Jungle Fish 2 – Ep 1 [English Subtitle]


39 thoughts on “Jungle Fish 2 – Ep 1 [English Subtitle]

  1. Have they started broadcasting this on KBS World? Awesome!
    Tho I think MBLAQ subs and Diadem subs have already done most of em’, but anyways. Thanks for uploading! You rock!

  2. hey Pikeyenny, just an FYI heads up, DSS has the full translation of all the Junglefish Episodes. 😀

    anyways thanks for bringing us KBSworld Recs 😀

  3. I’m not really the drama type but I’ll try this one 😀 i see Lee Joon and the girl from T-ara (she was at God of study right?)thanks for subbing this and sharing this with us 😀

  4. watched the whole drama already! LOVE IT! A really good mini drama! do you have the download link?? I wanna download it so i can watch it in the future still! Thanks.

  5. thank you for uploading this… i’m really a fan of t-ara and mblaq so i’m looking forward in watching all the episode of this drama… and think this is possible because if ur blog.. thanks a lot!!

  6. Can you post a dl link, please? Thanks for posting, I missed this during the broadcast and I really want to download it with hardsubs.

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