Qualifications of Men – End Of Year Party

The choir team came back keke ^^


55 thoughts on “Qualifications of Men – End Of Year Party

  1. homaigod!!!!
    thank you for this
    really miss QOM team…
    i really really hope you can upload more of this show
    really!!*puppy eyes*

  2. OMG thank u dear u were so beasy uploading all this videos in 2 days . good , great job . I missed them so much and what? that man like seuon I didn’t notice that at all . can’t wait for next ep . again..thank u a lot

  3. Thank you SO much for uploading this episode. I really missed the watching Qualifications of Men, particularly the choir group. So nice to see all the people they met this past year (like their licenese teachers, etc.) together again on this show. Can’t wait to watch the conclusion to Yonghun’s confession. Kekeke…:D Thanks again for uploading this. It’d be REALLY awesome to see more QoM episodes in the future. *puppy eyes as well*

  4. Thanks for upload this show
    I really love this show
    but it’s really hard to found it with English sub
    I hope you’ll upload more of this show in the future

  5. thank you so much for posting this.. it’s been a while since i last saw a subbed epi of QOM.. please keep it coming.. =)

  6. thx pikeyeny..i really love this show,but it’s hard to found it w/ Eng sub.hope you’ll upload more episode in the future^^

  7. ooh! New site desgin huh? Me Likey!!!

    I TOTALLY love Qualifications of Men because the people on the show are soo diverse and absolutely fun. It’s a great show and this year was one of the best!

    I do hope you’ll consider uploading some of the episodes. I know you already do a lot but they dont have to be streaming links. I’d be totally satisfied with a megaupload link (so I can watch it with the view video function hehe)!


  8. Goodness me!!! I’ve been searching for QOM for ages since I’ve watched them at KBS channel.. I’ve found it! Thank you very much, ,Pikeyenny ^^ Life saviour you hehehehe…
    Do you provide download links for all QOM episodes? I especially love the time when they did the choir. I cried like nobody’s business LOL ^^
    Could you upload this in MU or MF download link please?

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