Oh! My School Ep 16 [English Subtitle]

i’ve just seen some vietsub forums took my files without credit …. T_T …. that’s why i didn’t have a good mood to update fast this week … if you guys continue do that. i will stop OMS


Vietsub forums : take out with full CREDIT

BT :Β  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q9IBF9JL

MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?z87q6z5s4i5xi

MU : ( say thank to Neko4eien ) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7VQYW7BZ


364 thoughts on “Oh! My School Ep 16 [English Subtitle]

  1. waah, I hope those people would stop </3
    I love this show and I REALLY appreciate your effort in subbing πŸ™‚ I hope people would credit β™₯ it's common sense.

  2. Hope those people will stop taking your vids without credit. I dun hav KBS world at home and the only way I found to watch OMS is through yr website. 😦 Thanks a million for uploading anyway~

  3. what a shame to those ignorant people!
    thanks for sharing pikeyenny, u dont know how much it means to us who doesnt speak koreans

  4. no!!! damn those idiot forums! why those people always take without credit?!! viet, you die!! watch out for earthquake =x

    1. Are you kidding me? Watch out for earthquake? I can’t believe you just used the unfortunate and tragic fate of the Japanese in such a thoughtless joke

  5. NO!!! please do not stop uploading OMS because you’re the only source i got to be able to watch it. 😦
    to those people just give credits to pikeyenny, its not that hard :O
    thanks for the hard work, we really appreciate you, even though you’re busy and stuff, still be able to satisfy us, thanks πŸ™‚

  6. I hope you not going to stop . Pleasee !
    I’m begging youu .
    Anyway thx for sharing those videos .
    I really appreciate it !

  7. thx 4 uploading this. πŸ™‚
    but, can u upload this video to youtube? i cannot download from megaupload beacuse of the size. T.T

  8. c’mon Vietsub, your actions would really piss a lot of people, REALLY…
    so please, give pike some credit for the hardwork. . .
    Thanks pike, anyways. . . Keep it up! : ))

  9. it would KILL you to keep the credits of a person who actually did all the hard work.. C’mon Now!

    Thank you Pikeyenny for all the hard work

  10. WHAAAAT?? Nooooo please don’t stop subbing OMS πŸ˜₯
    I really really hope they stop doing that πŸ˜₯
    It’s not that hard to credit pikeyenny πŸ˜₯

  11. wow people dont appreciate hard work, thank you so much for these I love OMS πŸ™‚ please don’t stop!! ❀

    1. who are you to call them low life?
      1. they’re subbers. ALL SUBBERS deserve to be praised.
      2. you just made a racist statement. thanks for making yourself look like a douche.

      as much as i appreciate pikeyenny some of the comments that are post on here are made from ignorant 12 year olds including yourself… have fun being a dck.

      1. They are able to sub because they can sub from english to vietnamese.
        Taking a subbed file and converting it based on the subbed file would put it on the “stealing” area for me.

        If they subbed based on a raw file, then all props to them but if you are doing a resub, It can’t be hard to just put in one more line to credit the original subber?

  12. Yeah I hope the Vietsub forums start crediting you too! T-T thanks for the upload!

    Everyone, Pikeyenny doesn’t sub the episodes, KBSWorld does. She uploads the recording of the show πŸ™‚

    1. i know, i wish she would actually clarify that coz people always thank her for subbing, when it’s actually KBSWorld that does it.
      im forever grateful to Pikeyenny for uploading though (:

  13. thanks for the sub, and i hope you will continue to share OMS with eng sub because its the only website i can watch it with sub because i can’t understand korean

    pls those who doesn’t credit pikeyenny please don’t take her work as your own, its also a form of stealing you know…

  14. Uuuuurgh! These people are so irritating>.< Please continue subbing! Your efforts are truly appreciated by all of us! Your videos, i must say is looked forward to every single week. Thank you so much!!!!! :DDD

  15. Thank you for your effort and hard work!
    TO VIET SUBBERS: Really… Please, credit Pikeyenny, if not then you will really disappoint and piss of a lot of people who canΒ΄t speak Korean! CREDIT THEM! Xin moi nguoi do…

  16. I PRAY for those people to stop doing unhumane things like that :/
    Cause I love this show and appreciate so much that you take time to sub it! Thanks a lot.

