Oh! My School Ep 7 [English Subtitle]

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Part 2 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2528893W

Part 1 : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VBNTNPXH

MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?0cg59assg0al2

Multiupload :

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580 thoughts on “Oh! My School Ep 7 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thank You soooooo Much! I like how you sub Oh My School so fast! Love this variety show too…

    Thanks so much. Can’t wait for the whole episode to be posted!

  2. OMYGOD its already here! i love you for this! thankyou thankyou thankyou so much! you have no idea how much you’re making me happy by uploading oh my school with english subs! THANKYOU so much!:)

  3. yeay!!!! another OMS!!!! hahahahha! sankyuuuuu pikeyenny!! i really loveeeeee this show, it’s hilarious!! xDDD thank u so much for uploading it with sub! i dunno where else can i find it.. thanks again from the bottom of my heart! ><

  4. Thanks in advance for the DL link!
    This one looks really fun! With the streaming preview, I can’t wait to watch the full episode! ^^

  5. wo0o0ow thank you sso much
    i was bored and have nothing to do then tadaaaaaa
    anew ep from OMS
    Luv ya

  6. Looking forward to seeing this! Hopefully it’s uploading tomorrow so I can watch it after work😀
    Thanks alot in advande❤

    1. But first name was Oh! My school… And because of Chansung (2PM) on second ep they changed name, but officialy it’s still Oh! My school.

  7. Thank you so much for putting this up! I hope you will continue with the subbed episodes for Oh My School..I’m loving this show

  8. how to watch this OMS ep 7 for the next episode?
    i don;t get it.i just can watch the first episode but i don’t know how to watch the next episode.can help me?

  9. Thank you sososososo much for uploading Oh! My School episodes😀
    i rush home everyday anticipating a new one (:

  10. uwaaahhh..! cant wait to download this episode!!!! I think this will be my fave episode because they went to FT Island dorm!ehehehe

    Thank you so much pikeyenny unnie!

  11. thanks so much for subbing oh my school. you are the only person i know who is willing to and your subs are great. i cant wait for the next parts. and againg thanks for taking your time to sub.

  12. I’m sooooooooo sad SGB is gone… I really need to love this show… well it turned out…

    GREAT!😀😄 ;p

    Thanks so much pikeyenny…. hope you’ll have more uploads to come…😀😄 ;p

  13. thank you for the streaming links, this is my new fave show. i like how simon d and hongki joke with each other they are both hilarious ^ ^

  14. Thanks soooooo much. Honestly, your work is much appreciated. I LOVE THIS SHOW and you are honestly a life saver!!!!! Thanksthanksthanksthanks! I’d send flowers and health drinks if I could!

  15. thanks pikeyenny cuz upload this show…
    your blog are my source to get this show in engsub…
    since my rental house didn’t install tv cable to watch this show..
    thanks once again…
    you are really JJANG~~~^^
    can’t wait for download link..^^

  16. Thanks for uploading so quickly:)
    I can’t wait to download the episode.
    Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work!

  17. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t really interested in this show when you first started uploading it, but it grew on me and I’m loving it now.

  18. thank you , i am very enjoying this show, it is so funny, i like tony, simon D and min, they are so funny. I think i am addicted to this show can’t wait for the next episode^^

  19. This series is a crack up, and Min is such a cutie!!! Thanks Pike for all your efforts to help out us non korean speaking lovers of korean shows:) you’re jjang! ^^

  20. Thank you so much, I really apreciate your job. I got a Question, Can I take your subs to do spanish subs? I put full credits of your job. I can get your permit?

  21. thank you for always uploading subbed videos of variety programs from south korea! I’m from the Philippines and I love watching korean shows but I’m missing some episodes because of my work.. thanks so much!

  22. thank you 4 hard work ….btw??are busy??seem you’re not updating your blog for while…
    i hope you can update your blog with new episode of oh my school..

  23. good thing I haven’t watched this yet, it’ll hold me over until you have time to upload the next ep (: thanks for uploading.

  24. Thanks a lot for your kind efforts in providing us with the opportunity to download and enjoy Oh! My School ! :)

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