Gag Concert 20110406 With G.NA [English Subtitle]

i love to watch this show ^^, relax and have fun ^________^


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39 thoughts on “Gag Concert 20110406 With G.NA [English Subtitle]

  1. hey again… im back after along months of exam preparations and assignment submission… now… there still is tho but kinda of stress so… seek help from yenny ahahah. thanks for this video love u. always

  2. Wooow is this a new show or what i really enjoyed watching it thanks for subbing hope you sub other episodes especially if MBLAQ or Bigbang, SNSD or Kara comes on it!

  3. Thank you, Pike…Well, it was nice that KBSW decided to aired this show…I got a few good laugh here and there but sadly not all of them were funny…

  4. Thank you so much Pike ! Thanks for uploading such a great variety of shows ! We appreciate it very much . THANKS ! ❤

  5. 😀 I have been wanting to watch full episodes of Gag Concert. Thank you so much for always uploading such great shows!

  6. daebak daebak daebak!!

    i’ve been waiting for this …i watch it last time but didnt manage to finished it …thank you…hope u updated every week gag concert since this time they have eng subbed .

    saranghae ::)

  7. Love it!!!! Thank you for uploading the complete subbed version…. can;t wait to watch more subbed episodes 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

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