  17. Don’t mind those who don’t leave credit , they are a few amongst thousands who follow your blog and appreciate it.
    I have been following your blog since close to a year I think and would be awfully depressed if you stop sharing videos with us. So thanks alot for this video , the previous and the future ones hopefully πŸ˜€
    Lots of love from Norway ❀

  18. srsly thanks alot for all the videos u share wit us.
    no matter how busy u r, u will still update those videos.
    thankiu pikeyenny! πŸ˜€
    hope u have a great day

  19. Those people are -.- no courtesy at all. please continue Oh my school! It’s my Favorite. I’m sure the rest also love it. please don’t stop. i’ll wait for your mediafire. (: hwaiting. good job.

  20. Thx for uploading
    I feel sad too to know there’s some one sub your video without credit. Maybe you must warning the uploader, so next time they will make credit for you pike.

  21. You are my one and only source for Oh My School with English subtitles.. Please don’t stop uploading… pretty please…?

  22. I will track down the vietsub forums and KILL THEM!!! KILLL!!!!!
    That must be really annoying that people take your videos and dont take out the full credit :/
    HWAITING! I love oh! my school. never stop subbing!

  23. ohhh no!!! pleaseee do take full credit!!

    just please dont think about urselves.. think about other people here who are relying to madam pikeyenny’s subs!

    thank u

  24. thx for subbing it pike.. im begging you plss dont stop oh my school.. i really love this show..
    those who are taking pike’s video for viet sub.. “PLEASE COMMENT BEFORE YOU TAKE PIKE’S SUB”..
    apprecite it a lot.. soo pls dont stop oh my school.. hwaiting.. πŸ™‚

  25. thanks for uploading!! people please credit pikeyenny especially since she’s putting in the effort to upload this for all of us

  26. I hope that viet sub forum will credit you. isn’t easy to just write -> credit: pikeyenny ? btw,thank you for uploading this eps! ❀ and please keep uploading OMS. WE ALL LOVE OMS n pikeyenny ❀

  27. Omo~ How rude could these people be? γ… γ…  But I hope you wouldn’t be disheartened as there are lots of us who are grateful, who appreciate and support you for the help you’re doing. κ³ λ§ˆμ™€μš”!

  28. I really hope people stop doing it same to the person who commented just now say that he/she love this show very much I really hope you continue to upload the show thank you πŸ™‚

  29. plz don’t st0p upl0ading OMS.!! i just depend 0n u to re-watch it since i always miss it.. T___T
    who are they..?? plz credit to pikeyenny if u guys take it..

  30. I’m sure if you mention the name of who’s taking your files without credit, the 300+ people who regularly comment here will send them polite reminders.

  31. they are ruining it for us … did you contact them?
    anyway thank you for ur uploads
    for me it is only me who watch them and I’m more than happy it made my day every time

  32. pikeyenny…plz dont stop upload OMS k.i really2 appreciate it that you sub this show..i love OMS so muchhhh….i love you also…(^_^)..

    p/s:to those that take without credit plz stop it..

  33. thats so ave ><
    man ppl should just learn to respect others and give credit where its due…
    dw we appreciate all your hard work ❀

  34. thanks for sharing… and please please to put CREDIT if you use her stuff… its hard work you know… shameless people =(

  35. yaaaa!!! whoever YOU that take out pike’s videos with vietsub without credit.. please stop it. you make pike n also anyone here dissapointed!

    pike, please dun stop ur hard work for OMS.
    i can’t find OMS in anywhere T.T

  36. Please continue sharing OMS T__T
    Most of us are thankful for your works and won’t do such a thing. Hope those ignorant people will stop doing that =(

  37. thanks for the upload!!! please continue to upload!!
    I really appreciate you taking time to do this.
    thanks again!!

  38. oops i meant thanks for posting up the subbed vid fr k station >.< i hope the ppl from the v sub will credit you next time. hwaiting!

  39. Don’t stop uploadinging OMS, pleasssssse!

    for Vietsub forums:
    Oh Come on!
    You just take out with full credit. Stop doing that!

    Pike, thank u~~~

  40. thanks for uploading this episode…..i hope those people who take ur vid without credit will stop taking ur vid….

  41. I love your uploads! I dont have astro at home to watch KBS World so I’ve been watching from your uploads ! Dont stop uploading pleaseeee!

