[The Last Ep] Invincible Youth Ep 58 [English Subtitle]

when have more comments, i will put the download links later

And say the last words because this is the last ep of IY ^^, goodbye IY ….

Thank god that i had full 58 eps of IY haha cause i don’t want to miss any eps


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422 thoughts on “[The Last Ep] Invincible Youth Ep 58 [English Subtitle]

    1. Its most likely they are not gonna come back other than being guests. I heard they are going to have males for season 2 which seems like a nice change of pace in my opinion.

  1. Thank you for all the subs .
    It’s definitely a pity that the show ended on a cliffhanger,without any real ending to the plot,bt nevertheless the second season will be one that i will look forward to.

    Likewise,i hope by then that you’d sub season 2.

    Thank you for the subs once again.

    1. Plot? It’s a show about a bunch of girls from korea’s various girl groups farming together , experiencing the farm life and such.

      There is no plot, they already harvested whatever they planted, the lettuce, turnips, onions, cabbages etc. etc. , what plot are you talking about? What cliffhanger? Did you put a comment in the wrong show?

      1. ^^^
        Come on dude. Put the asshole cap away for a second. What the guy meant to say was that there was no closure whatsoever for the show. Had you not known that IY was ending and watched the first half of the show, would you have guessed that the show was ending?

        I was tuned-in to this show way back from raw episode 1 till the internet pointed me here. Thanks for the uploads pike! πŸ˜€

    2. COME ON ! You are not being appreciative at all.. You just watch it. It is just like you are listening and not hearing, that`s a difference. You are just seeing and not watching at all.. They worked so hard along with the Yuchiri residents and planted so many fruits and veges. Growing animals and bringing laughter, this is not a drama.. What cliffhanger you talking about ? The plot and ulterior motive is to teach us how to appreciate friends, families, natural resources and foods.. To tell us that through work we can find happiness, through life we must be youthful. You really have weird content reviews ! And i think this G9 and host are the best variety idol i have ever seen.. You just can`t apprecaite things and even demand higher expectation. Blind mice !

    πŸ˜₯ – crys-
    This was the first variety i watch, that made me get into it, i’m glad you sub all those episode and thankyou and love you for that, i’ll be looking forward in watching the second season and hope that you will continue to sub it.


  3. its so so sad that IY come to the end 😦 …hope there will be season 2
    thanks pikeyenny for your hard uploading work, you are a great source of sub k-TV Shows, please continue to share your uploads with us πŸ™‚

    have a nice day πŸ™‚

  4. sigh, it is really sad to know that this will be the end for IY. i’ve been watching IY from the first episode. thank you for the hard work in subbing and uploading this. thank you so much.!

  5. -><-
    waa… TT so sad..
    but IY will come back for season 2.. I'll waiting πŸ˜€
    (I heard they will be boys idol)

    but please continue you subs it if there is season 2 ^^

  6. I will miss G7 so much. I really don’t want it to end just within 1 year but hope to see them in the new program. I’ll comment more after watching it.

  7. Thank you for subbing IY to the end Pikeyenny!!!! I’m going to miss this show very much, hoping that members IY will show up sometimes in season 2!!!

    But does anyone knows when season 2 starts? is it withing this year or next year or etc?

    Victoria, Hara, Hyomin, Seonhwa, Narsha, Jooyeon, Sori fighting!!!! Also Hyuna, Sunny, Yuri fighting, hoping they will pop up sometimes in season 2!!!!!

  8. :`( Super sad that it’s the last episode! It’s been awesome to watch and thanks for all the uploads! Do you think you could do a IY recap with all the episode links? That would be awesome! Thanks again for all the hard work!

  9. this is so sad =( the last episode
    but I really wanna thank you because without you we won’t be seeing this


  10. This is unreal! Cannot believe it’s over. Thanks for subbing the series. Ever since soshified stopped, I seriously didn’t know where to get my subbed eps…then you came my way! Thanks so much!

  11. first of all i wanna say thank you pikeyenny for uploading IY. ive download every single episode u put up and have it saved on my computer. and now i barely have anyroom left LOL but watever IY is the best show ever and thanks to u i was able to watch it.

