Oh! My School Ep 8 [English Subtitle]

First of all, thank so much for all your comments for hoping my happy lunar new year ^^ love you all

I tried to upload fast this ep ^^, so let enjoy it now … ^^

Thank god that i can upload very fast on youtube these days hahaha. I will try upload other shows soon … let hope for my internet connection speed and hope that my mom won’t ask me to do too much chores lol


Help me reupload MF, thank

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250 thoughts on “Oh! My School Ep 8 [English Subtitle]

  1. thank you thank you thank you ❀ after dream team, Oh my school is my fav. show πŸ˜€ love hyukkie, hongki, minho & Simon D ~

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and Pikeyenny’s Mom, please don’t give to much chores to your dear child who makes a lot of people happy every day by subbing and sharing online. That’s my wish. πŸ˜€
    Happy Lunar New Year!

  3. love, love this episode!! it was so cute, funny and at times sad… but THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

    oh, and HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!! ❀

  4. thanks you very much for uploading this show. Hope you and your family have a happy lunar new year. Love you!!! Fighting!!! (^^ sorry, my english is bad, so i can’t say as much as i want, i’m a vietnamese too!)^^

  5. thx for uploading pikeyenny πŸ™‚ btw, ughhhh… honggi should get mad at those two. im kinda sick of minho and eunseo.. not fun at all.. no offense πŸ™‚

  6. thank youuu!! i was so excited to see this episode since it was a cliffhanger at the end of the last one. loll thanks and happy lunar new year to u too!

  7. yihaaaa….happy new year for you pikeyenny
    and thank you for always translate those shows
    have a great new year…..
    oh my school…jjang..pikeyenny …jjang!!!^^

  8. Hi pikeyenny! Thank you again for sharing Oh My School! Please continue subbing this show! Love love love you!

    God bless!

  9. thank you so much this is my second fav. show my first of course is let´s go dream team!!1 ❀

    ah pikeyenny i donΒ΄t know but when kbs lunar-new-years-special idol brain collision airs maybe you could upload that too thank beforehand! fighting!!<3

  10. Sweet! It was annoying having watched the last episode and it goes “to be continued” !! lol, sneaky Oh! My school. So glad to have episode 8 downloading for me to enjoy soon ^^ Thnx so much Pike! You’re jjang!

  11. thank you so much pikeyenny!!! i thought you won’t upload this ep, but you did! i’m so happy! thanksss!! oh, and happy lunar new year!

  12. Last episode was fun!
    Eun Hyuk very funny, hehehehe….
    THANK YOU PikeYenny, I hope this episode will be as good as before ^^

  13. Thanks a lot for this episode and happy new year!!! πŸ˜€

    in this episode tony was talking about his dad’s poor health condition…..his dad passed away a week ago… hope that tony is doing well and be strong!!

    RIP Tony’s dad

    Tony Fighting!!

  14. finally you’re back.. haha miss you..
    thank you so much, really appreciated!i hope you enjoyed your lunar year! ❀ πŸ˜€

  15. thank you soo soo much! ^^
    loove minho and eunseo couple! plus, park myung soo’s changing into a really good mc! loove it! >.<

  16. This episode was so funny! I saw it on KBS World the otherday and it’s a must have! Thank you so much for your time to upload this even though we all know you are busy with CNY celebration^^

  17. thank u soooo much!!
    hope u will upload next ep on time..kkk~~
    i like this show very much..
    gong xi fat chai pike…^^

  18. Thank you so much for the upload and I hope to see more Oh! My School subs very sooon! Thank you sosososososososososoxsos much.

  19. nice and im really thankful for your hard work in getting these shows and uploading them every week with whatever spar time you have. and we all know that you could be doing something else besides doing what you do. thanks again.

  20. Dude!! Thanks so much for uploading the episodes of Oh! My School!! Really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Your awesome!

  21. thanks so much for these!! just found this website a few months ago keke.
    this show is so funny and i am glad that there is someone out there to sub it so we can watch :33

    im mad and crazy about this website ever since and been checking everyday!! hahaha
    Thank you soooo much :DD
    you saved our lives! LOLL!!

  22. wow! you got lots of comments. i really appreciate your hard works. you really great coz you didn’t give up to upload all the videos on youtube. it is not an easy task to do. pikeyenny keep fighting! love u..

  23. Thanks for subbing Oh! My School.

    I was wondering if you know what is the name of the song the guy from Sg Wannabe sang while playing the guitar at the camp fire? It’s such a nice song. ^^

  24. omg thankyou soooo much!!!! i just finished episode 7 & its like ‘to be continued’ but then i realised i didnt have ep 8!!!! :O thankyou so much!!!! keke cnt wait to watch ^^

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