  42. And you always mention to credit you when you post something, incredible how people can be -_-
    Thank you a lot for uploading this show though, it would really be a shame if those ppl continue and you stop posting this 😦 but thank you for your effort πŸ™‚

  43. Seriously, would it hurt them if they put a proper credit? Can’t believe…
    I hope you won’t stop uploading it, it’s one of my fav show
    and I really appreciate your effort ^^ THANK YOU so much

  44. whats wrong with just putting credit inside the video.. AS if you own the video.. (to the vietnamese who take this video and have it sub in vietnam language without putting credit in it)

  45. Hey… Whoever that person is… Pls dont be selfish… Credit ppl hard work… Juz bcoz of you… We the innocent ones might have to miss this show… Thanks Pikeyenny for your hard work… 

  46. Thank you so much for sharing the subbed videos!
    I will wait until the megaupload link is up, youtube doesn’t work properly in my dorms~~
    You’re the best!

  47. sorry to hear that they took your subs and din’t give you credit 😦
    However thank you for uploading ❀

  48. woohoo! thanks pikeyenny 4 ur hardwork!
    anyways those people should be banned in ur site! they really dnt know how 2 appreciates someone’s hardwork….. -.-“

  49. First of all thank you so much for your hard work~~ and secondly the person responsible for taking your vids without credit should apologize to you immediately!!

  50. whoevers taking without credit please stop… dont ruin it for other people whos only source of OMS is through here…

    btw pike thanks soo much for uploading for us!! i really appreciate it cuz i love this show so much and i wouldnt be able to watch it without you! ❀

  51. Pleasseeee DON’T STOP DDD:
    I absolutely love you for subbing and uploading OMS and admire that you are willing to do so!

    I’m begging you, please do not stop! A lot of people love the show and you for subbing it!

    To whoever took your video without crediting you, SHAME ON YOU, it doesn’t hurt to credit someone! Especially when you have been given the right to take it, given you credit pikeyenny, in the first place!

  52. Thanks a lot for sharing it….. i love OMS and i think its the same with everyone over here..
    And for those who has taken your video without credit should be banned from here… please appreciate other people’s hardwork!!

  53. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I really appreciate your hard work!! Pls dont stop uploading…I really look forward to your subbed uploads of OMS. I’d be heartbroken if you stop!


  54. You’re awesome!
    Me lub you long time!

    Too bad about the viet leechers:( Hope you can still continue uploading for us who are unable to watch this show on tv πŸ™‚


  55. andwaeee 😦 we still need you onni 😦 just mention the forum and let everybody know so that your followers could help you to warn their forum πŸ™‚ just my opinion

  56. thank you for sharing as always.. and i do hope people will credit you for your hard work! πŸ™‚
    by the way are you uploading this megaupload? not just the bt? :)(i don’t have torrent:( ) thanks πŸ™‚

  57. grazie mille per quello che fai e spero che non smetta di postare OMS perchΓ¨ Γ¨ uno show fantastico πŸ˜€
    un grazie enorme dall’Italia πŸ˜€ thank u!!!!!!

  58. thanks for uploading dear..keep it up pls.. OMS is one of my favorites..

    HEY VIET LEECHERS….STOP IT!!!! or at least give credit to her..it’n not difficult u know?

  59. Thanks so much for sharing. Please continue OMS, most of us are really appreciative. Its definitely not right for people to take your uploads without credits, but don’t let a few bad apples spoil it all. You have a lot of supporters here, and we’ll always be grateful. ❀

  60. Thank you so much for uploading and sharing with us. Please don’t stop uploading because of some leechers. You’ll make a lot of us so sad. Also, have you tried to politely ask them to include your credit?

  61. I work with a subbing team and I hate when I see our subs just posted on youtube by someone else (we do not allow taking of our subtitles and reupping). I completely understand if you stop uploading to send them a message.

  62. YA PIKEYENNY if i ever meet you im buying you a beer, id suck if i couldnt watch my fave korean shows anymore

    Keep doing what your doing

    Forget those stealing ass punks.

  63. Thank you PikeYenny for the hard work. Geez, those people who takes your work really are annoying. Is giving credits that hard? Besides, they could not make vietsubs unless they have the show translated in English first so they really MUST give credits.

    Please please please don’t stop subbing OMS!

  64. Fighting! I know it’s hard when you upload things and other people think it’s public property and upload it without thinking.

    I appreciate your subs greatly, mainly Dream Team <3.

  65. thank you soooo much ❀
    please dont stop posting this because this is the only place where i can watch OMS with subs

  66. Thank you soooo mucchhh<33 I love you for doing this πŸ™‚
    Please don't stop, your subs are great and it's the only place I can watch and download these.
    I know it's hard with school and stuff~ And when people take stuff without your credit.. 😦


  67. wahhhhhhh thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i ❀ youuuuuuuuu!!!! and i shall kill the people who try to take your work without crediting you cause i don't want you to stop!!!

