Win Win Eps 54 [English Subtitle]

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52 thoughts on “Win Win Eps 54 [English Subtitle]

  1. Oh,SeungSeungJangGo!!
    Thanks for this.
    Between,do you have the earlier episode of WinWin when Taeyeon was still one of the MCs.I’ve been dying to watch all of them but sadly no one subbed it yet.

  2. wow…. win win… i luv this show,.. but it too difficult to find the sub.. 😀
    thanks for subbing…
    hope there will be more episode of win win..
    again thanks pike., ,.^____^

  3. Wow, that’s the first time I see a win win episode full subbed. I never watched it before but I will give it a try!^^
    Thank you for your hard work!!~~

  4. Win Win!! Thank you!

    It’s too bad shows of when Wooyoung and Taeyon were hosting were not available. Those two are hilarious!

  5. Omg u recorded nd uploaded Win Win!! Haha thanks I will now give the full show try since before I could only find cuts >.< thank youu

  6. OMG I was like waiting whether you will uploading win win or not.. and there you are… really thank you so much for this <333

  7. Hi. Thanks for uploading WW. Can you upload Gag Concert too? Since KBS have eng subs on it now. Cos the showtimes are not in my favour 😦

  8. I really like this new show. Kim Seungwoo is a pretty MC. And Sugeun also has his witty remarks, I hope you’ll post Win Win more often!!! Thanks you for the subs ^^

  9. thanks for subbing this show..
    but do u have any of the episode where taeyeon and wooyung are still the mc of this show…
    anyway thanks again for uploading this..

  10. thank u for subbing this show,it really hard to find this show with eng sub…do you have earlier episode when taeckyon,siwon and yonghwa as quest?
    one more thing,can i request?
    can you sub super junior foresight?it’s hard to find this show wiith full eng sub…I really thank you if you want to sub it,thanks again for your hardwork…

    1. if you don’t know already pikeyenny doesn’t do this subbing. She records the show from channel KBSWorld. the channel has some shows from channel KBS1 and KBS2 from Korea subbed. and Foresight is not in channel KBS sadly (it’s from channel MBCevery1) so KBSWorld won’t sub it..

  11. thank you for uploaded this video!!!

    I really like win win variety show!

    I hope you will upload another episode, with english sub of course..^__^ hehehehe!!

    pikeyenny jjang!!

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