  12. nooooooo
    i dont want this show to end, it’s so unique and unlike other shows, it doesnt rely on scripts! and it’s all about the rural community. what will happen to their crops? to the families theyve shared such close bonds with? and the animals! i havent seen/heard much about purimi the cow πŸ˜₯

    goodbye hara, victoria… and the rest (haha yes i am very biased)


  13. Thank you for providing subtitles for all 58 episodes. I’m sad that this is the last this is the last time I’ll be able to see the G7 members together of the same show. I also wonder how the producers plan on revising the new seasons the was reported to be in the works. I hope its as funny, if not better, than as the first.

  14. First, Family outing, now I have to say goodbye to IY again :(.
    I hope Second season start very soon. You’ve done a very good work G7. Fighting.

  15. Invincible Youth has entertained me for such a long time. Sad to see it end like this. Good thing there’s Season 2.
    And thank you yenny for subbing all these while.

  16. so sad to see that IY has ended already, sigh!
    will definitely miss old and new g7 ❀ hope there will be an epi in Season 2 where they will bring back Season 1 members even though they are just a guest only..
    hope to see these girls together again in one show…

    g9 fighting ❀ Hara Goooooooo~~~~ Victoria~~~~~~~

  17. OMG! The Last Episode already~
    Thank You SOOO much for subbing this til the end!!
    Hopefully we get to see the old members in this episode

  18. Uuuuuu.it’s finale already!annyonghigaseyo IY!
    Thanx a bunch for your wonderful works pikeyenny ssi
    Nomu nomu khamsahamnida!;))

  19. i really can’t believe this is going 2 b the last episode. T.T I really love this show. I hv been watvhing this since day one. hope there will b a second season for this.

    Thank you for willing to upload IY for all of IY fans. kamsahamnida!!!

  20. hmmm… finally it come to an end. thanks for your hardwork uploading iy s1. pikeyenny u r the best. im waiting for iy s2.. while waiting it lets watch Oh My School!!! pikeyenny thanks again n again n again… IY~~~

  21. thank you…
    can’t bring myself to watch it…
    LAST EPISODE!!!!huwaaa…
    just thinking bout it made me sad…
    goodbye IY…
    hope for the return of 2nd season

  22. yenny I wish you would upload the MU links before the Stream links first considering this is the last episode.
    Thanks again

  23. huhuhu!!!! wahhhhh!!!! i’m really gonna miss the girls…. hope they come back soon, and hope you’ll upload IY again…. komawsimidha!!!!

  24. oh wow.. so this it the end (for now at least lol). thanks a lot for bringing such a humorous and fun show to international fans like us =) Hope to see more cool shows, especially if/when they have a new season of IY!! ❀

  25. Very sad that has to end. Hopefully for season, gonna be the same girls again. Gonna miss them ;(

    Thanks pikeyenny for sharing this wonderful shows ;(((( Thank you i’m able to enjoy it, gonna rewatching it again hahaha..


  26. Aaaaaaaaa IY is ending already
    it’s d end for d season 1
    hope for more fun for d season 2 ^^
    pikeyenny thx for keep uploading this from d begining till d end ^^

  27. thanks for all the subs episode of invincible youth πŸ˜€ I’m so glad that i can watch all the episode of invincible youth πŸ˜€ and it’s so sad that invincible youth is end πŸ˜₯ i will wait for the season 2 πŸ˜€ thanks

  28. didn’t expect it to end so soon 😦 I love IY since the 1st episode. I’m sure the girls will come back as guests in the next season if there is πŸ™‚ Thankyou for subbing this!

  29. Hi thx for the upload i really liked this blog =)
    can i ask if anyone know where can download or watch we got married season 1 and season 2 with eng sub and also Strongheart hosted by lee seunggi and kang hodong eng sub
    THX A LOT!

  30. Can’t Believe That This is THE END!!
    Loved this show.. Hope that Season 2 is as good~

    Thank You For Subbing !! πŸ˜€

  31. Thanks guys

    I’m sad that IY comme to the end, like everyone. And I hope the season 2 ( if there is a season 2 ) will be great as well.

  32. Last Ep… really? Ah, i didnt know till now. I have really enjoyed this show. So so good. I got all the eps from you… many thanks.

