[2AM + Kara] Happy Together Season 3 Ep 174 [English Subtitle]

Comment if you download it, thx

Download : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O06Z1NE5




Stream Links ( 4 parts )


282 thoughts on “[2AM + Kara] Happy Together Season 3 Ep 174 [English Subtitle]

  1. ooh new episode! and they look like they’re in a bigger room this time! haha
    thanks for sharing!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^_^

  2. Woo awesome PikeYenny! I love your new logo in the videos btw ;D I don’t watch Happy Together but since you took the time to sub it I’ll give it a chance~ Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much for the sub. I got the next part of this ep of happy together, but its raw. Can i send it to you for subbing?

  4. yesssss ive been waitin for this for like a gajillion year xD hehe. hapi new yr. thanks for subbin this =) much appreciated!

  5. tyvm! and happy new year, hope you will try too continue your work here in the new year! i know its hard but there are lots and lots of people who appreciate what your doing!! and dont let the trolls get to you! 🙂

  6. Happy New Year, Pike! Been waiting for this episode for awhile, being a KaRa fan (or should it be Karaholic). Now, i’ve got one where i can watch again and again..Komapsumida!

  7. It’s really fun ^^
    Thanks for subbing it!
    Happy new year- hope you keep making us happy with your blog and hope you have a wonderful year!

  8. Thanks Pike for the video.
    Love Happy Together, especially when my favorite groups goes on 🙂
    Kamilia unite!! 🙂

  9. Woohoo! Kara, 2AM, and that awkward anchorman (?) =D I have been waiting for this after reading an article about one of the games. Thank-you!!

  10. Can you plz sub/upload the episode of Star Golden Bell when FT Island and B2st are the guest.

    ( I thinks thats was on air in 4th Sep)

  11. thank you for uploading this episode ..
    i really enjoy watching it .. thank you so much ..
    hope you’ll have a blissful & blessed year ..

    P.S can you please upload SungMin on Happy Together ..
    thank you thank you thank you ^^

  12. happy new year! thanks for the sub, but on a lighter note i just wana ask is there a part 2? cos the last part like suddenly cut off. thank you for the sub! 😀

  13. i’ve been waiting for this episode for a long time. finaly you upload it. tthank you so much.
    pikeyenny fighting.

  14. thx a lot pikeyenny for subbing.. hope you wont stop subbing great variety shows.. happy new year.. more power.. hwaiting !

  15. ..I’ll yake this one….
    tengks a lot Pikeyenny for the video and the subbing…>,< have been waiting for this episode since 2 weeks ago.. hahaha…
    really.. kamsaheyo……

  16. thank you so much! wow you even uploaded it even though it was new year’s day 😀 please don’t ever stop what you’re doing right now because you’re the only one who’s subbing so many shows and again THANK YOU SO MUCH oh and happy new year ^^

  17. Thanks for sharing all these wonderfully subbed videos! I really appreciate your time and hard work. Just a suggestion though, it took me a long time before I noticed the “comment” link at the bottom. Your web layout now is prettier but I found the previous one easier to navigate. Thanks again!

  18. Random but Pikeyenny- Are you watching any new variety shows? I was hoping for a rec.
    There are soo many good ones but I’m trying to find one similar to the old game shows like X-man or like the recent Maknae Rebellion? Or even like Running man…

  19. haha…..can’t stop laughing when i watch this show….looks like there will be a second part…..can’t wait to see it…..thank you so much for sharing it…..really appreciate it

  20. helooo…thank you so much for upload this video.but im confused where is the scene of pepero game?i want to see it,but there’s no scene about it.can you tell me what part it is?part 1?part 2?part 3?part 4? thanks before ^^

  21. I catch this on KBS y’day night ^^ it was really good! i laugh so much and perk up when 2AM talk about Malaysia lol.

    Anyway I guess I can understand why none of the guys (except Jeon Hyun Moo) would pick Gyuri. I really can’t stand her narcissistic character!!! I like the other KARA members except her -____-|| goddess? Ha. Ha. (sorry to Gyuri fans >___<).

  22. thanks for upload!!!!! i like HTso much.^^ this program is one of my favorite, cause Jae Suk oppa and PMS oppa is very funny.

  23. thankyou so much… It have been a long time that i visited you’re blog… it’s great that now you upload in youtube too…. you’re trully awesome….

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