Happy Together Season 3 Ep 188 [English Subtitle]

should i give the download link too ? or only stream link is enough ?


MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?9ll9if1a1bawc

MU :thank to David : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7ORBVEX9

re-up to MU split into 9 parts as RAR file



132 thoughts on “Happy Together Season 3 Ep 188 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thx a lot for your hard work =)
    Personally, I’d prefer have the download links, please could you give them? ~~
    m(_ _)m

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. About the question, download load link would be great. Thanks again for your hard work. I check your site daily.

  3. thanks for the upload πŸ˜€ download links will be better so can just watch it straight from computer without loading

  4. I always feel bad that I should comment more. Thanks so much for uploading. I mainly watch online so I think just a stream is good.

  5. Thanks for the upload !
    Streaming on youtube would suffiece I think, can leech the files from there anyway; however just in case the copyright bloodhounds find you, I think a download link would be great as well 😑
    Ow btw part 4 isn’t working 😦 (for the moment?)

  6. Thank you!! And I download since I think it’s better idk why, so I’d say please keep posting the upload links pleaseeeeeee πŸ˜€ <33

  7. Awesome, thanks! I generally like to download so I can watch at a later time. So a download link is usually preferred (by me). Again, thanks!

  8. I prefer download links personally. I like to watch a show in my own time and in one segment. I also like to hook it up to my tv and watch it with my mom. Thanks for posting

  9. I definitely prefer DL. I have to pay per / GB during peak time so with DL I can let it download overnight and get watch whenever I want. Also means I can re-watch old eps in the future even if the streams get taken down.
    Thanks for the upload!

  10. Thanks!! And its so fast as well =) Really appreciate all you hard-work. We get to enjoy and understand the best entertainments & laughs in Korean because of you!! THanks AGAIN!!

  11. yay i was waiting for this episode, thanks for subbing and please continue to keep the download links. always thankful to the people to upload to MU in the community

  12. Thanks so much for sharing!
    I don’t like watching streaming, so download links are much better πŸ˜€
    btw, MF link doesn’ have 001 part?

  13. Personally, I prefer to stream links instead of DL, because I can watch the stream faster. Hehehe…
    But, please share download links too. ^^

    thanks for this ep, pike~

  14. Always loved actual downloadings, thank you for uploading! But is there a missing part in the dl links? It starts from part02~05…

  15. Thank you so much, I prefer the download links better. I usually download when I’m at the office, and youtube is being blocked in my office, so of course I cannot stream online. Thanks so much. Hope you’ll provide download links more in the future! God Bless!!

  16. yea, i prefer download links..
    thanks pike, and also david, taking that MU link ^^

    when i have a day with enough time to use MF, i will help you reupload also =)

  17. Thank you , Pikeyenny!!! Thank you for uploading the Happy Together episodes…you happen to upload the ones I look forward to the most. We all apprieciate your hard work! Thanks! (:

  18. thank you so much..
    i am going to be honest.. i prefer dl links

    sometimes i go for months without watching any shows coz i am so busy but when I come back its gd to have the dl links, where as sometimes the stream is removed..

    I know its alot of work for you to upload as well… but we really appreciate it ❀

  19. I download it if download links are provided! But if it’s too troublesome for you, watching on YouTube is fine too.

    Thank you!

  20. Thanks to David, and first of all, thanks to you pikeyenny! ^^
    I hope they’ll talk about My Black Mini Dress. I soooo want to watch this movie! =)

  21. thank you very much!!!

    i wouldn’t mind only download links but i can download the vid from yt too so do whatever you think is right πŸ™‚

  22. You can also download videos using the Easy Youtube Video Downloader add-on for firefox. I think it’s the easiest and best way to download videos from youtube. You can pick the level of quality and the file format. Really simple and fast~~

    Anyways, I just about died laughing at Jeon Hyunmoo’s attempt to sing 4 high notes!!!! It’s hard to explain why, but he looked like a baby turtle stretching its neck out for a far off piece of seaweed. That’s the best I can do, lol. I was right there along with Park Misun, on my knees crying with laughter, hahahaha. Thanks for uploading and sharing!!! I love HT!!!

  23. just trying to help for those who wants to download, y’all can use keepvid.com~ it’s really easy to download from youtube! =D

    thanks for uploading!

  24. One of the funniest episodes so far in my opinion , also lots of cute girls πŸ˜€ One of my favourites for sure!
    Thanks fior sharing ❀

  25. thanks for the upload

    Usually I prefer the downloads, since they often have better quality then the streams.

    But for people who are on odd ISP with caps etc,
    try JDownloader.

    It works with most services, megaupload, rapidshare etc.
    And even many popular streaming sites, youtube, dailymotion (dont think facebook yet).

    It is a wonderful tool that lets you queue your downloads, and ie. let them download at night, or download streams that you then can take with you and watch when away from the net.

  26. I always admmire and thakfull for your hard work

    please..please..please upload happy together episode yonghwa as guest

  27. Are you going to translate the next episodes too??? I want to see the one with yonghwa, simon d and kikwang…
    I will wait…
    Thank you so much for subbing Happy Together. I like it very very very much!

  28. anyone knows all background music titles used where everybody dances from start to end … except for dooley and “this song” by 2am …

  29. wow…thanks a lot for your work…you are great…i’ve been waiting for this episode,,,can’t wait to see it…and yeah…thanks for the download links…^_^

  30. Thank you for uploading and thank you David for the link to download this episode.
    It’s truly appreciated :3

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