  33. KYAAAAAA!!~~~
    I have been waiting for this.. Everyday I check your page to see if you have updated this episode!! So Sad that this is the end! I loved it!

    I’m going to cry like crazy !!

    Thank You So Much for Subbing Invincible Youth! Deeply Appreciated~

  34. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done. I’ve been following G7 since the start of IY. Can’t believe that a year has passed and that the first season has ended. Looking forward to season 2. Thanks a million again, Pikeyenny! All the best to you!

  35. thanx 4 uploading pike~
    im very happy to have all of the episodes~
    without you, i don’t think i will have it.
    thanx a lot.
    and hope for the next season, you’ll still upload this show~
    owh, i will be missing all G7~

    again..thanx pike~ =)

  36. soo sad that is was already the last episode of IY.. thx for all the uploads of IY.. hope if season 2 of IY came out.. hope you will still sub it pikeyenny.. more power pikeyenny. πŸ™‚ . hwaiting !

  37. Thanks for your hardwork! It’s sad to see IY end just like this. hope season 2 comes back with G7 soon……Really love IY. πŸ˜€

  38. Thank You for all your hardwork! I am actually kind of glad it’s ended. If it kept going further it might have started to get boring. Don’t get me wrong I love the show and I have enjoyed watching every episode but I think it’s time for something new. I am anticipating a Season 2!!

  39. i’m really sad this show has come to an end….i really enjoyed watching it and i will watch it all over again…thanks for sharing the episodes…looking forward until season 2 comes…please continue uploading oh my school in the meantime..

  40. Thankyou for this soo much, its sad to see its the end of invincible youth
    but i rmember that there is going to be a second season, so I hope its as good as this one.

  41. Ah I’m sad to see the end of this show. If season 2 comes I hope they have as good a cast as the original. Thanks for all your efforts in subbing and uploading Pikeyenny!

  42. Oh God.. i feel like crying right now. This is the very first korean variety show that I ever watched. Now that it has already ended, it really makes me sad. I will miss G7 and everyone in Yuchiri.

  43. thanks pike for uploading this show. It was my first korean variety show and it’s my favorite. thanks you so much and keep uploading other show to ^^. you are the best!!

  44. Thanks for the 58 episodes on invincible youth pikeyenny! Invincible Youth was such an awesome show! Will miss it. πŸ˜€

  45. awwwwch… I really gonna miss this show… D: I wish there will be a part 2.!
    Thank You for subbing all the episodes!!!

  46. Aww….it’s the last ep already? Hate to admit it, but I was losing interest by the last few eps. :-/

    Anyway, thank you so much for providing the episodes!

  47. thanks for the upload and will miss them all…i’ll hope they will show season 2 of this an i’ll be sure to watch them again…..i’ll miss hara, hyomin and narsha because they’re my fav people…

  48. NO!!!! I can’t believe it’s the last episode of I.Y. It would have been even better if they brought back Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna to the last episode. Well good things come to an end. Can’t wait to watch this episode. Thanks for subbing I.Y. until the very last one. It is greatly appreciated and keep up the hard work! Wonder what’s going to happen to their animals and Idol Village? Hopefully the animals get a good home.

  49. Thank you so much, PikeYenny, for all the IY episodes you’ve uploaded, all your hard work, thank you so much! ❀

    You're the best!

  50. I don’t want this great show to end feel very sad
    waiting for season 2!!!

    i miss G7+2 very much

    Thank a lot pikepenny for sub all episode of IY
    continue sub season 2 plzzzzzzzzz

  51. thanks for all your hard work uploading these shows…
    and i hope when the new season came, you will continue delivering us this show πŸ™‚

  52. Until the very end you never disappointed us. Thank you so much for all your efforts not just for this episode but for the whole Invincible Youth episodes that you’ve provided us.

    Thank you very much and I will continue to support your site, my favorite show maybe gone but I also like some episodes of Dream Team and Happy Together.