  68. Oh Nooo!!

    : /

    : ) Long time fan here (waving)

    First of all, Thank You for providing such a wonderful job on subbing for people like us, who appreciate your hard work.

    Please pls continue for us. There are a lot of variety show out there that are not up to par. O.M.S.(ever since they added shin young, it became a lot better) and Running Man are the only 2 that are great to follow at the momment.

    There’s always a downer in a set group, but I hope you keep ur head up and know there are others (lots of others) that u make happy.

    As for the vietsub that took without credit, karma will come back and know that in another language people are enjoying YOUR & EFFORTS, even if they didn’t know where the real source came from.

    Hope ur rest of the week picks up to be a better…

  69. please don’t stop uploading and subbing OMS because this is the only blog that I can watch OMS with sub, plus you are a very good and fast subber….I really appreciate your effort (a million thanks from me)…people who took your vid without credit should apologize to you, immediately!

  70. Nooo ;-;
    I can’t believe that we may not have amazing subs because of some ppl that won’t give the credits you deserve!
    I hope they stop doing this
    and that you continue to cheer my days with this so funny show ^_^~
    thank you ❀

  71. thank you for subbing, i truly appreciate it! OMS is basically the only Korean show i watch. So thank you thank you thank you.

  72. As a Vietnamese person, I’m ashamed to hear that the vietsub community stole your vids. Don’t take it too personally, because you embed your website into the vids, people will know they’re yours–unless they have erased it, then I would be REALLY pissed off on your behalf.

  73. Thanks for the upload, really really really realllly love this show. πŸ˜€ Please don’t stop uploading this show 😦

  74. Omg, I hope those ppl stop! I really, really love what you do for this show! You always make my week ‘cuz I always look forward to a new OMS episode. Thanks so much for subbing these!!!

  75. Please don’t stop subbing OMS. I wish there was a way to catch and fine people who do stuff like that. A lot of people are doing it to these people who sub and then end up stopping because of it. Damn you people!

  76. thanks a lot pike.. love u lol..
    anyway.. please dont stop to upload OMS.. (>__<)
    we're really appreciated what u did..
    for those re-upload or re-sub this show and u are take it from here.. please laaa put the credit.. it's not easy to do this ok!! please appreciated what others did..

  77. I hope you know that your work is really appreciated ):
    i hope you dont stop subbing. you’re so reliable and awesome!!
    but please take out with full credits people!!!

  78. GEEZ, those people are sucks! They better put the credit unless I’m gonna hunt them down! Or
    Anyway, thanks so much for uploading. I really hope all of these encouraging comments can boost up your mood ^^
    More power!

  79. thanks…i very appreciated ur work..
    .i hope u don’t stop upload OMS..
    i only can watch and download via ur website only..thanks again…ur awesome..^_^

  80. oh, come on vietsubs, appreciate pikeyenny a bit..
    anyway, thank you so much, I haven’t watched the previous episode so I can’t comment much..

  81. hey! thanks so much for uploading! you post the forum link up so we can go help you make sure they credit you!
    and i think the mediafire link isnt working. might be because there is a comma in the link but im not sure.

  82. I know your upset, and you have all means to be. However, I really do love your site especially for Oh! My School…i love it so much that its in my toolbar for quick access. Just punish those that did it, but I believe there are more than enough ppl who appreciate your work as much as I do.

  83. Thank you for subbing this hilarious show.

    Tell who has been stealing your subs, we can go harrass them. its not fair for them to do this without giving you credit for ur work.

  84. Ooo..ep 16 is here! Thank you!!!

    Don’t stop uploading! Don’t let those inconsiderate get you down! They’re not worth your being upset.

    All of us here support you & have been following your blog for ages because you upload such cool stuff!

    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  85. thx soo much. please dont stop uploading,, its not right using your work without giving credits,,,! i hope they realize this,,

  86. Once again thank you soo much for subbing and uploading it! I’ll sure to enjoy it tonight.. LOL =D

    I’m soo sorry to hear that someone took advantage of your hard work.. I hope they’ll stop. All they need to do is credit you.. how hard can that be.


  87. I don’t understand those subbers at all. Why is it so hard for them just to give credit to a person they take something from? They don’t even have to pay a penny for your sub -*-

    Thank you for your subbed work, PikeYenny.

