Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 76 [English Subtitle]


79 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 76 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thanks, I love the show ^^,but may I ask you something? why don’t you post the links to download anymore? :S

      1. I don’t blame you.

        This show had gone downhill without Sangchu, Minho, Eunhyuk, Danny, etc. But thanks for still trying to stream the show.

  2. you’ve been doing a great job!thanx a lot…have a great day(^_^)..i’m not sure what’s the main problem, but it seems mediafire still having the loading problem…(or is it because of my internet connection?T.T)

  3. Thank you~ You’re the best!
    I will watch it if my internet get better… I really hope it will, because I LOVE dream team!!!

  4. I’m sad that this show is no longer available to download – especially you have it so up to date and it’s my favorite…. i hope you would one day reconsider Upload…. still I’m thankful that Oh MY school is available for viewing. many thanks and I sincerely wish your website will increase more & more wider…

  5. wow….another great episode….really can’t believe byeongman can get it done faster…..really really great…..there’s nothing ricky can do this episode….he just not good using the rope

  6. Pikeyenny thx you for so much effort for upload DT and plz also upload DL link…and don’t stop upload…i realized that not much comment left for this show but plz stayed with us…loyal fans.

    Love you much Pikeyenny

  7. Thanks…just wanted to say that I still watch this show…even though I’m finding that the two announcers are extremely annoying plus Lee Sangjin is becoming an embarrassment ….

  8. Thank you so much Pikeyenny! ^^ I still love Dream Team, and I really really really appreciate you taking the time to upload it for us.
    Pikeyenny hwaiting! ❤

  9. i really really really love the show..so please provide the download link for mediafire please…really appreciate it!!!!

  10. hey pike if you need anyone to upload onto megaupload just let me know and i’ll help out…i really love LGDT lol!!

  11. for me, its ok if u dnt post dl links but pls do sub n place em on utube. i like this show!! thx for subbin

  12. hi, thanks for sharing! 🙂 i’ve recently grown to love dream team, with and without minho, eunhyuk and all those other guys haha 🙂
    please continue to share ♥

  13. i think this week no DL Link too…Yeah this is downhill really they need to bring old cast or inject new blood. So it will attract new watcher or bring back old one. Still thx you and hoping…i’m a loyal type ^^

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