  53. thank you for all your hard work subbing! i cant imagine how hard it must be. thank you thank you thank you. looking forward to the rest of the parts hehe πŸ™‚

  54. thanks so much pikeyenny!!!
    too bad we’re not gonna see these girls doing a show all together like this
    hope there will be some new interesting and funny shows πŸ˜€
    right now i’m looking forward who’s gonna be the new wgm couple

  55. oh so sad that this is the last episode of IY. i really love this show and this is my fave and i didn’t miss a single episode becoz of you pikeyenny, thank you so much for uploading all the episode of IY and i really hope you’ll continue to upload season 2. please put the links thank you again. . . πŸ™‚

  56. And so it is over.

    Thanks for uploading all these subs. Glad that someone was out there to share them with us.

    Thanks again.

  57. Omooooooo! NOooooo. This is the last ep. T____T I could’ve watch this episode yesterday but the TV wasn’t available! I will miss IY! And lastly, thank you PIKEYENNY for all the hard work in uploading all the episodes of IY! Saranghae!!~~~ β™₯

  58. really really thank you, and i really gonna miss invincible youth as there are no other shows quite like IY 😦

  59. thank you Pikeyenny!! this is the last episode and we’ll definitely be missing your wonderful subs. But let’s hope there’ll be season 2 soon! hehehe hwaiting~ much love

  60. The crow imitation Sunhwa does at the beginning is so funny.. It’s so sad that IY is ending.. I think the 2nd season won’t be as good. It’s so sad when It was Sunhwa’s turn to speak. I wish them all the best with their groups activities

  61. thank you for subbing all of Invincible Youth episodes.
    it’s too bad that it has to end like this, i do hope that there will be season 2 though.
    please continue your hard work (subbing) on the other shows.

  62. thanks a lot for uploading this show till end
    ..really sad this show end so fast.. hope next season gonna be as interesting as this one..

    ~kamsahamnida pikeyenny~

  63. My favorite show ended but i still miss you guys. I’m still not sure there’ll be a Season 2 or a new program. But i hope to see the girl join it.

  64. Thank u so much for all the hardwork in subbing this show….love this show, guess i will start watching from ep 1 all over again.

  65. Thank you for sharing this with us! I still can’t belive the show is ended (Suuunny~~~ T_T). But I hope they’ll come back with an awesome S2.
    IY FTW! ❀

  66. it’s so sad that IY is ending 😦 i hope they continue this show but it wouldnt be the same without the original cast

  67. Like everyone else whom have commented “Kamsamhanmida”. Have been following IY isnce ep 1 and loved it. Lets see if IY Season 2 is successful (chaebal!).
    Anyone know who the cast are for the next season – all male, all female or mixed, any season 1 members remaining?

  68. Oh!!!! So sad that it is the last episode!!! And a BIG THANK YOU very much for faithfully uploading all the episodes for the year!!!
    I am going to enjoy this last ep very much and hope that when it comes to season 2, it will be even better than ever!!!

  69. This made me cry buckets. Thank you so much for your hardwork and effort for uploading every episode of Invincible Youth.

  70. thanks for uploading this show. i really appreciate it.

    I hope you continue doing the same thing with the second season and hope that the second season will be just as great as the first one.

  71. I cried watching this last episode….I’ll miss it so much! It has brightened up my life in ways I never have imagined it could. Thanks Pike for subbing ALL 58 eps, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  72. Hi pikeyenny. Just want to say thanks for subbing all G7. I haven’t tried commenting before but better late than never. Keep it up!

  73. Sad to see this series end….this show introduced me to some really cool Korean female singers…Really happy about that….though some of the MC’s were a bit annoying!
    I understand that there will be a second season coming….Hope it’s just as entertaining!

  74. 1ve watched this show since ep 1 now its finally over they have to stop this show because of poor ratings in korea how sad i’ll nver forget this show

  75. Thanx a lot for ur effort of putting up this show. Although I’ve already watched it on kbs, I still dl them for my own collection. Thanx again. Mmmmwah!
    Can’t wait for the next season.

