Oh! My School Ep 13 [English Subtitle]

Take out with full credit when you make VIETSUB


Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?2o94b1ya6wkwq

MU ( say thank to toeknee ) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GTZZOMDQ

MU ( say thank Lushy) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J1XUPSX0

Stream :


373 thoughts on “Oh! My School Ep 13 [English Subtitle]

  1. Yay, thank you so much, I just can’t wait to watch new episodes, especially the one with Onew. *blush* I think it’s the next one, maybe.

  2. Thanks for subbing, love this show ^^
    Cant wait till you’ll will upload it, excited bout this episode 😉

  3. thank you for this..
    may i ask u something…??
    can u please upload the recent kbs drama special-white christmas….i searched it everywhere but still don’t found it…well,u r always the best in providing kbs program..
    i hopes u can upload it…..please…
    i know i can have a faith on u….

  4. GOD i looooooove you for subbing my favorite show and uploading it sooo fast THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!^^

  5. this ep very hilarious,, i laughed so much watching lyric’s song eng to korean translation. haha

    thank you!!!

    I really cant put into words how much we appreciate what you are doing for us. THANKS A LOT!!!!
    I dont know you personally but you are making a huge impact in our lives–making me happy and enjoy a beautiful culture that I wouldnt enjoy if your translations weren’t provided.


    looking forward to a great episode watching!!! 😛

  7. I had hoped it was up already but since you’re trying to upload it as soon as possible I am happy to know you’re doing your best for us!!!! >.< Please don't let yourself get rushed by others and just take your time. ^^ We are always thankful for the time you sacrifice for us to upload these videos!

  8. Thank you! Thank you! I check this site everyday for new videos!
    Ahhh and teasing us with this… Haha I’ll be waiting patiently!!
    Thank you once again! 😀

  9. Thank you soooo much ^__^ Downloading now, you are awesome.
    If you need someone to upload the episode so you can stream it on MV let me know 🙂 I could try 😀

  10. I can’t wait until tomorrow, I really like this episode, this is the start of the sing the lyrics that are in english to Korean. Thanks!

  11. Thanks you so much ! You’re incredible how fast you’re ! If I remember well you’re vietnames and I don’t know what time is it in Vietnam but in France, it’s about 9 PM so in Vietnam it’s already Wenesday ! You work so hard ! And I’m really thankful for that !!! We love you !

  12. Thank you very much!!!!!

    I’ll be watching the streaming videos thought not downloading so I won’t be watching right now lol.

  13. thanks so much..!!!!!
    hope u can upload the stream faster..
    coz i can only download it using streaming..
    MU or MF don’t work for me..
    my school blocked them.. huhu~

  14. YAY! you’re the best.
    waiting a few more minutes won’t kill us, but wouldn’t want to tire you out.
    And as always, thank you!

  15. Gracias infinitas, este programa me hace pasar una hora muy muy feliz, y tu me lo proporcionas asi que tu me haces muy feliz
    Thank you

  16. Wow you’re fast! Heheh
    Thank you for sharing this episode and….
    For all your wffort in sharing it with us.
    I’m so grateful 🙂

  17. thnx for this ^^
    i was watching something i got from youtube and it was english subbed, from watching that i realize that your subs are way much easier to read than others!! :O
    good work 😀

  18. i am now officially addicted to this show..
    thanx for uploading this! (>_<)v
    ur hard work is very much appreciated..

  19. Thank you thank you thank you.. can’t say anything to show how thankful I am toward you..
    I’ll always wait you new ep..

  20. omgah yes! I was just frustrated on what show I can watch and saw that you updated!

    yeyeye!!! thank you so much!!!
    Oh My School is seriously one of my FAVORITE shows now! xD

    1. hehe no worries! even though all the hardwork is thanks to pikeyenny’s i am glad to have uploaded it for pikeyenny and you, the littlest thanks makes me really happy!!! .. ill be glad if pikeyenny let me uploads her new projects in the future =)

      1. hehe no worries pikeyenny! expect me to help u upload your future projects im glad to help out .. you’ve done way more by providing us subtitles to the shows we love to watch =) the least i could do is reupload them for you =) im glad to have come across this site and to help out also =)

  21. thank youu!! but could you pleassee sub ep 14?? i reallyy wanna watch it haha
    we love you for doing all that you do!! <333

  22. Hey there, thank you so much for this!


    Thank youuuuuuuuuu.. ^^

  23. Thank you for uploading = ) I really appreciate the time and effort you put into subbing and uploading this = )

  24. appreciate what ur doing and thanks again!!! Keep it up!
    PS: Cld u sub SBS Heroes? No one is doing a good job on that….

  25. thank you very much pikeyenny for subbing and upload the show.
    I notice new theme on your blog too. Like it! ^^
    Well, thank you very very much ^^

  26. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the MU links 😀
    Looking forward to this as always!
    Nice new layout aswell 🙂

    Lots of love from Norway ❤

  27. Nice… I always enjoy every episode, especially last episode…
    But, what about Eun Seo?
    I haven’t seen her for a while…

    1. right!! i’ve already miss the minseo couple :c

      and… min is a hip maniac just like me 8D
      in happy birthday said she wants to be on a desert island with junho because of his butt
      and… i prefer ho and chan over khun n taec, all because of the bodies ❤ 8DDD

  28. thank you soooo much i luv this show. this episode was hilarous! it would’ve probably been even better if hongki was there =]

  29. hey i love ur new page layout . thanks for the eng subs !! really appreciate it =D .. just to ask , will you continue to upload sgb ? just asking dun get mad ok ? hahas love you ^^

  30. I heard SMe is producing a drama based on a popular Japanese manga. Maybe he’s off OMS because they’re prepping him for the lead role.

  31. You have no idea how freaking, f-ing excited and thankful I am for this website. I love how you sub EVERYTHING whereas some sub groups only sub like one idol and leave everything else out. LOVE YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! ❤

  32. Hi!!!…Thank you so much for translating and uploading this show, it’s so great. I started watching it only because Honggi appeared on it, but now I fall in love with Simon D, too xD… just one question: 100 points out of 100 is a different variety show?
    I reallyreally really respect your effort… thank you ssoooo much Ü

  33. thank you! it’s the guy from shinhwa! *dang*can’t remember his name. anyway, i love the show! thanks for subbing it<<3

  34. Pleas reupload part 5 form this episode TToTT . I can’t wait for watch this episode . I hope you can reupload this although this episode was old thank you >o<

  35. Thank you very much PikeYenny for the download links !
    Really really appreciate it ! 🙂
    Just one question though. For the Mediafire links, there’s no .005.
    If I join the files using HJSplit, will the video turn out ok?

    1. nope. it wont works. it just combine till part 4. i have tried it. that why i’m asking pikeyenny to upload part 005 coz i hve downloaded all parts except part 5. huhu

  36. woh, after finish download, then i realize there is no part 005.. huhu, so sad~~ is it not possible to re-upload the part??

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