Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 75 [English Subtitle]


79 thoughts on “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Ep 75 [English Subtitle]

  1. woooooo thanks for sub once again, really love it, and by the way is it possible for you to sub infinite challenge also ? it would be wonderful if u sub that too

  2. Pike you’re a lifesaver! thanks for all the vids, I really appreciate it. I was wondering if you could also post the avi format like you used to. I don’t mind youtube but I would also like to download the .avi format so I can watch it on my TV screen 🙂

    Thanks again Pike, you rock!

    But MU pleaseeeeee…..of course if u have time to upload again to MU. If i wanna help upload to MU, how? i mean to joining all part to become one part? if u have a spesific program, please name it.

    And once again…you’re the best PIKEYENNY.

  4. thx for sharing this but are you not going to provide download link for dream team anymore?????
    please provide the download link…
    really appreciate the hard work…

  5. thanks for uploading!! i watched it! i really want to share here hahaha but it would be spoiler to others keke enjoy ppl!

  6. thank you so much, I love that show and finally my bias Seungho is there, so I can’t wait to see how he does! :3
    I hope there will also be a dl link, too~ thank you~ ♥

  7. Everytime I watch Dream Team, I feel tension & it feels like I’m racing with them, hahaha…
    I really like Jinon, clumsy but cool, THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^

  8. naaaw, seungho TT
    haha i don’t believe ricky when he says he is nervous. afterall, he said himself, he will be the one to beat sangchu’s record =)

    thanks for streaming this =)

  9. thank you very much.. i’m watching this only because of my favorite mblaq leader seungho.. hehe ^^

  10. I wish you could share this on megaupload or mediafire too 😀 That would be awesome, since MBLAQ’s SeungHo is in this episode ;D

    But still thanks a lot for the streams 😀

    1. thnx for the info 🙂 if i wasnt know SeungHo is here, maybe i wouldnt download this ep. now i will. thnx dear 🙂

      n ofcoz, THANK YOU SOO MUCH pikeyenny for uploading this!

  11. omg!!! i enjoyed so much this show!!
    ricky is really amazing and handsome! ❤
    but… i love dongjun too ;A;
    and i felt er very bad when he, jinon and seungho couldnt do it :c
    anyway, thank u for sharing~ ❤

  12. awwww man…. the videos have been removed.
    is it possible to upload it on Megaupload/Mediafire?
    I really wanna download it. T.T

  13. Just wanted to ask you that … Can’t you give us download links, I don’t want to download them using IDM 😦 If you can upload them to mediafire or megaupload, I really appreciate it 🙂
    Anf thank you for your all efforts ^^

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