  76. Thanks for introducing this show to me and thanks for all your hard work in uploading these episodes. ^_^ Truly appreciate your dedication and kindness, for without you, it would be impossible for me to watch this show. Will miss all the people and animals on this show. =_=

  77. dear pikeyenny,
    thanks so much for the hardwork that uve put thru.
    every morning, ur website will the first that i look at.
    IY was amazing. great luffs and tears. and the girls were incredible.
    i hope ther’ll be de 2nd season, but i knw it’ll nvr be the same.

    have a great one!
    IY forever! πŸ™‚

  78. waa..58 is the last episode already? i thought until episode 60.. its so sad though this is one of my favourite show..But since some of G7 will be very buzy with their comeback and international activities. I just hope that the same G7 will be in Season 2 as well..Thanks Pikeyenny for uploading all the eps until the end!!!!

  79. Wow. . . What a great show. Just reminiscing from the first episode till the last one really makes me sad cause it’s done. I sure hope there will be a second season appearing cause I truly believe this show was unique. Thank you Pike for all your hard work and diligence in posting these eps. I enjoyed every one of them and will be waiting for more πŸ˜€

  80. thanks for sharing all the episode..i don’t believe it already one year and now it ended..but what should i watch after this?? i really love this show..TT

  81. It is so sad to watch these great variety shows all get canceled T_T. As someone mentioned first FO now IY T_T.

    Thank you pike for subbing this great show and I hope that you might continue it if season 2 does indeed take place.

    Thanks very very much.

  82. Thanks Pikeyenny for uploading subbed IY from beginning til the end. I really enjoyed this show, pity to see it ends. If there is going to be any season 2 i hope i’ll enjoy it as well & continue to follow the blog if its uploaded. Anyway, good work! Thanks again!

  83. Sads its the last episode, but hopefully they will make a season 2

    Thanks for all your hardwork, this variety show really kept me in a good mood πŸ™‚

  84. thank you sooo much for the effort.

    It’s too bad that they’ve decided to axe the show. But i hope they’ll come back with an even better concept.

    Although it got a bit boring after 3 of the members left. Kim PD~~~

  85. It’s a bit sad to see this show end, but I think it’s a good time to end it (for now at least).
    A huge Thank You to Pikeyenny for uploading all the eps. πŸ™‚ It was IY that lead my to your old blog.

  86. Thanks KBS for a great show..On of THE BEST shows in the whole world which combined entertainment,education and hardwork …awesome to the end…..

    Thanks to pikeyenney for doing an awesome job to enable people from other corners of the world to wnjoy a good program…

    And to tell you the truth …i want a similar program created where i live not to telecast but atleast as a way to help the agriculture in my country and i want to do it when i have the money..

  87. Thanks KBS for a great show.One of the first and best Korean shows which combined entertainment,education and hardwork. This was awesome and saddening.

    This past year was a weekly routine of tuning in to Invincible Youth and I’ll never forget this show.

    Thanks Pikeyenny for sharing this with us.

  88. Thanks Pike Yenny! As always, you’re the best! Hope you continue to season 2! Can’t wait! Pike Yenny Fighting! IY fighting!!! ^^

  89. I started watching this show coz my fave SNSD member, Sunny was in it.
    I really enjoyed the show.
    Even though the show wasn’t really the same after Sunny, Yuri and Hyuna left, I still kept on watching it… And now… It’s sad that it has to end.
    Youth NEVER loses!!!
    Thanks PikeYenny. Really. Thank you.

  90. I’m really really greatful that I had a chance to follow this show from 1st ep untill the last…thanks to Pikeyenny who has spend his/her time to share it with us…and also thanks to G7 and KBS who had given us all the fun…Thank you…

    It’s sad that this has to end now…I hope the 2nd season of Invincible Youth will be realize very soon and not end up as rumours…

    Thank you G7, thank you Invincible Youth, thank you KBS, and thank you Pikeyenny…

  91. Thank Pike for fast uploading this show ^^
    So sad that your youtube acc got deleted, but as long as your WG relate acc still there; i still fine with that lol.
    last word: thank u so much for your hard work, fighting!!! ^^

  92. OMG OMG OMG its the last episode. ^^, Its not the end of invincible youth anyway coz there is season two i just hope that some of the original g7 members are still casted and Taewoo and shinyoung and Juyeon should still be the MCs. This is going to make me tear up.

  93. Thank you very much for all your efforts in subbing the show and also for uploading it. Have been following the show since it started, so it’s kinda sad to see it end so soon.

