Happy Together Season 3 Ep 183 [English Subtitle]

Guest : TVXQ, F(x) and SHINee

Comment and don’t forget credit when you take out and make vietsub


Download : This time i would like to try BT link ^^, so if anyone like, you can try to download BT while i’m uploading MU or MF right now ^^. And don’t ask me how to download BT ( just search on google ^^ )

Bittorrent : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MRN5G6GF

MU : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8FIEQMJ2

MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?68ew8k5d1n299

Stream links :


245 thoughts on “Happy Together Season 3 Ep 183 [English Subtitle]

  1. I haven’t downloaded anything from megaupload today, but it shows that limit is exceeded 😦 buuuuuuuu T_T I wanted to watch Onew before going to sleep today… Could anyone send me torrent file to my e-mail?

  2. Thanks for the video Pike!!
    I will be seeding on BT when the download is finish.
    Seems like it will be stuck at 57% for a while since Pike is the only seeder lol.

  3. LOVE PIKEYENNY……..thank you so much……can’t wait for the streaming link……waaaaaa!!!!!
    thanks ^_^…!!!!!

  4. Oh by the way Pikeyenny.. can u also upload the Happy Together episode with the original idols? It was just shown.. but the one with subs will probably come out later.. only if you have time.. please and thank you ^^

  5. OMO! Thank you so much! I’m waiting for the direct link of course.
    Btw, do you have Happy Together – Dream High cast? If you have, would you mind to sharing it?
    Thx so much

  6. thanx a lot!!!! i’ve waited for this eps for so long….
    but I wonder, don’t upload the “entertainment weekly” anymore???

  7. Hey, since you’re starting to use BT, is it possible for you to make one with ALL the episodes of IY? I don’t want to download each and every file one by one….

  8. I absolutely love your blog– if only I have found this sooner! Youtube has been deleting all these awesome shows,but thanks to you I can watch them here. Please continue to share! Thanks a bunch!!

  9. Love this show!!!
    Happy together episodes is my favorite of all Pike Yenny uploads.
    Thank u so much for uploading!!!

  10. Thank you for the sub..i just curious why you don’t unlist your video in youtube…
    i mean,if i were you, i will be very upset if my own videos got suspended….
    it’s just an advice from me…thanks a lot for all the hardworks

  11. Thanks! You should upload on bittorrent more often for those of us who have slllloooowww internet connections.
    ^-^ lol cause everytime my internet dies, i have to redownload. But thanks again!

  12. Thank you for the sub.

    I was kinda disappointed in this ep. it was funny and entertaining. But….


    I can tell they cut a lot.. I want to hear more stories of HOMIN!

  13. THANKS A LOT!!! 😀
    And just wondering, how come the videos seem darker? Not trying to seem unappreciative. I’m just saying. 🙂
    But still thanks for uploading!! 😀 ❤

  14. thanks a lot..
    i really love your blogs..
    keep it up a good works.
    n always bring me laughter..

    * can i request for two days and one night shows..
    i really love them..
    but, it’s hard to watch them in anywhere. 😉

  15. thank you! downloaded last night, but i was so tired i couldn’t watch it. *go and watch it right away* ❤

  16. i really love this episode!! I watched it on TV during it’s first airing, as well as it’s replay and now for the third time in the net.. kekeke!

  17. Thanks for all your subbed videos. Are you able to subbed the episode with Old Idols – moon hee jun, kim tae woo, etc. I am really looking forward to that episode. Thanks again!!

  18. i really love happy together and the guests who appeared on this episode! thank you so so much for sharing it with us!

  19. Thank you soo much for uploading!
    I love that you give us the download links too :3
    You’re amazing keep up the good work!

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