Qualifications of Men – End Of Year Party [Part 2]


39 thoughts on “Qualifications of Men – End Of Year Party [Part 2]

  1. even though the first part didn’t get that many comments, you pulled through for those that did comment. Thank you very much.

  2. can i as how u get this? ;w; its because i LOVE this one show ‘on my command! sir’ because ti has changmin in it. can u in anyway get that show? ;w; its ok if u cant but is there anyway u can teach me how u get these shows?

  3. wow this ep was awesome. i got to noe many songs n now they will be in my ipod =D n the choir bit was amazing. it makes me wana join a choir tho i neva botherd to look. anyways thx for subbin!

  4. Why dont people comment this more? I love this show! Its my favorite out of all the ones posted. Is it just cause theres no idols so no one wants to watch it :/

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