  94. thanks for uploading and giving a download link ^_^
    how sad the Invicible youth ends ^_^
    good luck to the members of Invicible youth to their next chapter in career ^_^
    to pikeyenny and friends thank you so much ^_^
    hope you still continue uploading variety shows and etc ^_^

  95. thank you so much for sharing. this was a really good episode but i was really sad to see it end like this. i also wished they had invited the original members back to have their last meeting together. i had really enjoyed watching invincible youth from beginning to end and being attached to it makes it harder for me to let it go 😦
    i hope the best for all of them and that they will continue to be great friends through time. i will always wait to hear more news of them later in the future πŸ™‚

  96. thank you for sharing pikeyenny. because of you i never missed an episode. please accept my bow *bow*
    i will miss IY season 1. it has been fun.

  97. Breaks my heart to see this ending.. This was what got me into south korean variety shows and has been one of my favourites since , along with WGM adam couple so I dont know what I’ll be watching since both of them is ending now.. Thanks to you for uploading and sharing I appreciate it a ton πŸ™‚ Nothing can be compared to IY but hopefully you will continue to upload shows here and I’ll continue to follow your blog! Thanks again and lots of love from Norway ❀

  98. Thank you for all the time and efforts you spent uploading IY! I won’t be able to watch this show if you haven’t been continuously uploading it! So THANK YOU! and (T.T) I’m sad that this is the final episode, but nevertheless I hope that they will make a season 2! ^^

  99. Not sure why you guys want a season 2. I rather it ends here on a relatively good note rather then getting it spoilt like family outing 2 :/.It was good while it lasted and all good things must come to an end. What more are they going to farm in the next season. And probably not there in Yuchiri. Just my 2c.

  100. thx for the episode πŸ™‚ i only recently found this place and i am realy glad i was able to find all the missing IY episodes i needed

    also since i didn’t know how to send this to you πŸ˜› here is a full episode link for megaupload:


    so sad to see this ending and can’t wait for season 2

  101. soo sad!! i will miss this show!!! now all i have is oh my school!! now that sgb and now invincible youth is over!! this was a great variety show!! it made me laugh and cry!! and this show always made me hungry too!! i will be looking forward to season 2!!!

  102. Big round of applause to Pikeyenny for sharing one of the greatest variety show ever broadcasted. Thank you so much Pikeyenny for faithfully uploading all IY shows! I also want to thank all the cast, staff, yuchiri village, KBS, and whoever created this amazing show. This show definately deserves a global reward because it not only entertains but shows a great purpose. Their proceeds go to charity! I can’t believe something so good has to end. If there is a second season I will be on it and the first place to find episodes will be here in Pikeyenny’s blog!!! Thanks again for your hard work Pikeyenny! May blessings pour upon you Pikeyenny!!!

  103. Thank you so much Pikeyenny, for being just one person needed to give this show to hundreds of other all around the world. Invincible Youth was honestly the only show I followed with dedication right until its end. It’s sad that the show has to end, but at least we can ponder about Season 2 right? Let’s hope you’ll be able to share Season 2 when it comes, but I’m sure many of us will be satisfied you already uploaded the entire Season 1.
    Kudos to you, Pikeyenny and thanks so much!

  104. So sad that this show have come to an end.. I really like IY.the chemistry between all members were so strong,even with the village residence…
    I hope season 2 will be starting soon..

    Thank you pike,for your hardwork putting this show as one of your posting..
    Deeply gratitude… m(_ _)m
    I’m taking MF links… πŸ™‚

  105. So sad that it was finaly the last episode of IY..It was by far my favourite show =’D
    dear pikeyenny, thank you very much for your hard et great work, if there will be a 2nd season I hope and wish you’ll keep on subbing as well as usual ^_^

  106. Thank you for uploading the show! Hopefully if they do make a second season and it’s as good as this one you’ll be able to upload that one too =)

  107. merci de nous avoir permis de voir ce show tv c’est le dernier Γ©pisode de invincible youth, mais je continuerai avenir sur ton blog car il ya toujours des choses assez intΓ©ressante.

    thx a lot for your blog invincible youth is finished, but i’ll come again in your site for discover other good korean show tv, i support your work from France thank you again

  108. If it weren’t for this show, I wouldn’t know and care about Kara, BEG, T-ara, Secret, After School, maybe even f(x), etc., and Shinyong since I only watched it because of Yuri and Sunny but then I grew to love the whole cast even w/o SNSD on it. Thanks PikeYenny. Thanks KBS for the idea on putting G7 together.