  88. thanks for subbing again, i do hope they credit you soon cause i would hate to see you stop subbing these awesome shows.

  89. thank you so much for your hard work and i just hope everything goes well…don’t stop subbing this lease ^_^

  90. i hope you dont stop to upload OMS.. you are my only source to watch this show. i hope those people will stop taking your videos without credit.. btw thank you very much Pikeyenny!!

  91. thanks….it’s easy to credit and say thank you..it is also common sense, how can those peeps forget what is taught to them @ such a young age…really hope they will stop or credit because i love this show and would love 4 u to continue it….again thanks…

  92. thank you PikeYenny!!! This episode is just too hilarious i had a good laugh. stomach is still aching now lol
    and guys!!! stop giving those nasty and racist comments cursing and scolding the “viets”. only those who took out the videos from vietsub forums deserve a scold. stop the death threats and disgusting racist comments.
    and Viet forum subbers please give credits after you took the videos. this is stealing

  93. Cheer Up!
    I think after this they will remember to put the credit ^^

    so.. don’t stop.. I really love this web πŸ™‚

  94. thanx 4 sharing…you did such a great job..so please do not stop…there will be several ways you will be reward someday through your hardwork…

  95. D; did u delete my comment??
    sorry if i said anything bad :S
    but seriously, can u edit the link for mediafire.

  96. thanx for uploading pike.. anyways, why don’t you give us the links of that forums and we’ll remind them (like hell).. i hope you’d still upload OMS coz your my only source.. T_T

  97. Thank you very much i keep waiting for this show
    please dont stop,
    FIGHTING!! ^^

    ps. what a shame to those bad people

  98. as always, thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚

    it’s unfortunate that there will always be people who don’t respect others’ wishes 😑

    just let us know if you need our help for anything!

  99. nawww please don’t stop 😦 people making viet subs PLEASE CREDIT PIKEYENNY or else you will get it from me 😑 lol jkss but seriously…credit them…it’s not all your work…and i don’t want to not be able to watch this anymore because of viet subbers T^T and by the way PIKEYENNY THANKS SO MUCH πŸ˜€

  100. there’s no point telling people to credit in these comments, they probably don’t take the time to read it =/
    thank you anyway for still uploading. i hope whoever is doing this will get their act together and credit you. have to wait for MU links~

  101. please don’t stop uploading oh! my school… you are my only source to download if i miss watching it on KBS World!

  102. You can ask for the credit to the person that take your video.
    Please don’t stop sub OMS! There are so many people looking for your forum everyday to wait for OMS update.

    btw, thank you for the sub! please continue to sub, please πŸ™‚

  103. pleaseeee dont stop for subbing.. i’ll always waiting new eps of OMS here.. everyday i look this site.. please dont stop subbing ToT
    btw, thank youuuuu….. finally i can watch eps 16 ^____^
    waiting for the next eps.. ^______^ keep update pike~~ hwaiting

  104. I cant believe those people for not crediting your own work.
    but please dont stop updating OMS. 😐

    thank you so much 100x! ^^

  105. i love your blog.. so pleaase dont stop oms.. so many people follow your blog, ignore they who too your files without credits. they are lame!!

  106. Omo! Please don’t stop the subs ;____; I am always so happy when you upload OMS!
    But I can understand it.
    Thank you for subbing!

  107. Hey Viet forums, please take these out with due credits. Pikeyenny, we’ll be supporting for you! Please continue to provide wonderful subs for OMS. Thank you!

  108. Damn WHO THE F are those people ? Such inconsiderate brats. If they want to get those videos to use it as theirs please do take the effort to credit too. That`s stealing man.. Seriously stop those nonesense and credit, it is not easy to sub, if you can sub then do not use pikeyenny`s or any other videos. Or else it means you can`t read english, use google translator ! -.- Anyway, Thanks PikeYenny for subbing OMS and so many many other videos. I can`t understand korean, so it is very very very helpful, you helped people all around the world to be able to watch this video freely with the understanding of english subtitles. MUCH Appreciated. THANKS ! With loves ! πŸ™‚

  109. NO!!!!!!!!!! please dont stop uploading OMS…
    plis viet’subbers!!
    can u just credit pikeyenny???
    is it very hard to u?????
    please appreciated pikeyenny!!
    she has uploading OMS for all people!!
    not just for u, vier;subbers!!

    btw, thx for ur uploading pikeyenny..^^

  110. People keep saying don’t stop but you know what? I say I completely support you even if you stop b/c of people not giving you credit! Stopping to upload the videos is like giving them the finger! If you decide to stop b/c of them, put up a new topic (w/ no videos in them) titled, “New OMS episode” but when they look at the description it says, “this is for all you jerks who stole videos! Did you have fun?!?” There’s an expression for that ‘thick skinned’ but the actual expression is ‘face’ not ‘skin’ (turned into skin after english translations).

