.. pff.. :S (what I wrote?) O.O

  4. done, i read a few of there comments becuse i dont just do things becuase but there nasty they need to get reported

  5. reported! I hope twitter acts on him/her fast. let’s not comment back/give that thing attention but just report it. if it enjoy the attention, it will return with a new account.

  6. what the hell is that!!!

    may be shit is too good to call…already report as spam

    ps.thanks for all your work and share..i’m glad i can help you this time after getting too much from you already though it was just a little thing compare to what you’ve done for many people

  7. i will help you my friend and do as you command, oh bringer of joy and wonderful amazingness. πŸ˜€

  8. done
    hzhzhzh khΓ΄Μ‰ thΓ’n các gái =.= b ý biΜ£ cuΓ΄`g r.chắc kiΓͺΜ‰u cố gắng gΓ’y chú ý Δ‘Γ’y maΜ€ =.=

  9. Reported ! Really this guy as a psycologic matter !!! I’m glad to help cleaning the net world from this kind of person. Continue with your blog, i love it !!

    1. NO need to tease us with OMS for doing this, I would have done it on my own if I found this douche’s twitter account. What an ass…. Seriously has nothing better to do with their time.

  10. i didn’t have one but just made one so that i could report that shitty person. if i have time, i’ll make a few more account to report him/her again

  11. What is wrong with that person??? On the internet you meet all sorts of messed up people. It’s really scary. I seriously wish all trolls would get investigated and have their identities revealed. >:|

  12. please dont close this blog yeah~
    i am really love this blog >.<
    just dont afraid about antis,they are suck people~

  13. I just reported “that” person for spam. Its funny how he/she/it opened a twitter account for spamming. I feel so bad, some people have no life!!!

  14. Done of course!
    I’ll help upload to MU next week aswell if you need that , and if I am fast enough πŸ˜›

  15. i want to shit the SHIT but then its already suspended!! haha…too many people report that SHIT i guess hehe…btw, since its already suspended i know nothing about it..what’s the story?

  16. I wanted to help, but by the time i openned the link, the user was suspended already! haha! good job all pikeyenny’s followers =D!
    and thanks for subbing all the videos!! ❀

  17. HÀÀÀ?? What happend?? Can someone expain?
    I think i saw your past late, cuz after i read your post i wanted to report but its almost suspended xD *hahaha*

  18. aww, i wanted to help out but it’s already suspended(: love you, pikeyenny!<3 support all the way! πŸ˜€

    1. The 2nd account is still active. Link is going to the first one though. I had to manually type in the address to get there.

  19. Like someone else said PLEASE CHANGE THE URL FOR YOUR SECOND ONE. It’s incorrect D: I almost thought it was suspended too until I saw other people’s comments. It’s linking back to the first account when you click it.

  20. the first one already suspended but the second still active….but i already report it as spam…DONE
    this for you pike..thanks for all your hardwork πŸ™‚

  21. done!!! lov ya of course pike!! XD
    but i wonder…
    all WG members following her?or did i see wrong?

  22. it’s already suspended. i found the second twitter, and i was click report for spam. hehe
    pikeyenny hwaiting!!

  23. i tried to access the account, but i thnk it has been suspended. heheheheh good job all of us!!! hehehehehheheheh

  24. His account as whatever9911 is suspended but he opened a new one using the nick Imback911…@___@ . Unfortunately, this will be a not ending war… Anyway, I’m gonna reported as spam. Advice: He lives ’cause we read his mean comments, he would die if we pretend that he doesn’t exist. There’s a lot of people who respect your likes and your effort and there are always negative people that don’t do anything but scratching their #%$%&%$& (sorry couldn’t write it >_<)and try to make people unhappy 'cause they're embittered. So, donΒ΄t pay attention to this kind of guys. By the way my native language is spanish so, sorry if my writting is not right… Best wishes and keep going!!!β™₯β™₯β™₯

  25. the first one is already suspended… but there’s a new one. sigh 😦
    he won’t stop. reported the new account as spam.


  26. Hahaas, was just going to report it as spam but it seems the account has been suspended!

    Yayyyy for you πŸ™‚

  27. so irritating that fella!!
    im done too ^.^
    why there is such person on earth. is he/she jealous of others bcoz of his/her pathetic behaviour.
    and still wanna open an “im back” a/c.

  28. wowww, seriously? i can’t believe people actually spend that much time and effort on something as pointless as a hate account. why bother? anyway, i reported them πŸ™‚ thanks so much for everything you do, pikeyenny! <333

  29. can you sub 110422 happy together CNBLUE Yonghwa & Beast Kikwang +Dal Shabet Serri & Ah Young pliis..
    i very appreciate that..

    thank you so much

  30. wanna help too, but the account is already suspended… thank goodness the twitter management acted quickly, hope you’re feeling okay now PIKEYENNY…

  31. Oh my. That person is soo scary.

    That second account is full of hateful posts and rude remarks and…
    oh wow. I cant believe that there are such people!


  32. This guy/girl or whatever it is is a freaking jerk! So sorry u hav to deal with people like that 😦 I no it’s hard but u should try to ignore them. There’s always gonna b haters. Besides you have way more people that appreciate your efforts than those stupid haters! πŸ˜‰

  33. Too late for me to do that, cause the user is already suspended.. BTW, You’re the best on the subbings. πŸ˜€

  34. Oh crap! I wanted to join this “holy war” too but unfortunately I dont have a twitter account…Is this a**hole a WG’s antis or what?

    Sorry, Pike…I couldn’t help you…but seems to me you’ve already had an army here…so fighting!

  35. wish i can help u, but i dont have tweeter. LOL.
    anyhow, juz want u to know, i always support u as u provide the whole world most of the great K-shows with eng subs!

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