  109. Thanks again mommy yenny! Thanks for all the hardwork you’ve done. We truly appreciate it. you’re the best! bye bye IY T_T

  110. Thank you so much for continuing to upload all the Invincible Youth episodes. I’ll miss seeing everyone being together and having fun. This show was the only one that I watched and waited for weekly. It also helped me learn more about Korea and other Korean groups. I hope G7 will still meet up even though the show is over and I hope the second season will do well too. I really wish this show wouldn’t end because there’s so many memories of this place. This is actually the first time I’ve commented even though I’ve been using this site to watch this for about half a year. Thanks a lot Invincible Youth and G7+3!

  111. thanks for subbing til the end! can’t wait to find time to watch this episode. i just hope it isn’t like the other episode where they invited the original G7 but then have a buncha guests so the original members were basically ignored for a majority of the episode.

  112. Thanks for everthing! You’ve been dedicated throughout the series and I really appreciate all the hours of laughter you’ve brought to us all. Thanks again!

  113. awwwww this is the last episode sad……. i thought i would be longer…. thank you pikeyenny so much…. u did very great jobs….

  114. Thx for the subs, great show but it has to come to an end some day T.T too bad it was so early…. Nothing to look forward to ><… oh wait!!! SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA..

  115. THANK YOU for providing IY till the end…
    I remembered the 1st time I watched this show, it was very fun & it’s so sad to end but life must go on ^^

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    and i’ll hardwork the next day.

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    Tq pike you are the best, i’ll really miss the show

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    Thank you so much for your hard work Pikeyenny!!!


    this is my favourite korean show and it’s ended. I will download but can’t bear to watch it

  145. Every show has an end to it, it is so sad that i couldn`t ever watch these people on invincible youth again ! So heartbreaking.. I cried, it feels like im part of them, playing, working and suffering with them. Through this show i learnt alot, different side of idols and the effort/hardwork put into our daily resources and food.. They brought me a whole lot of laughter and a great breakthough this year. I will definitely miss G9, shinyeong,euni,taewoo,cheif noh,residents of Yuchiri and crews of IY. Thanks for making this show a success and brought laughter to us.. I will definitely miss INVINCIBLE YOUTH and it will never be forgotten.. Lastly, thanks Pikeyenny for subbing the whole of INVINCIBLE YOUTH, without you i can never watch them as well.. You are a great part of the show too.. Thank you very much ! HWAITING for everyone of IY !!!

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    Though we’ve never met… I LOVE YOU xD

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    and it’s a pity that the show is ending now, I hope that they would get rid of Euni but keep both Shin young and Noh Juyeon on the show, it wouldnt be the same without them.

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    Thank you so much for allowing us to follow it all the way into the end!

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    thank you again

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    so sad that it has to end.. but i can’t wait next time for season 2! btw, does anyone even know when season 2 comes out? if anyone knows, please upload and subs it ^_^
    hope there will be same and some new members, yay!~

  159. As much as I think the ending was a little bit abrupt, I think having a new cast isn’t a bad idea for season 2 (assuming they will still make it).

    I think the current cast was starting to run out of variety a bit, and a fresh cast will add a new dynamic. I hope Bora from Sistar is in the new season, because I really liked her for her short stay in the sport competition episodes. Of course, I hope that they keep Shin Young, because she’s great.

    Looking back, it’s pretty amazing to think that I spent 58 hours watching this show πŸ™‚

    Thanks for posting the show!!

  160. I havenΒ΄t notice how time could have passed by so fast that itΒ΄s already ep.58. IΒ΄m hungry for more eps no matter how the rating is but sadly it ended. Surely i depend on IY much every week and thanks to yenny that i was be able to watch it. I will probably start watching from ep 1 again .. kkkk .. G7 FOREVER ! INVICIBLE YOUTH FOREVER !!!