  111. plssss don’t stop subbing oms. u’re my only source for oms thst’s eng subbed. i just hope those vietsub forums stop being so ignorant >_<

  112. I forgot to mention that the ‘thick skinned’ expression means rude! But I bet people already understand it even w/o explaining… Yeah… It’s b/c you’re (not ‘you’ as in ‘you’ or the uploader/pikeyenny; I’m just explaining) so thick skinned, you don’t see to your acts as being rude or ingrate.

  113. thanks pikeyenny for sharing this fun and lovable programme~~i really appreciate your effort in subbing and sharing them,gamsahabnida…

  114. wuaaaaa…pikeyenny…nomu..nomu…nomu..nomu…thanks…can’t wait to watch HoYoung oppa!!!!
    hey guys who did that please fix it!!!
    deep bow to pikeyenny ^_^

  115. Yaay! I love this show! Thank you soo much for uploading! I can’t wait for the next ep. Is it the one with Kikwang? Or did I miss that one? THANK YOU!

  116. wow.. i totally understand. =( it’s not even hard to write “credit to pikeyenny.wordpress” or something of the sort. i hope that works ut, you definitely deserve alot more credit. thank you for uploading another fun episode =)

  117. I’m sorry your files are being taken away without permission……. i was wondering if you could upload OMS faster? because your about 3-4 eps behind now

  118. thank you so much for always subbing oms for us english speakers πŸ™‚ so please dont stop subbing 😦 because you are the only person who subs the entire episode

  119. Thanks so much Neko4eien^^ I really needed the MU download one..>< And thanks, Pike for posting and sharing X] Keep up the great work~!!!

  120. ooowwhh dont stop for sub OMS γ…œγ…œ
    pikeyenny fighting !!! πŸ˜€
    ~~ but, thanks alot for all sub ~~ great job!!!! πŸ˜€

  121. sankyuuuu!!! seriously, i always waiting for u every week because of OMS. OMS really is an awesome show other than Running Man. i really enjoy watching these 2 now >< thanx alot! ^^

  122. GAH! for some reason…those vietsub people are making me feel bad…because i am Vietnamese. O: but i know i didn’t do anything wrong! I’m just a major pikeyenny fan who comments to show how grateful i am (: THAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUU! I hope the problem is solved soon. Have a nice day~

  123. Thank you for the upload.. i know why you cover KBSWORLD as the video will get ‘ban’ if it was uploaded online..

  124. Thousand thanks for sharing this new ep. with all of us, thanks you so much for subbing this show, I love it ^^

    I hope those people will stop taking your vids without credit… it’s so sad…


  125. Thanks for the new episode. I like that they start inviting new guests. It keeps the vibe interesting! Thank you for the hard work!!!!

  126. Thank you so much for continuing to sub and upload this show. It always makes my day to see a new episode posted! πŸ™‚

  127. thank you so much for this..really appreciate it…wah i don’t know why they take without cr…thats suck…but please..keep upload this for us….really appreciate it…

  128. please don’t.. i don’t know where i can get OMS if you’re gone and i feel empty without you..

    i hope vietsubs forum don’t do this again and will credit yours

  129. Thank you so much, you’re really kind. But those horrible people who took your videos without credit……. D: D: D: Grrr.

  130. Thank you!
    I’ve just seen the beginning and I saw Son Ho Young & 2pM’s Jin Young, looks great!! =)

    Thanks for taking time to upload this!
    CL. ❀

  131. please do not stop uploading Oh My School!!. I really love this show!! Really need to watch the show. Thank you so much for uploading. I really appreciate it. Kamsahabnida!

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    1. Thank for sharing this episode. and……
      I hope you won’t stop uploading and sharing OMS with us.
      I can understand how you feel but needless to say
      We need you. πŸ™‚

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    I hope you will keep on uploading it.
    Thanks again for the hord work.

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    and also to “those people”,please stop doing that.

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    ..i hope you continue..thank you again!!!:)


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    very much appreciated ❀ i wish those that take your work should credit you for what you have done,

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    but thank you for this episode oh so much ❀

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