Oh! My School Ep 4 [English Subtitle]

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Link Download : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BC2149X4 (help me reupload MF, thx )
MF : http://www.mediafire.com/?7ajdj2j5e2le9

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301 thoughts on “Oh! My School Ep 4 [English Subtitle]

  1. omg Oh my school ep 5 already???? u rockkkk
    thank you so much, I’m dying everyweek just to wait for this show being uploaded on ur site ^^
    kekekkeee thanks a lot for making my life so much better now

  2. Thanks for sharing.. I watch your stuff but never commented, so here’s my first comment.. I always look forward to the stuff you post.. Thanks again

  3. omg thanks so much ! i love this show. its so funny and a lot of my biases goes on it n_n again thanks!! & i hope you keep subbing it <3[:

  4. thank you so much for uploading!! as much as i want to watch this now its late and i am tired so i know i wont laugh as much as i would normally do during the day!! but the 1st thimg i shall do is watch this!!! i love this show it has such a relaxing feel to it and its sooo funny!!!

  5. Thank you for the upload Pikeyenny! Is it just me or are the KBSW versions cut down from the original broadcast length? Anyway, fun episode today.

  6. ahh my favourite show, thanks a lot pikky, hopefully this can fill the pain of IY disappearing off my weekly watching list.

  7. Thanks for this episode!! I look forward to watching this every week!! I really wanted Simon D to be the captain…she shouldn’t have voted for herself T.T OH welll…

  8. Even though IY season 1 is over, at least I have this show to watch. I really wanted Simon D to win since he always took care of the school like the puppies and the statue but Jaegyeong is a great leader too. Thanks for uploading!

  9. Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you’re doing (subbing and sharing). You choose really interesting shows and do a great job as always.

  10. woooow this show is getting a lot of popularity that’s good, i really like it thank you for uploading 😀 and for the download link

  11. I still don’t get the real point of this show XD. But I am enjoying the laughs non-the-less. Thanks pikeyenny q(^_^)p

  12. Thanks for the episode!!! I really like Oh My School! It’s finally taking its definitive form which is a really fun format ^^

  13. Aww, I wished they showed them playing outside more than the elections; it would’ve been fun to see them in a different environment.

    And, did Supreme Team sing the 100 points out of 100 song? lol Sounds like them

  14. This show is really enjoyable to watch, it has become my favorite show after IY and HT…hope it’ll last long…Thanks for your

  15. Thank you for subbing this show. I didnt like this ep but i hope new week is more interesting.
    keep up the good work 🙂

  16. Yayyyy~
    new episode…. I like this show… Simon D is so hilarious and so does Hongki XDD
    Thank you so much for uploading ^^

  17. thank you for uploading it!!! im really excited about this episode because Jonghoon of FTIsland is in it for the first time! ^_^

  18. thx a lot pikeyenny.. hope you wont stop subbing .. we appreciate so much of your work.. :)) .. more power.. HWAITING !

  19. poor simon d….he was left alone while the election….but he did a good job even he is alone……thank you so much for sharing the show…..

  20. WOW.. you’re soo fast! Thank you soo much!
    This show is getting better and funnier! HAHAHA..
    Tony is just hilarious! I hope he’ll comeback into the kpop scene!

  21. Thank you so so so so muchh!!! I love watching Oh my school!!! You are seriously the best subber.. ❤


  22. Thank you for this new episode!
    It’s not the best variety show I’ve seen, but still, I really enjoy watching it! ^^


  23. i didn’t think hyosung would be here..lol,,i kept watching it bcuz of her….simon D is soooo funnyy,,ill start watching this regularly now…thank you

  24. what episode is with chiken ?! i cant find this ep 😦 !

    and I saw the episode 4 and there was not this part!

    please someone? 😦

    thanks 🙂

  25. thanks a lot !! i always come to your blog to watch oms !! i love minho ,ft island simon d is well funny! and playfulkiss/it started with a kiss guy is one of my favourite actors !!! XP

  26. Hi 🙂
    Just wanted to say thank you for uploading Oh! My School… the whole show is just SOO hilarious!!
    Thank you so much, we really appreciate your hard work…
    Can’t wait for the next episode ^-^

  27. oh!my school is really a funny show.it becomes more interesting when it comes with eng subs,thanks a million for sharing!We appreciate the hardwork 🙂

  28. hey, could you upload the last part on youtube? I cant download it >< Anyway thanks for the previous few subs! really helped! (:thanks!

  29. Ah… My internet connection’s been sucks lately.
    Now when I can get here, the streaming link on Youtube got deleted already. T_T
    Can’t you guys please upload it again?

  30. Thanks a million for this! I am developing a huge Oh My School addiction, and you are totally a life saver! Much love ❤

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