  161. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
    Really appreciate how you took your time subbing an episode each week for us. Thank you so much again. :))

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  165. i’m really really sad that IY ended. it’s my favorite show that i got addicted to it and thought that living a simple life on a farm was easy and tolerable. the show just ended so quickly that you’re left wanting although the first and original g7 was way better. it like a part of my life ended with the show. now, i don’t know what to do on my tuesday night. i have nothing to watch. i hope they put back the show for season 2 with the original g7. i will truly miss g7. i hope even if the g7 can’t continue with IY, i hope KBS will create another show for them.
    Thanks pikeyenny and all the guys for the uploads and subbing.

  166. say goodbye for i.y
    sad yet relived, sad when we think this show is ended, but relived because this show going well
    with very new segment variety, leaving and coming member, changing host…but then it did well until the end…
    but thanks to i.y already entertain us for one year! makes our 2010 more brighter
    and sure really really thanks to pikeyenny upload subbing episode that make many of us can enjoy this show easly, thanks for pikeyenny once again! hope continue your hardwork! fighting!!!

  167. When u first wrote that it’s the last ep. i didn’t want to watch it it’s been to weeks since u released it but i guess every story has an ending.
    thank u pike for making a highlight in my week thru the year for uploading this show.

  168. Pikeyenny, I have to seriously thank you. I’ve been a long time downloader from your blog, starting with these IY episodes after Soshi stopped subbing them when Yuri and Sunny left.

    I also got a lot of Star Golden Bell episodes from you, that being another of my fav shows.

    This is only my 2nd comment on anything you’ve uploaded and for that I apologise.

    This show has meant so much to me over the time it was broadcast, it helped me learn more about many more idol groups than just SNSD, and it’s been a real pleasure to watch.

    Without people like you I would be lost in a world of awesome shows I couldn’t understand, so even tho I’ve waited untill the very last episode to tell you this, I really, really, really…really thankyou for all your hardwork and effort bringing us subbed versions to enjoy.

    I’m currently enjoying Oh! My school as well, so keep up the good work there πŸ™‚

    I’ll make sure I comment more whenever I download episodes from you.

    Thnx again. Naut ^^

  169. I finally got around to watching the last ep. I have to say, IY for me was epic in so many ways, so many memories and good times I’ve had watching this show so it really saddens me the way they handled the last filming. It was really quick, shoulda been at least a 2 part episode and much more epic imo. Shouldave got all the cast back together for one last send off. That wouldave been the closure fit for the awesomeness of the show I rkn.

    I’m also curious now as to who actually runs the day to day needs of the farm they created?. Are there independent people we haven’t seen who own the land? Is it all run by the villages. I hope to visit there one day just to say I’ve been and get some pics for my own memories. Too bad the girls won’t be there at the time πŸ˜›

    So sorry to see you go IY!! Hope to see all you girls in other shows in the near future. Fighting!

  170. Thank you Pikeyenny for this. Also a big thanks to other members who uploaded to various sites. This was a great show although I think after Yuri/Sunny/Hyeno and later Taewu left it was not as funny anymore. Also they suddenly closed it down. But I hope a new season comes back with more fun and enjoyment and new ladies. I’m not a native Korean, but this show gave me a great exposure to Korean culture, traditions, habits and K-pop πŸ™‚

  171. Im gonna miss the invincible youth season 1
    cant wait til season 2!! i hope they show their
    shyness cuteness and body! LOL
    so funni! Imm start tearing when i see the last part!!
    >:O!! Good Luck G7!!!!

  172. hi , actually i never watch the show again after sunny and yuri aren’t on IY . but I like Jooyeon recently, and i thank God that you still sub this show . thank you thank you ^^;;

  173. excuse me ^ ^ My name’s Kee . I come from Thailand (Near your country ) I glad to see IY EP58 sub eng … but in Thailand didn’t have any team to make Thai sub … And now
    I would like to make this ep for thai sub … Could I get your soft sub IY EP 58 ?

    please answer this Q. to sia_justkarn@hotmail.com

    I’ll very thank you ^







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