Invincible Youth Ep 56 [English Subtitle]

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381 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep 56 [English Subtitle]

  1. Thanks Pikepenny for uploading till the last episode!!! I’m kinda sad that there are only two more episodes after you upload ep56.

    So i was wondering when season 2 comes out are you gonna sub it? unless you don’t like season 2 you don’t have to sub it.

    thank you for all your hard work!!!
    – Leyuen

  2. Any1 else only seeing parts 4,5,6 for the Mediafire link. I don’t see parts 1,2,3. Let me know. Thank you. Btw, thanks for the fast subs, appreciate it Pike.

  3. thanks a lot.

    can i ask if you’ll upload season 2? unless, of course, its not good.

    if you don’t upload season 2, can you do something like heroes?

  4. Thanks for the subs 🙂 Been really enjoying these while I’ve been on holidays. So good having time to watch these. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you for your hard work and time subbing.
    Its so sad this show is coming to an end but I’ll be looking forward to “Oh! My School”
    please let them start season 2 in the new year 🙂

  6. hwaaa!!! thanks soooo much! you are the awesomest person ever! thanks for subbing this episode and hope you continue to sub the next season!!!

  7. I became interested in kpop, when the Wondergirls began their american promotions of “Nobody.” Since then, I’ve been looking for “all things k-pop,” on the internet. After a year and a half of “surfing the net,” and enjoying variety shows, interviews, radio promotions, etc…I found that, Invincible Youth became my favorite.

    The Inivincible Youth show became my favorite because, I found that it’s the only show that really tried to show actually relationships growing authentically. Family outing, 1day2night, and the like, (althought the senior), seem artificial. The Invincible Youth show, not only has the “variety show,” feeling but it also taught me about the G7 relationships and Korean culture. (The Tofu episode was really cool)

    Also what I like about Invincible Youth, is that when the “characters,” were “humbled or humilated,” by situations, peers, and/or seniors…I would get the feeling of being teased by friends or family members, just having fun. Unlike the other variety shows (ex:star golden bell) where being teased, was for the sake of entertainment.

    It’s a really great show. The fact that the show has ended, proves it’s a great show. The members of Invincible Youth has become so popular, that their respective “bands,” have become sought after to the point where their schedules can no longer accomodate the Invincible Youth schedule. I don’t believe, that there will be any other show, as entertaining, education and vulnerable as Invincible Youth.

    by the way…my favorite is Narsha. “Yo, Yo, Baby!”

    1. yes ! thats right ! i will continue 2 support it until season 2.. hope pikeyenny will keep subbing it.. 🙂 .. pikeyenny hwaiting !

    2. Well said, nalu. I agree completely! IY I’vw found to be one of the most wholesome variety shows (and let me add one of the most wholesome reality shows because most of the American ones Im surrounded by are horrible). To me summarizing it up as Behind-the-entertainment-scenes meets the Travel Channel meets the Food Network meets game shows doesnt even come close to describing this show. Ill admit they lost a lot of attraction after the three former G& girls left but there was still enough appeal to me to keep watching. And these last few episodes have been a lot better.

      One note, before this episode I read about the fire to Wanngu’s home and so when they got to his part in the episode I felt so bad. Glad the producers and the G7 cast poured their hearts into helping Wanggu and his wife get back on solid ground.

      And lastly, thank you so much, PikeYenny, you being the source of IY for me has honestly changed my life. Cheers! Keep up your hard work!


  8. YAY!!! Its here!! Thanks Pike! You’re the best! Happy new year and looking forward to more! Much much much appreciation and love from Singapore! =D

  9. yey ive been visiting your site everyday for this…thank you..T.T it hought you rnot going to upload this because of the last upload of IY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH….hope to see more next year..happy new year.

  10. everytime i download file instead of waiting to watch online it never works 😦
    also sadly this will be the last time too until season 2 😦
    uh can anyone help me out? i’ve tried putting it on VLC media player, and windows media player. does it have something to do with the file and converting it? i’m not really good w/ this kind of stuff.

    1. Once you’ve downloaded all the parts, use a file joiner such as HJSPLIT, it’s free.
      Just click Join once you’ve downloaded it, and put in the first part of the files and it’ll all come together

  11. ah i forgot the most important thing

    thanks very much for uploading invincible youth! 😀 i hope you continue when season 2 comes around 🙂

  12. Pike please hurry and post the ep 56 videos on youtube please. I love u and i appreciate u doing this. Please do this for season 2 pleaseeee. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pike thanks for the vids. Please post the vids for this ep on youtube quickly, pleaseee . Thank u and love ya. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. PLEASE DO THIS FOR SEASON 2. LOVE YA PIKE!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank youuuu~~ I’ve been waiting for this.
    anyways, I have a question, should an episode have so many comments before you continue subbing the next one?

  15. woot woot…. its out already, thanks pikeyenny… i would marry you if you are a woman

    btw wanna wish you a happy new year, wish you all the best for years to come (:

  16. OMG I freakin love you!!! Thanks so much for the super fast subs <333 Really really appreciate the effort you put into subbing these kshows ^_^

  17. Thank you for sharing with us! Little sad to see this show slowly ending but i hope it will be a season 2. Thanks again for uploading IY every week! ❤
    Happy new year to all!

  18. PIKEY BABY GOOD JOB <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  19. Pike you’re awesome!!! Thanks for uploading faithfully throughout the whole season of IY. This show gives a lot of examples about korean culture. Made me hungry watching them eat those noodles :}… Whatever happens, I hope they won’t leave the work they’ve done behind and actually take care of the animals and plants they worked hard on. I don’t know if there will be a season 2 of IY but I will keep my eyes out for it.

  20. if they invented a way to actually have sex over the internet, you and i could use that glorious technology….for internet hugs.

  21. i can’t wait for the next episode. It would be so nice to have tractorformers and yonsei team again. Keep up the good work 🙂

  22. I loove Invincible Youth! But can you guys sub Jungle Fish 2? No one bothers to sub that mini-drama. If you guys really did, I would highly appreciate youuuuu guys even more since you’ve done all the hard work of subbing my favorite shows! Thanks~ ^^

    1. you can find it at……..they did sub it till ep 5 and ongoing…..but you must post more than 50(if i’m not mistaken) to view it…….

  23. THANK YOU AGAIN!! i love this show soooooo much and i’m so happy i have somewhere i can watch it and understand what they’re saying! I love you for helping us all be able to watch it and thank you to all the uploaders that help! everyone have a happy new year!!! This is the last IY episode for the year! MORE IY IN 2011!! Hopefully they all come back again for the 2nd year anniversary!!

  24. Thankyou sooo much
    Its nearly the end of Invincible Youth

  25. thank you so much for sharing this show…..really sad that the first season is ending soon…..this episode kind of hint of it…..they were so much fun…..wish could watch them forever…..

  26. you guys are the best! thank so much for subbing and especially posting it before the new years when you could just be out of town! keep up the good work!

  27. sad that this season is almost over, but i guess all good things come to an end, and hopeuflly when the show returns itll be just as great!

    thanks pike =)!!

  28. komawo pike!!!! happy new year!!!! anticipating for your uploads for the 2nd season too…. really love to watch it…girl power!!!!

  29. hi, i’m a new fan of IY!!!
    when i start loving it it’s already end.
    but i still i could enjoy all the 50 over ep that you upload.
    GREAT thanks to u.

  30. Thanks for many great hours of fun! This show is one of my favs and you made it possible for me to watch it. May the new year be one of great health and success to everyone who makes viewing IY possible. Thanks!

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