Invincible Youth Ep 57 [English Subtitle]

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323 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 57 [English Subtitle]

  1. thanx for uploading..
    but i’m also so sad bcoz this is the 2nd last episode..
    good job anyways..
    thank you for keep uploading g7 untill the last episode..

  2. After I saw Oh! My School was up I didn’t think IY would also be up. I’m glad to be wrong, thank you so much for sharing these with us!! ❤

  3. thanks lots~!
    this is the 2nd last episode?
    honestly,even if its not as good as when the original G7 was in tact
    there are still feelings of attachment to the show for me.
    hope when the 2nd season do come back…i hope they can once again gather the original G7 together

  4. yes….yey…thank you very much….it so sad that the next episode is the ending of season1…hope in season 2 the cast is still the same….thank you…hyomin is very funny..hahahaha. because of sunny…hyomin gained confidence…LOVE

  5. wah!! so fast
    so sad that it is coming to an end
    hope they have second season soon *praying for it*
    hwaiting, thank you for subbing all this while. *cries alot*

  6. WOW! thank you soo much for the fast release! :)) FIGHTING! 🙂 Thank you for the subs! Thank you for the hard work! 😀

  7. can’t wait for this episode. it’s the second last, right? how sad that the show will be ended very soon.. 😦
    thank you so much for all this time!

  8. I’d just like to show my appreciation for your long running dedication towards uploading this series and also other shows, which have brought joy to many people around the globe, including me.

    For those who are waiting for a megaupload link, you can check out my alternative upload here: (do note that this is encoded in a h.264 mp4 file).

  9. Thanks again for sharing IY! I watch it every week but I tend to forget to comment..
    I appreciate it very much though , and not just IY every other show you share here aswell 🙂
    Lots of love from Norway ❤

  10. thanks for taking the time to sub invincible youth though its almost over it will always be one of my favorite variety shows

  11. thanks for the quick upload and all your hard work, hope season 2 will be good, and hope you will continue to upload all the episodes.

  12. wondeful job well-done, pike….thanks for sharing. one more episode left than it all become a good memory…

    Youth never dies…Invincible Youth!

  13. Kyakyakyakya
    another new episode… *excited*
    Thank you so much, pike….. *big hug*
    Btw, can someone please upload the 1st-3rd part into MF links?
    I had a trouble with MU…the speed was bad for me… *sigh*
    I do really appreciate it…
    Thank you so much…. ^^

  14. thank you for this soo much :D, invincible youth is nearly coming to an end 😦
    btw will u be uploading this onto mediafire?

  15. thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just wanna ask, are you wanna subbing IY season 2?

      1. Ha~ Sorry about that. It’s just mediafire having problems with me today. =) Thanks for the hard work and when season 2 starts airing. Please upload chuseyo! xD

  16. well it already been long since IY is showed.. really hope if season 2 is out.. hope pike wont stop subbing it.. :)) .. hope to see the original G7 again.. 🙂 .. pikeyenny hwaiting !

  17. Thank-you so much! I’ve been waiting for this episode. I’m looking forward to the last episode! Thank-you for all your hardwork and efforts :)!

  18. to the owner (and team) of this blog.. thank you very much for all the subbed vids! you are a blessing to us who love KPOP and K Variety who dont fully understand the language yet (im pretty sure wee getting a few words and some of us are even learning…)

    i wanted to msg you personally for the thanks coz i rather do it privately but cant find a way to contact you so i did it here..

    anyways,, again, many thanks for what you do!

  19. very sad… week will be the last episode…..really wish it last longer…..can’t see them every week anymore….really really sad……thank you so much fore sharing

  20. YAY! it’s finally here =]
    thanks so much for subs + upload. really appreciate your hard work XD
    can’t wait for ep 58! IY fighting! pike fighting!~~ =]

  21. thank you thank you thank you!! ive been trying to look for this episodeeeeeee! thank you so much! LOOKING FORWARD TO THE LAST EP :)!! THANK YOU

  22. hye
    i can’t download episode 57 using mediafire.The link is already dead.Please upload again in mediafire…..thanks

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